Monday, 30 August 2010

5 things you may or may not know about me.

Andrea tagged me on this some time ago, but I didn't get around to it. XD Actually, a LOT of people have tagged me on this. I don't remember how many I'm supposed to do, so I'm going with 5.

1. I love old things. Typewriters, film cameras, Polaroids, newspaper clippings from the mid-20th Century, landline phones.... The last thing actually makes me really sad, the fact that those are slowly becoming a thing of the past. :(( I want one when I move out. Same with a typewriter, I've wanted one of those for a long time. And Polaroid cameras? I've wanted one since I was 5. (But I did buy one on eBay yesterday!!! I hope it comes in soon!!!)

2. I'm the sort of person that doesn't like to/can't express her emotions. So instead of confronting people, or taking it out on others, I climb inside of myself and self-destruct.

3. I've been having problems with my room recently. >.<" I have to rearrange something every couple of weeks, even if it's just a lamp or a poster, but a few times a year I find that I reallyreally need to move a large piece of furniture around, like my dresser or bookshelf/TV stand.

4. I own 2 American Girl dolls, Molly and Felicity. (Yeah, I can't think of anything else to write! XD)

5. I like Math. I mean, I don't like it when I don't understand it (which is most of the time), but once I do, solving those problems are fun! It's... Soothing! ...I'm told that most people don't feel this way.

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Saturday, 21 August 2010


I've been able to cross a few things off of my bucket list in the past week. ^.^

23. Photobooth with my boyfriend.
I did this Monday, with Ian. ^.^ We were hanging out at the mall, and so I mentioned the photobooth. It's now living with my other photobooth strips, on the molding by my window, right next to my bed. ^^ (We watched the playback video while we were waiting for the photo strip to print, it was so weird! I've never watched myself kiss anyone before. O.o)

42. Tie-dye something.
I did this on Thursday, yesterday, with Donald and Kara. I mean, I've tie-dyed a shirt before, but it was so long ago, so I threw this one onto the list, for the heck of it. ;) I tie-dyed a pair of socks and a towel. My socks went missing an hour ago, and this worries me... Donald and Kara can't find the socks they tie-dyed, either... >.>;;;

8. Ride on the handlebars of somebody very close to me.
Well, I originally had my boyfriend in mind when I wrote this one down, but it still works! Today I rode on Kara's handlebars, just to see if we could do it. I see her as one of my best friends, as well as someone close to me. ;) And it was FUN! A little scary, a little uncomfortable (I was sitting at a funny angle because I was really scared of leaning forward too much XDD), but fun! I want to do it again sometime, or have someone ride on my bike's handlebars. :DD It's just so cool!

Over and out!

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Soco Amaretto Lime.


Last week: War Week. It was a life-changing experience... As I wrote on my "Meraki" blog:
War Week was… Unbelievable.

I honestly can’t put the experience into words. Life-changing. Rejuvenating.

I worshiped God and interceded like never before. I did what I love doing: helping others.

This past four days has filled me up, refreshed me, and set my life back in perspective.

It’s going to take a little bit of time to process everything. Right now I’m just glad to be home. I need to recover from all the craziness, as wonderful as it was.

Next year will be even better.

Also, I do have other blogs. Meraki, as you just saw (if you clicked on the link). That one is mostly for me, a collection of things that mean a lot to me, my personal definition of the Greek word Meraki.

Then there's Her Days. It's a project of mine... To photograph one thing a day that best sums up that day... For an entire year. I am really excited. :3

Please, follow these blogs, if you want! It's appreciated. ^.^

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