Friday, 29 August 2008

All Around Me by Flyleaf

My friend invited me to go to a concert with him next month! ^^ I've never really been to a real concert (real as in good), so I'm really excited! But I need to convince my parents to let me go (u_u). They're Christian bands, so that might help. Kutless, Flyleaf, Run Kid Run, and some others (possibly Superchick)... I've been listening to them for about half an hour... They're really good! Especially Flyleaf.

I made onigiri! My friend (Christian... Same guy as above) was telling me about how he was making onigiri... So I just had to try it! Heh, actually... If you used to read my old blog, you'll remember that I've made them before. But I didn't make them correctly. These ones are the right size this time! :D Actually, my mother found nori (seaweed) and ume boshi (pickled plums) at a health food store! ^^ The ume boshi is actually pretty good with the rice, surprisingly. Three of them had (I ate one) ume boshi, two have chicken (...I found some in the fridge), and five had (again, I ate one) nori. There is one plain one, I think... Oh, and I put hommus in one of them... I'm afraid to eat it, though. ^^;

Random EDIT:
"Labeling someone as an emo based on their hair style is a poor way to interpret personal expression, just as calling someone a goth based on their preference for black clothing or calling them a preppie based on their grades is also inaccurate."
-LoveToKnow Hair
Heh. I've been called goth so many times, just because most of my wardrobe is black. And more than I thought, apparently. I guess I'm called goth behind my back, too XP Stupid people...

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