Saturday, 26 June 2010


Yesterday I went to an anime convention.
Wow, yeah, I know! I actually went to an anime convention. XD
I just had a great time hanging out with two of my best friends, a kind-of friend (Donald's best friend, k? xD), and my boyfriend (Ian). Great time for bonding... Especially when we got lost. (laugh) That was both nerve-wracking and exciting.
At first we thought we might not be able to go. Chelsie and I were in costume (the only two in our group cosplaying. She was Sakura Haruno, and I was Hinata Hyuga, both Naruto characters) taking pictures of each other while we waited for our ride.

In the end, she never did choose a Sakura-pose for in case people asked for her picture.

Aaaand I just look plain evil here. My apologies! Pretty sure I lifted my head up more when people asked for my picture at the con... Which they did, and it made me so happy! (More about that later.)

We both made a kunai (each) out of paper, a large stick, and electrical tape. XD

Hinata needs to keep her mouth closed for pictures. >.>;

"I'm going to see if I can hit my kunai on the backboard!" (She did, by the way.)

This was right after we got the phone call from Donald, I believe. He told us that Jason (our driver) wasn't back yet, and wasn't answering his phone. He said that we probably wouldn't end up going to the convention.
I made a frantic call to Ian, in hopes that he would have any ideas for alternative rides. He didn't. Plushie talked to his mom, but she didn't either.
Fortunately, I got an insant message from Donald about 10 minutes later, saying that Jason was going to be over very soon to pick us up. (I could have danced in the streets! I'd been waiting for this convention for over six months!

Jason picked us up, and with our GPS and pile of MapQuest maps, we set off!

....And got VERY lost.

(This caption was edited. What was actually said is not appropriate anyone under 15. XD)

The GPS proved to be HORRIBLE. It shut off right when we needed it, turned back on when we finally figured out where to go without its help, talking in this noncomprehensible duck voice (from Tom and Jerry, apparently). ...The voice was actually pretty funny... At first.
When we first started going:
GPS: (duck voice) "Turn right!"
Donald: "W-why is the GPS talking like Donald Duck?!"
Jason: "I... Don't know... Why did it tell us to turn right?"
Ian: "You have to turn LEFT!"
GPS: (says something that no one could possibly understand)
Donald: "What?!"
Me: "I don't like this... D:"

That thing was just screwed up.

We stopped in an empty lot to get our bearings. On the outskirts of the city.

We got lost because of the construction on the interstate. We got off the freeway and promptly became lost. XD

We were going farther and farther into the 'bad' part of town, and we were beginning to get a little nervous. Just a little. Then we stopped at a gas station to ask for directions and see if they sold maps. Only Ian and Jason went in, and they came back looking really freaked out. Not so much Jason, he was just nervous (the person at the cash register was behing bullet-proof glass), but Ian was getting really bad feelings, so we got the heck out of there.

Eventually, after a, what? Two hour car ride? We got to where we were going. (The car ride was only supposed to be an hour.) We drove to the giant sign that said "GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY," and of course, everyone was making comments like, "Well, I don't see where we're supposed to be." "Yep, this is DEFINITELY not the place!" "Better turn the car around, Jason, and go home." (GVSU was, in fact, where the convention was being held. *laugh*)

We deifnitely knew that we were where we were supposed to be when we drove down the campus road a ways and saw a few cosplayers slowly turn into large groups of cosplayers as we drove. We parked, walked halfway to the building, my shoe gave out so I wrapped the medical tape we used for the Sakura costume around it, and continued on our way.

Don bought this awesome neko-hat, which I ended up wearing on the way home. XD (Even though I bought my own adorable kitsune (fox) hat. He just said, "I can't wear two hats, who wants this one for the ride?!" and I grabbed it.)

Don photobombing Jason's picture.
You can see the supersuper expensive Prinny he bought in his hand over there, to the right.

Ian. xD He was smiling, and as soon as I pointed my camera towards him, he made this face. (Awww!)

For the first hour and a half or so, I thought I'd be able to go through the entire day without anyone taking pictures. XD (I know that people like to take pictures of cosplayers, so I'd prepared myself, but I mostly hoped that no one would. *laugh* It's just embarresing.) I was standing with my friends, waiting for Ian to finish looking through some buttons in the Artist Alley, when a girl who was standing next to me looked at me. I looked back at her, we both smiled, and I think we may have said "hi," but I don't really remember. I looked away for a second, shy, then looked back. She then opened her arms for a hug, so I hugged her. It made me so happy!!! She was so cute! I wish I could find a way to contact her, it would be awesome if I could talk to her online or something.

Then there was another instance, about half an hour later, where two fangirls ran up to me, shouting "Hinata!!!" They cooed and awwed and hugged me and asked for my picture. (Three pictures, they had a guy with them.) Then they petted me and kept saying "cute!" and "kawaii!" and then ran away. *laughs nervously* That would have been SO embarressing if it were just me, but of course that would never happen, they were cooing at Hinata, and it really made my day that they liked my costume. I think it helped that my face was bright red during that whole ordeal. *laughs* It took me 10 minutes calm down after that. o.o;

People took Chelsie's picture, too, though she told me that she got some dirty looks. XD Apparently one person said, "Hinata! ....Sakura." And gave her a dirty look. I felt bad for her! I guess people don't like Sakura too much. (Note to self: moe character always get good reactions!)

Seriously, though, how could anyone glare at her?! She looks so great in her costume! (Which was entirely hand-made, by the way. Except for the headband. And the change purse, of course, she bought that at the convention.)

This is what made me wish I took more pictures of other cosplayers. Donald saw this girl, and was like, "Yeah, I'm going to get my picture with her." This costume is just epic.

Lessee... I saw Demyx... Kyouya... Hunny... Some girls dressed as Brigade members... And Vincent Valentine. *nodnod* I wanted to take a picture of Demyx sooo badly, but he was with some friends. :( It would have been rude to bother him.

Next year I am going to cosplay Kino from Kino no Tabi! Well, maybe. I might want to go with a more well-known character. If I can save up the money for the jacket, I want to cosplay Xion!

Even the ride home was enjoyable! We managed to find our way back easily (stopped at a Speedway that actually sold maps, but that didn't matter because all we had to do, it turns out, was take the freeway, and follow their detours).

About 15 minutes into the car ride, I found that I was extremely sleepy, and ended up spending half the ride laying on Ian's chest, drifting back and forth between conciousness and so-close-to-sleep. A few times I wondered if he was uncomfortable, but that was quickly overcome by a yawn that blocked out all my thoughts. xD He didn't mind, though. That's why I like him. :3

We talked about going to the mall (it was only 6:30 at the time), but Chelsie had to get home, and Ian wanted to go home. So another time, my friends!

I love those guys. (cheese, cheese, I know. *shuts up*)

"Next person we drive by is getting hit in the head!!!"

You can look at more photos from the convention (taken by the many different people that attended) HERE!

g h o s t i e

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

She Who Needs to Write More

My computer has a virus on it. :/
I'm not positive on how, but now porno sites pop up and my PC won't let me install the new antivirus program, saying EVERY SINGLE FREAKING FILE is infected. =.=

<--Seeing that picture makes me want to make a bunch of origami stars. ...I'm going to make a bunch of origami stars. XD
Okay, I did it! Yeah, I just stopped writing then and there, looked up a tutorial, and pulled out some paper. XD It's SO MUCH FUN!
It took me about 3 tries, but I'm finally getting the hang of it! I'm going to make SO MANY and hang them up in my room!
They are sooo cute...

Okay, I'm sorry!
I haven't posted recently mostly because of my computer (Poor, poor Tamaki...). I have had things going on, though!

On Saturday I went to see a musical with Ian, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. It was hilarious, and also, quite meaningful (the last song before the epilogue, for me). There was only a cast of four actors, it was cool.
Then we went over to his house and hung out with his family. They were having a bonfire. I got to play with his dad's girlfriend's three-year-old daughter. She was sooo cute! Kept putting a blanket and pillow in my lap and using me (and at one point, both me and Ian) as a piece of furniture. XD I was told that after a little more time, that cuteness would definitely turn into annoying, though. (laugh)

This morning I was going to get up at my usual 8:30 or 9, but when my alarm went off, a storm was brewing. Just a small one, but there was thunder (and soon, rain). So I stayed in bed. I curled up under my puffy orange comforter, huggled my teddy bear, and fell back asleep listening to the thunder and rain. It was wonderful. And I was soo tired. I eventually pulled myself out of bed at 11 (my alarm went off at 10:30 but I didn't even hear it xD). Didn't matter to me, I didn't have any reason to wake up early, anyway. I loved waking up early during spring break, but that was because I went on adventures with Plusie and Kara before the town was awake. We don't do that anymore.
(Pssst! Guys! We need to do more chalk!) Better go do the dishes.

g h o s t i e

Saturday, 19 June 2010

100 Years.

Now that I'm back from my week-long vacation, I am more than happy to get back to my regular life!

You may have noticed that I changed my blog layout... Yet again. x.x I'M SORRY!!! I'm just having problems settling on one!!! Hopefully, THIS will be the one!
(I just get bored so easily...)

Yesterday I went to the library to drop off some books... I rode my bike up there at about 9:30 am. The library hours are weekdays: 2-8pm, so I was just going to put them in the drop box (which I did do). But... When I got there... The 'open' sign was turned. To 'Open'. I thought somebody had just forgotten to turn it the night before, but the door was unlocked, too. :/ Here was when I got this image from was felt just like an anime. (Geeeek!) You know, the 'chosen one' living his/her daily life, finds a door unlocked that's supposed to be locked, and adventures ensue!
...Unfortunately, I am a chicken, and I just turned away and rode by bike down the walk, as much as I really wanted to investigate. I was afraid of getting caught. v.v This disappoints me greatly.

Recently a friend told me that he needs a break from our friendship. I completely respect and understand this, but still, it's hard. Over my vacation I finally drew the Pirate Wolf of Justice (after a year of nagging), and when I found it yesterday, I got all excited... Then I realized that I couldn't show it to him.
I'd post it here, but I promised him a year ago that he would be the first to see it. ;)
I'm just wondering what's going to happen to our perfect trio now. This break isn't supposed to last long, but what if it really does? I'm terrified of losing this person as a friend. And losing our perfect trio.
Well... I'm going to try to not think about it too much. Which is increasingly difficult.

"And oh, the awkward ways,
That you recoil when I get close,
And oh, the awful grin,
That greets me when I know I'm wrong,
So down on hands and knees,
Choking, gasping, dripping spit,
I just can't make good on any of these promises"

It's just a really good song. All of Straylight Run's songs are.

g h o s t i e

PS. I updated my playlist. Check it out at the bottom of my blog!

Friday, 18 June 2010


Came back from my Pennsylvania vacation yesterday!

We did SO. MUCH.
Angel and I discovered, soon into the vacation, that something interesting happened every single day of the vacation.
So rather than going into a play-by-play of what we did each day, I'll write a quick story about each interesting thing that happened, one for each day.

Day One: Arrival (Saturday)
After the 8-hour car ride, we were so happy to be able to unpack and laze around our rented yurt.
Angel and I soon discovered that the neighbours next door had two sons, one of which looked about a year younger than us, and the second who turned out to be a sophomore in college.
The older son started playing his guitar on his porch around 9 that night. Ange and I went out to our porch and lay on the picnic table, staring at the stars as we listened. Then we got up and walked up and down the road, still listening, chatting quietly. We even tried to catch some lightning bugs! It was almost perfect.

Day Two: Wal-Mart (Sunday)
Okay, this one isn't the most interesting. I'll keep it short. Pretty much, we went to Wal-Mart, and Angel and I picked up hair dye. Then we dyed our hair. XD Exciting, I know. But now my hair is a light golden brown! :D

Day Three: The Bird (Monday)
We were in the bathroom, brushing our teeth, when Angel noticed the bird that was flying against the window (it was a high window). I was all for leaving it alone and getting ready for the day, but she kept looking at it, and before I knew it, we were standing on the benches in the shower, leaning across to the window, trying to catch the bird. Her enthusiasm caught on quickly, and now I feel really bad for not caring for the bird in the first place (nervous laugh). I do think the neighbours across the street thought we were crazy! We ran into the public bathroom, then a few minutes later, ran back out. We returned, still running, with a pillow case. About 3 minutes after that, I dashed out of the bathrooms once again, and returned with a chair. XDD I know that they were extremely curious because I could see them watching us from their porch, and the woman that was staying there came into the bathroom to see what the heck we were up to. XD
And yes, we did eventually manage to trap the poor bird in the pillow case and set him free!

Day Four: ...Yes, Day Four... (Tuesday)
This is where my journal begins to fail me. xD
We went to the Koffman house, Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, that day! Here, I will grace you with a photograph of the house, taken by moi.
Yup... Lovely picture there... Beautiful house. I swear there was something else we did that day, but I just can't remember!!!
I remember.
There was a natural water slide. Really cool, but I'm not putting up anymore pictures. It's where the rocks were eroded after thousands of years of the river flowing over them, creating the best place to slide down. It's actually really rough, though. I kept getting bashed against rocks. =.= So on my second time down, Angel and I got out after the second part. (There are two parts, after the first you have to scoot your butt down a bit to get to the second.) We sat there for a moment before we realized that we were on the other side of the powerful, rushing water. Somehow, Angel made it across, but then she slipped. She started falling down the rushing stream, yelling for my help. I held out my hand and screamed, "GRAB MY HAND!!!" I'm sure we looked so ridiculous to any onlookers, but to the both of us, it was incredibly dramatic. I could hear the pounding music in my head and everything!
I was able to pull Angel up, buuuut... I slipped down. She reached for my hand, and I stretched my arm out to take it, but no! The river had other plans. I screamed for her, but I felt myself slipping, slowly but surely, and I soon found myself amongst the rushing water once again, screaming "NOOO!!!" (and some swear words) at the top of my lungs, before I was pulled under the hungry hydraulics, and sucked to the end of the very painful natural water slide!!!

Day Five: Waterfall (Wednesday)
Our last full day!
We had nothing planned for this day.
Ange and I wanted to go rock-hopping (there are some really big glacier rocks in the river there!). Instead... We found this beautiful hidden-away rock beach! There was a small waterfall that Angel and I sat on (pictures!), rocks to climb on, rapids about 200 metres away, and the best sun-bathing rocks. =D Words cannot explain it.

Okay, so nothing out of the ordinary happened on Day Six, Departure Day. Except for the fact that we, y'know, departed. We talked to guitar-guy (whose name is Calvin), but we never got any contact information, so I fear we will never speak to him again. A shame, he was a very interesting character.

I feel like I should have a better conclusion, but I'm frekking tired. G'night, my dear readers! And thanks for sticking with me throughout that long, endearing post! I'll have something new up by tomorrow, I hope.

g h o s t i e

PS. I didn't use 'endearing' correctly, did I? Oh, dear, now I've drawn your attention to that fact, when you may have never noticed it in the first place. I'm just too tired. Why am I even bothering with words? *falls asleep on keyboard*

Thursday, 17 June 2010

More Meme Plz? :/

Just got back from Pennsylvania vacation, I'll write about that later. ;) Right now I just feel like doing a simple and mindless meme, to take my mind off things.

Stolen from Confessions of a Teenage Psychopath.

1.When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start the water?
Turn the water on, go to the bathroom, undress, jump into the shower, then jump back out screaming because, as always, I turned the water on WAY too hot and didn't bother to test it.

2.Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottle?
Yeah, I do that all the time. I've probably read everything on all the bottles in my shower. :3

3.Do you moan in the shower like the people on the Herbal Essences commercial?
*YouTubes Herbal Essences commercial*
O.o Wow, I had never seen that commercial before. O.o
To answer your question: No, I do not. >.>

4.Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?
No, just the same sex.

5.Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings?
Shower, no. Bathe, all the time when I was very little. XD But I wouldn't say I was forced.

6.Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
Actually, no. O.o Sounds like a good time-saver, though!

7.Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot?
No, I don't use soap... Body wash count?

8.How old do you look?
I'm repeatedly told that I look 14.

9.How old do you act?
Last night Angel told me that I was acting like I was 5. I was most certainly not trying to do that. XD

10.What's the last song you sang?
Hmm, lessee... I think it was a song by Straylight Run? 'The Tension and the Terror', I think, that or 'Another Word For Desperate'.

11.Have you recently become a member of anything?
Well, I have "Joined the list of lovers," but I don't think that counts. XD

12.What are your plans for the weekend?
A date with a certain person that I can not wait to see. =D

13.Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?
I'm always waaaay too occupied to pay any attention to THAT, but when I think back, I don't remember seeing anything, so I'm 99.999% positive that I close my eyes.

14.Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
I see what you did there!

15.Does anything on your body itch right now?
Yeah, my 'skeeter bites.

16.Who's the sexiest famous woman alive?
No idea.

17.Who's the sexiest famous man alive?
I have honestly not called one man sexy before in my life.

18.Does every family have a crazy uncle? I would say yes, but if the kids parents have no siblings then they wouldn't.
I know mine does! A crazy aunt, too. (The aunt would be my mother, my cousins' aunt.)

19.Have you ever smuggled something into America? Never been out of America, so no.
I don't thiiink so....

20.Does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive?
Oh, definitely. :3 Those kinds of skills are very attractive. *licks lips*

21.Do you live in a city with a good sports team?
-.- Is that a joke?
Let's not even GET into the football team! But our soccer team ain't bad.

22.Have you ever finished off the popcorn and ate the junk from the bottom of the bag?

23.Have you ever had sex in a tent?
You know what? I'm deleting the sex questions. The person that made this meme is perverted!

25.Have you ever dated a Goth?
Nope. :/

27.Can you fix your own car?
To a certain extend, but not really. I have limited knowledge of cars, but I can do a little.

28.Would you want to kill George W. Bush yourself if you were guaranteed to get away with it?
I honestly don't see anything wrong with the way he ran this country. I would not kill him. I wouldn't kill anybody, in my current situation.

29.Should guys wear pink?
Why not?

Friday, 11 June 2010

kiss me in the

There's a House marathon on today!!!
This is going to top my sure-to-be-awesome-day. :3

I turned the TV on to USA, and Taub was saying "Fat content indicated zero."
House: "What does fat do in water?" Kutner: "Float?" House: "And what else floats in water?"
Kutner and Taub: *silence*

House: "...The direct answer would have been '
a duck.'"

I think Plushie and Shae will get why this is so awesome. XD

I have been gone all week.
Monday I had to go to my g'ma's house, then I went to Angel's to spend the night, then to Chelsie's, where we worked on our costumes (more about that later), then finally my house. :D Last night was Chelsie's birthday party (awesome pirate theme!), but I didn't spend the night. ^^
Patient: "Aren't there any other ways to get pregnant? Like, sitting on a toilet seat?"
House: "Absolutely. There would have to be a guy between you and that toilet seat, but absolutely!"

So on Tuesday I went over to Chelsie's house, so we could work on our cosplay costumes. Yes, you read that right... I'm going to cosplay! I'm pumped, and so happy that Chelsie is just as excited as I am! A year ago I never would have guessed that she would be interested in cosplay. She's going as Sakura from Naruto, and I'm going as Hinata. I think I could be a convincing Hinata, as long as certain people are there to make me blush. XDD
The coat is heavy, though, it makes my head look kind of small. >.>;

It was storming earlier.
Not a big storm, but it was a storm.
After I discovered the House marathon, I curled up on the counter (there's a TV in the kitchen, the counter is my favourite place to watch television) and made some spearmint tea. Ian and Angel texted me, so I watched House, the storm, and talked to them on my phone while drinking tea. After I drank the spearmint, I made blueberry. It was almost perfect. <3

In about an hour I'm going to go hang out with Ian. Can't wait, it's been one week since I've last seen him.

I hope I can go out with Plushie and Shae soon to work on our chalk project some more!
Headed to the library now, folks. I have some overdue books. XD

g h o s t i e

PS. I'll put up the pictures of our chalk drawing soon.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Today I went to the orthodontist.
Good news and bad news! They told me that I'll get my braces off in two appointments.
I was like, "Yays!"
Then they were all, "Oh, but your next appointment isn't until August! Ahahahaha have a great summer!"
And I was all, "Screeeew youuu" (In my head. That was actually my chant when they told me that I wouldn't be getting them off at my next appointment.)

Yesterday, I saw... Phantom!
Phantom of the Opera. It was SO GOOD.
Best musical I have ever seen. And live!
My favourite scene was when... The first time he met her. I'm not saying more than that.
If you get a chance to see it, SEE IT.
It was worth the price of tickets.

Before-hand my mother and I went to my favourite sushi/Japanese restaurant. I forgot the name of the sushi I had, but it was very good! My mom had some cucumber sushi and some sort of salmon.
Then after the play my mother and I stared out at the university campus (where Phantom was held) on the roof of the parking garage.
And we drove RIGHT by my favourite bubble tea place, so my mother was nice and let me get one. I got a taro milk tea with mango stars, and man, it was delicious. It took me right back to last summer, I think that's really what made it so wonderful. And then on the drive back the sky was gorgeous, the clouds, the cars on the highway... When I got home I showered then called this really amazing guy I know... Aka Ian, my boyfriend. <3
And we talked. And I went to bed incredibly happy.

I liked yesterday.

g h o s t i e

Thursday, 3 June 2010


I took up Shae's challenge. BOREDOM WILL NOT CONTROL ME!!!

Basically: Find as many uses for a banana as possible.

Banana as a book weight.

Banana as a bookMARK. (Try carrying THAT one around in your bag!)

Banana as a boat.
(A'ight, I cheated on this one a bit. The banana began breaking in half, so I held it up so it wouldn't sink. xD)

Banana as a tricked-out car.
"Hang on, Fernando! This isn't over yet!"

Then the armless dino (notably bigger than the previous one) smashed the car and ate the lego man's head off.
I like toys.

g h o s t i e

PS. Oh! I almost forgot. Here's one I took last winter. ;)
Shae already did this, but... BANANA AS A PHONE!


Don’t feed me violence, just run with me through rows of speeding cars.

Summer is nearly here.

(For some people, it already is. -.- Darn you.)

I love summer so much.

After seeing the chalk-drawings Shae has posted on her blog, I really need to remember to ask my mom to pick up some sidewalk chalk.

That, and Sculpey clay!

See, Angel and I are starting a business. I want to make charms, she wants to make jewelry. We're both excited for it.

I’ve watched you slowly winding down for years
You can’t keep on like this

This summer, Shae and I have plans. Personally, I'm really excited for graffitiing the town in chalk. And painting our mailboxes!

Today we had half a day for exams, so Angel and I went to the DQ and Micky D's with Genaro and his little sis. There were a lot of other people there we knew, so we ran out to the parking lot and covered their car windows with window crayon.

Oh, and we did that to Ange's brother's car before we left. He doesn't know yet. I'm glad I'm home now.

I'm going to Pennsylvania in two weeks!!! I can't wait to be out on the campground. Surrounded by trees. Campfire, fireflies. My best friend, my family. I'm going to get a lot of art (writing, drawing, charm-making) done.

Now, now, darlin’
Oh, don’t kill yourself
'Cause none of us were angels

I'm going to go work on some art right now. I'm in a writing sort of mood. Hanging out at my old elementary school did that. I miss that place so much, it's unbelievable. But at the same time, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here. So I guess this song fits this post (my mood) more than I thought.

And you know I love you, yeah

I'll stop teasing you now. Here, enjoy the song. I know I am.

Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap.