Saturday, 16 October 2010


An update on my life. :)

My wisdom teeth were removed last Thursday :(
It was actually a really weird experience. It was early in the morning, and my dad took me. They made us watch this really old and boring 10-minute informational video on wisdom teeth and their removal. =.= Then they took us into another room where I had to swish with a disinfectant and sit down and they explained more things to us.

I remember the doctor putting on Oldies music and telling me to go to my happy place so the drugs work more quickly and I compared him to the dentist on Little Shop because he seemed like a guy that would start going crazy once alone with a patient and the two women loved my nails (cool decals) and one of the woman asked if I'd had an IV before and I said yes and they asked some questions about that, and I thought of my happy place (person?) but my mind was weird and I mostly just concentrated on the beeps that kept in time with my pulse because it was so cool and I wondered why the anesthesia was taking so long... My chest felt weird and it was slowly going down my body but it was mostly my chest and it felt so heavy and I could hear my heart beeps and one of the women was holding my hand and I squeezed it very hard and I accidentally bit out one of the mouth-open-clamps things the doctor put in and I think I was grasping the woman's finger and I couldn't even hear the music anymore...

Then I woke up, they moved me to the recovery room where my dad teased me about my chipmunk cheeks (I had gauze in there), but it was all so hazy because I had just woken up. I barely even remember seeing anything. I swear, I must have had my eyes closed. XD But I tried very hard to remember because Ian (the boyfriend) told me that he didn't even remember waking up, and I reallyreally had to stay conscious. I barely even remember the ride back. XDD I do remember getting out of the car, grabbing my bag, stumbling into the garage and up the stairs, and then I was flopping onto the couch and I must have taken my blanket out of my bag at one point because then I was asleep underneath it. My grandma brought out a pillow and made me sit up more because that's what I was supposed to do and my dad left to get my prescription, but I was barely conscious.
And yet, somehow, I managed to update my Facebook status from my phone.... *sigh* And I had done so much work to keep my mouth shut so I don't say anything weird while on anesthesia.

...Wow. That was weird. I was completely reliving that day while I wrote that. O.o My mom just walked in and told me to get the dogs food, and when I stood up, it was very... Whoa. Weird. I must be tired. XD

Anyway, my face has been so puffy lately. Everyone has taken the liberty of calling me a chipmunk! Especially my parents and Ian. (laughs) It was hurting soooo muuuuch earlier, especially today, but right now it feels pretty good! Thank god for painkillers
I hope the swelling goes down before school. :/

Thanks for sticking through this post, guys! (If you did.)

Love ya xx

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Andrea tagged me. ^^

The rules are simple. Answer the eight questions, add eight of your own for others to answer, then tag the eight people who have to answer them.

1. Does having to play these Blogger games make you wanna punch someone in the face 'cause it postpones posting about your ever-so-melodramatic life?
Erm, not really. I'm actually pretty bored right now. xD There's not a whole lot going on in my life, nothing worth posting about, at least.

2. What are your feelings on zombies?
Meh, let 'em be. If they come for me, I'll find someone with a zombie contingency plan. And if I'm alone, I'll grab a crowbar and have at it! XD (The Boyfriend got after me for not having a zombie contingency plan. Well, I'm sorry!)

3. If you could visit any time period ever, what would it be, and who would you take with you (this person has to be real, and someone you actually know)?
I would visit North American before it was taken over by those darned English, and I would take... Kara! Or Andrea (aka Muse), or Ian. :3 I can't choose.

4. If I gave you Scotch tape, a sharpie, and some studded gloves, what would you do with 'em?
I would create the best Scotch-tape rock-guitarist with an epic mustache! (Who wears only Scotch tape clothes, of course.)

5. Are you suspicious or sympathetic towards third wheels?
Sympathetic, or annoyed (depends on the person. The annoyance could be directed toward the couple). (Why? ....Are you suspicious of third wheels?)

6. Pretend you have a sandbox. But it's not filled with sand. Instead, what is it filled with?
Water and piranhas. I push my enemy in it, and continue on with world dominance.

7. Do you prefer stupid nonsensical questions, or deep metaphorical ones which make you ponder life, God, and the universe around us itself?
...I have the feeling that no matter what I answer, I'm going to get both anyway.

8. Tell me what your regular disposition on life is.
Would you look at that!
Anyway.... As the great Kurt Vonnegut said:
"We were put here on this earth to fart around, and don't let ANYONE EVER tell you ANYTHING different."

Now the people I will tag have to answer these questions!

1. Your favourite book and why.

2. What's the last play/musical you saw? (Mine was Charlie Brown. XD)

3. Your secret weapon for luring in the opposite (or same!) sex. ;D

4. Do you (or did you) do your homework?

5. Which do you prefer, city or country? And why?

6. What is your opinion on organized religion?

7. How do you feel about technology, and where it's headed?

8. What was the last film you watched?

My tagees!
I'm not tagging 8 people, K?

and we all fall .down. (You don't have to do this one, okay? XD I know you just got through a bunch. Totally optional.)
from here everything changes
Monsieur Tea Monster
Just Breathe
To Walk Barefoot

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sometime Around Midnight

Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event

My good friend Zachery showed me this song a few weeks ago. This morning I was desperately trying to remember what it was, but I couldn't! I gave up and just figured I'd never be able to hear it again, since I couldn't remember anything about it (except for the video and that I really liked this song). Then a few minutes ago I turned on the radio for no reason, and this song was the second or third to come on!

I love the way things work out. :)

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20 Things to Do on a Saturday Afternoon

  1. Go to the library
  2. Bake! Cookies, cakes, bread, etc!
  3. The Banana Project.
  4. Paint your town in chalk!
  5. Write a letter to a stranger (for help: [link])
  6. Write a letter to a friend
  7. Blast music in your room and dance!
  8. Start a journal
  9. Write a story with a friend or start a joint diary
  10. Call someone close to you/you were once close with
  11. Draw a bath, find a good book, turn down the lights, and light a candle! (Burn some incense if you have any.)
  12. Ride your bike
  13. Explore parts of your town you're unfamiliar with
  14. Put some stories* on your iPod and go for a long walk
  15. Colour on your walls! (Chalk works best)
  16. Read some poetry (Billy Collins is my personal favourite)
  17. Slip nice messages under cars' windshield wipers
  18. Make mix CDs (and give them to friends, or leave them in public places)
  19. Letterboxing
  20. Two words: Stage wounds. [Fake blood, more fake blood, stage wounds]
Escape Pod

Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Home.

When I grow up, I am going to live in a big house. This house will be white or grey or blue or hot violet; the colour doesn't matter. It'll be located miles from a town, with only a few neighbours. I'll have a big open kitchen with old wood floors. My children will run through it with muddy bare feet and grass stains on their knees. They'll try to sneak some of what's cooking for dinner, but I'll shoo them out to go play in our open hilly backyard. They will run across this yard, the freshly mowed grass sticking to their feet, and into the woods in the back. They'll explore and hunt and adventure in these woods, playing in the river that runs through it, fishing during the summer. The woods will be miles upon miles long, so they can adventure for their entire childhood without ever experiencing the terrible feeling of the other side of the woods; it's never as magical as they imagined it would be.

My daughter will have her own room; my sons will share one. My husband and I will have our own cozy room at the end of the large hall upstairs, away from the other rooms. My daughter's room will change, from when she is a baby, a young girl, a teenager. In this room she will write in her diary, draw pretty pictures, dream of escapes, pretend not to be talking on the phone to a certain boy on school nights. She'll go through messy phases and neat phases. Her corkboard will be covered with pictures of those she loves, her windows wide open, inviting the summer night in to comfort her when she is not well. She'll do homework and have sleepovers and sneak cans of soda under her bed. This will be her sanctuary.
My boys will be close, or perhaps not. They'll fight and wrestle and create forts in their bedroom. The cat will insist on sleeping with them, even though they do mean things to it. When they're young, this is the place they will throw tantrums; when they're teenagers, perhaps they'll try sneaking in the occasional girl at night when they think they won't get caught. They'll get a television for Christmas and play video games on it, at least during the time they're allotted. Perhaps they will have shelves upon shelves of books... Maybe these shelves will grow with dust. Rock music blares in the afternoons, feet stomping and fingers caressing space with their air guitars. And when they grow older, the sound of guitar strings being plucked will travel down the stairs, throughout the house.

I am not sure if this is the fantasy of my adulthood, or the wish for my childhood. Perhaps is my childhood. Maybe it's my childrens' childhood... Or their childrens'. Maybe it was my parents' or a friend's. Perhaps this dream will never come true.... Or maybe it will. I guess only time can be certain.

Whatever the case, I will keep dreaming.

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Monday, 4 October 2010


I haven't been online much. Blogs, at least. My apologies... But I've been out living life. ^.^

Things have be changing, as things do. People come and go, school has its ups and downs, my emotions have no grasp on reality. I've been trying to practice my photography, and I managed to get a few really good shots. I've become closer to the people I love. Secrets have been shared, I've shown my true self to some very close friends. The reactions may not always be pleasant, but it's necessary. We all have to grow up sometime.

While I was in the middle of writing this, I raced upstairs, heavy on inspiration, and scribbled out a poem. It took me about ten minutes... I don't think I'll post it on here, I can be a bit conscious of my writing, unless somebody really wants to read it.

I'm surprised that September went by so quickly... I'm almost disappointed, but I'm looking forward to what this months has to offer. It'll be good, I know. Even if some of it seems horrible at the time, it'll be worth it in the end. It always is.

I don't know if this was a pointless post or if it somehow means something, but I'm glad I got it out there. I need to just write sometimes.

Cheers to Miss Kara Grace, whose sixteenth birthday is today! Luv ya soo much! <3

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