Monday, 31 August 2009

Thirteen Reasons

Yesterday I sat in my room and listened to the audiobook version of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher pretty much the entire day.

Today I sat outside on my back porch, with my CD player connected with an extension cord, and listened to it. After it became dark, I moved on inside to take a bath. I didn't go because it was dark, but because a bath just seemed so appealing at that moment. Listen to the end of that book in a tub of hot water. How does that not sound wonderful?
Anyway, it was a breathtaking book. Very emotional.

(By the way, yes, I do enjoy audiobooks at times. I'm very glad I listened to this one rather than reading it because it was so much more realistic. Two different actors; one for Hannah, one for Clay. A different voice for each narrative by the two characters.)

When I was listening to it, I remembered how Muse said, in her review, that it's kind of twisted to send people tapes claiming that they were the reason she killed herself. Yes, it is. Kind of. Personally, I think I would prefer that. It would be absolutely horrible, gut-wrenching, probably the worst thing a person could go through, to be sent those tapes. But then there's... Just not knowing. To be a person to receive those tapes, I would hate her. Hate her for putting me (hypothetically) through all that.

But to be her. To die. To stop existing. Without anyone knowing why. To most, it would seem out of the blue, wouldn't it? Like one day she just decided to swallow a bottle of pills. I don't know. I'm sure some people saw the signs, but it's not like anyone did anything about it. But how horrible would it be to die without one person knowing why you decided to take your life? To just disappear off the face of the earth with leaving just a small memory, a small impact on lives. I don't think I could handle that.

So yeah, I can completely see why she did what she did. Twisted, yes. It could be called selfish, and of course, so could the action of suicide itself. But... I... Don't know. I really don't. Sorry.

No, I do not condone suicide at all. I don't know anyone who has killed themselves, thankfully (I don't know if I would have been able to get through that book if I did). I believe that the world has so much in it, and as bleak as it seems, there is good in the world. Maybe not in the people (though there is, I just know it), but in landscapes, skylines, forests. There's beauty in the world and I just can't, no matter how awful life gets, leave without experiencing it.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Shiftyeyes is one word!

Ah, well. Just arrived home from my grandparents' house. -sigh- Actually, it wasn't bad. I watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, started the book, started watching Princess Mononoka, finished my design for a new character, Miya... I would say it was a pretty productive day overall.
I just haven't been working on my story lately, and I feel kinda guilty about it. I cannot forget Erica and Timmy for this new story!

So, hey, I've been thinking about writing the profiles of some of my regular OCs here? Would anyone be interested in that? I'm still mulling it over, most of my characters don't have the most colourful pasts.... Well, except Timmy. I've worked really hard on his past... Heh, I wrote his POV of part of my story a few weeks ago. It was exhilarating! I love working with Timothy, I really do. He has an interesting way of thinking... I really should work with him more... I actually find Erica a little dull at times, but I think that's just me... Like Wm. Kennedy said, “Everyone is interesting except the narrator in a first-person story." Erica is my narrator. I'm kind of starting to resent writing in first-person... Maybe it's because I've been doing it all my life, it's getting old.

Another quote about writing I really like: "The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is." - AUGUST WILSON ...Some really good advice there.

How did you get here and when did it start?
An innocent child with a thorn in his heart...

I just heard this song for the first time today, and it is already burrowing itself into my heart. Thank you so much for posting this on your blog, Zeni (if you read this). I am most definitely going to try to put some of my writing to this group.

How annoying. When I want it to type in Japanese, my computer refuses! But as soon as I'm writing something in English, it starts typing it in Japanese! That says Konnichiwa, by the way. Figured I should use it while it let me. ;)

Friday, 28 August 2009

A Certain Slant of Light

I know what you're all thinking: Two posts in one day? Whuuu?! Has she lost her rocker?!
Well, I cannot say that I haven't (lost my rocker), but I promised this review awhile ago, didn't I?

First of all: This post may contain slight spoilers for the book A Certain Slant of Light (by Laura Whitcomb).

What is this book about, you ask?
Helen is dead, but her spirit still connected to the living world. She has been haunting a series of different people for 130 years, each and every one unaware of her. She exists among the living, watching time pass her by, generations grow up and die... Unable to do a thing. Unable to cross over to heaven. Just an observer of the lives people lived. Until one day, in her host's English class, she notices a boy looking right at her...

(Enjoy that synopsis. I wrote it myself.)

I'll do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum, so some parts may be slightly confusing, until you read the book. Which I highly, highly recommend.

So what did I like about this book?
First of all, the narration. The narrator is from a time of courtesy and formality, and you can sense that in her words. There is no slang (from her, at least), no foul language (again, just in the narration. The living humans certainly have foul mouths). I would give some examples of her speech, but unfortunately, I just returned the book to the library today. :(
Second of all, of course, the romance. I love romance, I'm sorry! The only problem I had with this whole book was the sex, though. Yes, there is sex. They don't go into detail, but they say enough to slightly disturb me... But these parts are very brief, pretty much it's, "we started doing it," then it goes straight to "we're done." 'Kay? So it's really not all that bad.

When I first started this book, I was very wary. I did not think the writer was Christian or anything, and when she talked about her hell, I did get a little nervous, not sure if I should keep on reading. Then there was Jenny's family, her parents are what I would call... Actually, I'm not gonna say it, 'cuz I know it will be taken the wrong way. How about, they're really religious, won't let Jenny do anything... Her father actually measured the the hem of her skirt to her knee! Measured! Right then, when I was reading that, I couldn't tell you how grateful I was that my parents let me wear halter tops! (My point is, I was worried that they were stereotyping Christians.)

However, I continued to read, and I am so glad I did! Our narrator was dragged to a prayer meeting by Cathy, Jenny's mother (you have to read it to understand). One of the women said that they needed to pray for a man's family... He had just died, after being in a coma, and according to the woman, he was not going to heaven. The women in the meeting were all making comments like, "It's so sad." "What a pity." "Too bad." This just made Helen (the narrator) angry. "Why do you say he is not going to heaven?". (Mind you, I am just paraphrasing.) One of the women replied, condescendingly, "Well, he was in a coma." This just made Helen angrier. "Can God not speak to those who are unconscious?!" she cried out.
I was practically cheering in my seat! Oh, you go! The best part of the book, I would say! That scene just made me so excited! Those women were aggravating me, too. I hate it when people like that act like they know all. They could not talk to the man, she they just assumed that God could not either!
I must say, after that scene, all my previous worries of the book were gone. And I just fell in love with this book all the more.

There is so much more I love about this book (like the ending that was so beautiful, it actually brought tears to my eyes, as cheesy as that sounds). But I'll bring this review to a close:

Pros: The narrator's beliefs, the style of writing, and how it made me long to go back in time, 130 years ago. Actually, I'm not sure if that last one is a pro or a con. xD
Cons: The sexual scenes. That's pretty much it. :/

I would rate this book: 9.75 stars out of 10. 1) I don't like to give out tens so easily, and 2) yeah, the sexual parts made me bring it down a little. But just a bit!

I would love to go on, but now you must read it! And I hope I didn't ruin anything, if you haven't read it yet. ;_; That scene probably would be much more epic if you don't see it coming, but I warned you about spoilers!

An Unhealthy Obsession.

That's why I'm blogging right now. A friend's new unhealthy obsession. XD

First of all, y'all have to switch over to Monsieur Monster's (aka Zach XD) blog! (Because this is just an awesome blog, you can tell by the description!)

So anyway, I'm trying to come up with a character...
I am drawing a character with the name "Emi" for Emily, and she is drawing a character with the name "Yumiko" for me. I love this kind of thing.
So I was talking to Plush, asking for a little help with Emi (well, I mentioned it, then he was suddenly giving me ideas), 'cuz I'm having some troubles, and now we're planning a book (or story) together! Haha. It's gonna be fun. I love cowriting! I'm super excited about characters.

My posts are getting shorter and shorter. XD

I am going to change the template of this blog. It's just too busy, as people have said. I agree. So I am trying to find a new one... I'll notify y'all when I think I found a good one.

That's all, folks!

Coco/Max/Sexy beast/V/Yumiko
Over and out!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

My First Bubble Experience

Yesterday was I had my first bubble tea experience.
It was.... Awesome.
Zach picked up one for me when he went to Bubble Island with his girlfriend. I am so grateful! It was taro flavour. My first thoughts were something along the lines of, "Hmm... This is interesting... Reminds me of soy... I think I like this... This is good!" Then I sucked up a mango star and scared myself. XDD

After youth (because this all happened at church), people kept asking me what the heck my drink was. I tried to explain it to Rachel and Kayla, and they were both like, "Uh, okay..." Todd took a sip of it, and I just love his reaction! "Huh... Wow... This is-- Wow! No, I-- this is-- Wow!" (Kayla also had a sip, and her reaction was just, "That's.... Interesting....")
I still want to go to Bubble Island for my birthday, though. Of course! I'll probably invite my best friend and we can just hang out, maybe go shopping.... I hope she's home that day... It's Thanksgiving weekend...

Sims 2 University finally came in the mail (after three weeks!), so I'm gonna go try to install that onto my computer. I hope there's enough room!

Oh, here are those drawings I promised:

The first one is pencil, the second charcoal.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm drinking this delicious slushie! I bought it from Marko's, I had no idea it would be this good! (Marko's= local gas station.) I filled the cup up mostly with strawberry, then about an inch of lemonade. So good!

Like I mentioned last post, I started art lessons yesterday. Yes, it was great. I was the only one in the class, and I was able to draw on an easel for the first time! I honestly thought it would be really hard, but it wasn't! He was a little surprised that it was so easy for me, I guess it's usually harder for other people?
He was also kind of surprised at my ability to draw, too.... Heheh. *nervous laughter* His words were (when I turned around when he was laughing behind me), "I'm sorry.... I'm just not used to... Ability."
It's only been one lesson, but I have learned some things already! Mostly about the charcoal. Used charcoal for the first time. ^^ ...I kinda sucked. Heh. Just because I used really dark lines, my hand kept brushing against me lines and erased/smudged them, and I jumped right into detail rather than sketching it out really lightly first. But if anybody wants, I'll post a picture of my charcoal drawing here. But only if someone says something. ;) I'm most certainly not spamming deviantART with my first-craps.

Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm trying to update more than I have been this summer (the past two months, specifically). Comments/views/mostly comments (comments are all I really care about) have really dwindled lately.
There's a new poll, please vote on it! Takes two seconds, literally, and I really need to know!

So, here's what has happened in the past few weeks, which I may have failed to mention:

*New haircut! My hair went from chest-length to chin-length, w00t! When I go places, I style it so it flips out at the ends in the front and spikes up in the back (I have been having problems with spiking it, though, any suggestions? Hair wax hasn't been working out too well for me).

* I received my schedule in the mail... German first hour, drawing second hour, and no maths! This is going to be a good trimester, I can feel it! Plus, I'm starting art lessons in town tomorrow!

*My parent's computer has been having troubles, and when they took it in the guy deleted a ton of programs, including the printer/scanner, so if you watch me on dA, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update with drawings in a few weeks! I'll try to get them up ASAP. I have some new stuff I think people might like. ;) (first fan-art in months: Axel. Woot-woot!)
(You can see my art at theBIZARREone on deviantART, by the way.

Sorry for the not-so-interesting post, I hope life gets more interesting when school starts!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I remember black skies, the lightening all around me
I remember each flash as time began to burn...

I started reading 'Skinned' by Robin Wasserman the other day. I'm having issues reading it.... When I try to read this book, I start to feel nauseous... Er, first, here's the book trailer:

Yes, I know, it looks amazing. When the book came in for me at the library, I could hardly contain my excitement! I even started reading it while I was IMing a friend. ;)
But like I said, I am having problems reading it. One part is just the fact that it is so depressing. (I'm not even 50 pages in, by the way, so there won't be any spoilers.) Lia is still Lia, but she's in this mechanical body, against her will.... She cannot feel pain, not even emotional pain. As it says on pages 38-39:

"But here I was, inches from a dead body. My dead body... And I didn't feel sick. I didn't feel anything... I don't just mean on the outside... It was that, but it wasn't just that. I couldn't feel anything on the inside, either. I wasn't nauseated; I wasn't dizzy. My stomach wasn't clenched... I wasn't breathing quickly. I wasn't breathing at all... My brain --or whatever was up there-- told me I was horrified. And furious. And terrified. And disgusted. I knew I was all of those things. But I couldn't feel it. They were just words."

And besides it being depressing, I'm also having problems because it is set in a futuristic world...
No, not futuristic, it's hard because it is probably only about fifty years in the future. I could be living in a world like that. I don't know if many people know this about me, but I hate technology. Not that it doesn't suck me into it, just like everybody else, but that is another reason I hate it. People are growing dependant on iPods, cell phones, the internet... It's ridiculous. It makes me want to go back in time, about 150 years or so ago.... Reading A Certain Slant of Light has really made me long for that.... And to end this post, I will promise a review of A Certain Slant of Light soon!
(But anyways, I'm going to try to read Skinned again.)


Thursday, 20 August 2009

SWARM is Awesome.

I guess I should write about this while it is still fresh in my mind, I still cannot fall asleep, and before I decide to just not post about it (like I often do).
I mentioned that I was going to an amusement park with my youth group (aka S.W.A.R.M.), right? Yes, I did. For awhile, actually, I was considering not going, but I am so glad I did!

Originally, I was going to be Kayla's ride partner, and Cody was going to be Zach's. (I cannot remember the rest of the groups because my mind is absolute mush right now.) So we went on the first coaster, and our groups were exactly like that.
Then after the first ride, the other Kayla and Kim and Zach went to go on the Log Ride and I tagged along. After that, we went on some other rides, and I pretty much just followed Zach around for the rest of the day. XD (Sorry, Zach!)

After lunch, everyone went to the waterpark.... Everyone except for me and Zach. We didn't feel like it... So we kind of wandered into the park, looking for someone to add to our group... Zach said it perfectly: "Two lost people just standing in the middle of a waterpark... And not only are two people, we are a boy and a girl." *cough* Let us refer to the rules of the trip, please: "You must be in a group of at least three or more at all times. Never one boy and one girl."
But we didn't find anyone, so I dragged Zach onto the Funnel of Fear. Todd found us after that (it was awesome, btw) and hinted, "You two should catch up with the others." Haha. But I don't think he was too worried about us. ;)

The wave pool was very fun. A number of people bled because of the rough floor, and it went on just a little too long, but it was fun at first! Quite refreshing. I'd love to be there right now!

Later Zach, Donny, and I went off to ride a few rides by ourselves. We had a heck of a time with the vending machines! Trying to buy an energy drink (Zach's Monster earlier was lost or drank while we were on the Funnel of Fear, and I think he wanted to see me hyper), the machine wouldn't accept our bills! But we found another one, that worked, and I smuggled the drink onto the Falling Star ride. You had to be there; it was funny! Donny was so against it, but Zach was cheering me on... I was fully prepared to blame it all on Zach if it spilled, but it didn't! (HaHA, Donny!) XD ...Like I said, you had to be there!

Well, that's pretty much it. I love trips like this so much! Hanging out with friends, creating inside jokes, just having fun.... I hope we do it again next year!


PS. Here's another hawt Cinema Bizarre photo... If anything, I know Muse will enjoy it! :D

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Okay, so I found this meme, but it was just a few-word-questions, few-word-answers, thing. So I wrote it out nicely to make it better. :3
(I'm sorry it's so long!)

Feel free to steal it.

Instructions: Choose a limit of five of your original characters, and have them answer the following questions.

1. Andii
2. Timothy
3. Fox
4. Cyan
5. Aldrik (he is a vampy, by the way.)

01. Please state your full name.
Andii: Andrea...... She hasn't given me a last name. It's very insulting. >_<"
Timothy: ...Timothy Green.
Aldrik: I'm just called Aldrik now. I've dropped the last name, and I do not want anybody to call me by it. Not that there is anybody alive that knows it.
Fox: Fox Nightengale!
Cyan: Cyan Nightengale. ;)

02. Who's your best friend?
Andii: Erica, of course! We've been BFFs since age.... Six? Eight? I dunno, it's been awhile!
Aldrik: I don't have any friends.
Timothy: Neither do I. Andii: How depressing, you two!
Timothy: I'm.... Sorry? No, I really am not. I don't want any friends, they're just a hassle.
Aldrik: -GLARE- Be quite! Humans are so loud...
Cyan: (rolls eyes) My best friends are Andii and Erica and Fox.
Fox: ....And the same for me, I guess. I'm the closest with Cyan, but he's my brother, so that doesn't totally count, you know?
Cyan: Yeah, I don't really have a BFF, like Andii would say, that is not family. (I love my friends, though!)

03. What's your sexuality?
Fox: Wtf?
Andii: Um... I think we're all straight Well, not sure about Cyan... But the rest of us are.
Cyan: I am not gay!
Andii: Yeah, yeah, you've been saying that ever since I've met you.
Cyan: You're the only one who has ever questioned my sexuality!
Fox: Yeah, um, moving on...

04. What's your favourite colour
Aldrik: I like red.... And pale yellow. (Me: Hmm.... Reminds me of soooomething....)
Fox: Red is good. I like red, too.
Andii: I like bright colours! Bright, happy, neon colours.
Timothy: I like green and blue.
Cyan: Oh, blue, like that jacket you always wear?
Timothy: It's a button-up shirt, and yes.
Cyan: Well, people always assume that my favourite colour is blue, like my name... It's kind of been assigned to me, but it's not my favourite. I'm not sure what is my favourite. I guess I don't have a favourite colour.

05. So, what's your relationship status? ;D
Andii: *cough* Um, single, as of now. But not for too long! Believe me, I'm working hard on this!
Timothy: Single.
Andii: Really, Timmy? Have you ever had a girlfriend? I mean, you're a pretty good looking guy, and some girls really dig that angsty, bad-boy thing.
Timothy: I had a girlfriend a few years ago, but it didn't work out.
Andii: Well, it's all a matter of time of when you'll hook up with.... *sees Timothy's expression* Um..... Yeah.... Never mind.
Aldrik: I'm never going to allow myself to fall for someone again.
Fox: Waiting for the right girl...
Andii: You go, Fox!
Cyan: Yeah, um, like Fox is doing. Waiting.
Andii: What a depressing group we are! Two brokenhearted and three just plain single!
Timothy: I am not brokenhearted!
Andii: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. We have to go on to the next question now!

06. What's your ideal mate?
Andii: Mmm, I like muscles, dark or blonde hair, blue eyes... Atheletic... Not dark, a good sense of humur...
Timothy: (She just described the exact opposite of me.) I don't have an ideal.
Cyan: Long hair's nice. And dark. Serious is nice...
Fox: Light hair, funny, doesn't care about her appearance (she won't wear much makeup if any), and yeah, a nice sense of humour.
Aldrik: I like pale, blonde.

07. Do you have any odd skills, or just any skills in general?
Timothy: I used to be a very fast runner.
Fox: Until your leg?
Timothy: Yeah.
Cyan: If I asked what happened, you won't tell me, will you?
Timothy: Nope.
Andii: (spreads out arms) Aww, Timmy I'm sorr-
Timothy: If you dare try to hug me, I will beat you with my cane until you can't even remember your own name.
Andii: o.o *backs off*
Cyan: *cough* Well, (back to the question) I'm somewhat good at drawing. I enjoy it at the least.
Fox: No, you're very good. And I play basketball, but I'm not like really really good at it, so it's not really a talent.
Andii: I have no talents.... But I don't let that get to me. ;)
Aldrik: (silent)

08. Last Amusing Escapade
Fox: How about that time we tried to get that pizza?
Andii: Yeah, yeah, that was great...
Cyan: We should do that again....
Timothy and Aldrik: *have no idea what they're talking about*

09. What's your favorite food
Andii: Didn't we answer this in a different meme?
Timothy: Yeah.
Fox: Well, I haven't! ...I like pizza.
Cyan: Yes, I like pizza too.
Andii: I like fruits.
Timothy: Pasta's good.
Aldrik: I don't eat.

10. Do you have any crushes? (evil smile)
Everyone: SILENCE.
Andii: Er, um... I don't think anyone is going to answer this one...

11. How about your favourite music?
Aldrik: I don't keep up with the current styles of music... When I was human, all there was to listen to was what you now call 'classical,' and I hated that with a passion.
Andii: (that guy still freaks me out.) Um... Pop and hip hop and country.
Fox: Rock, pop, pop-rock...
Cyan: Pop. A little rock, but not much.
Timothy: I like punk rock and classical.
Andii: I think you're the only person who can handle classical, Timmy.
Cyan: Nah, I'm fine with classical.

12. What are your biggest fears?
Andii: That someday I will give into emotion and lose myself.
Fox: That's dark, Andii.
Aldrik: I have a few fears, but I do not want to share them.
Cyan: I'm afraid of how times will change as we grow older.... Not like how we might separate, but the world, and the people in it.

13. What is your biggest fantasy?
Aldrik: To figure everything out.... And to be human again.
Andii: Well, it involes a group of hot guys, bowties, some lotion.... No, no, I'm kidding! I'm not like that. Actually, right now I just want to get into a good college and fall in love. Maybe some kids...
Fox: To be a professional basketball player. But that's not realistic, I know.
Timothy: I'd like everything to go back to the way it was a few years ago.
Cyan: To sell some of my artwork and maybe become a professional illustrator.

14. Do you have any quirks?
Andii: I know Timmy does!
Timothy: What is that supposed to mean?!
Andii: Dude, you're like the rudest guy I know. That's a quirk, right?
Fox: I think Aldrik has that quirk, too...
Andii: Oh, right, I forgot about him! Okay, he is the rudest guy I know!
Aldrik: Escuse me?
Andii: You heard me!

15. How about bad habits?
Andii: Did I mention the rude thing?
Timothy: Yes. =__=
Cyan: Fox likes to lock the bathroom door when he's brushing his teeth.
Fox: I like my privacy!
Andii: I tend to..... Talk a lot. >.>
Timothy: I'm pretty quick to resort to violence... Sometimes.
Andii: Pfft.

16. What is your biggest regret?
Timothy: I am not going into it.
Aldrik: And neither will I.
Andii: Well, I've reacted in some situations, in ways that I really wish I didn't, and I wish I could take it back.

17. Best kept secrets
Fox: I'm not going to answer that.
Timothy: Me neither.
Andii: Dude, your life is your best-kept secret!
Cyan: I have a feeling that no one's going to answer this question.

18. Worst sexual/romantic experience
Andii: Once I pushed a guy into a fountain on our first date.
Everyone: -STARE-
Andii: It was an accident! Needless to say, we didn't go out for a second date... I think he thought I had some secret agenda or something. XD

19. Biggest insecurity
Cyan: Sometimes I wonder if people truly like me...
Fox: *puts his arm around Cyan* You know I love you.
Andii: Sometimes I am like what Cyan said, but mostly I am worried about my appearance. Typical girl thing, I feel conscious about my weight sometimes.
Aldrik: My eyes.... I have scared kids without meaning to.
Timothy: I hate it when people stare at my leg.

20. Any last thoughts?
Andii: Well, this was fun!
Timothy: Well, this was annoying.
Andii: NO. Bad, Timothy, bad! It was fun. FUN. Say it. Say it was fun!
Timothy: No, I will not! You aren't used for these things often, but I get picked every single freaking time!
Andii: That means she likes you. That's a good thing.
Timothy: No--
Cyan: Well, yeah, thanks for reading, bye!

Now please tag peoples!
Nah. Whoever wants to do it, go ahead! I'd be interested to see what you write, though. =P
It's 3:50 in the morning, and I can't fall asleep.
Considering that I plan to wake up at 8:30 so I can get ready and get to Plushie's house in time to wake him up for the parade.... This sucks.
Of course, being in front of the computer really is not helping.
I would go into my room and try to read myself to sleep, but there's a huge scary bug in there!
Now, I'm not like most girls. I've cut open a pig fetus and poked around in there and enjoyed it. I'll slide the beetle in the classroom onto a piece of paper and let it go outside. But this, my friends, is a stink bug. I'm not afraid of the scent, no (they only make that when you squish them, don't they?). Google a picture of a stink bug; I will not post one here (I just googled a pic and had to close out of that tab immediently). They are huge, fat, leggy, crawly, and just plain scary. It was sitting on my mushroom chair, right on top of the blouse I was planning to wear tomorrow. (Which reminds me, I need to transfer my jeans from the washer to the dryer.) So yeah, a little tired, can't go in my room, can't fall asleep on the couch.... UGH.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wow, my third post this month.
Gomen nasai!

Hopefully I'll feel more like blogging when school starts back up.
(Not like anyone has commented since July...)

I made an account on LingoFriends. It's a great website! You can chat with people from different countries that speak different languages and share knowledges on the languages!
I've been instant messaging this boy from China since last night, woke up early this morning so I could catch him before he went to bed. (Exactly 12 hours ahead of me!) I don't want to learn Mandarin right now, but someday I do. Right now I'm concentrating on German (I also talk to a German boy on LingoFriends, but we haven't exchanged email addresses).

So apparently the Farmer's Picnic (this tiny celebration thing with a parade and booths in the park my town has... It's tiny, but the highlight of our sad little lives) is this Saturday, and I'm busy all day. (Haircut -w00tw00t- then a birthday party.) Darnit!

So, hey, there's a new poll! Go vote NOW before I unleash my vamps on you! Please vote. Thank you! :D

Okay, you guys need to listen to this song. Plushie can testify, it is awesome (when awesome = worthy of awe :D).

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Invader Zim @ Chuck E. Cheese!

Okay, watch that video. Now.

As I mentioned, I went to my uncle's Sun-Mon 'cuz my aunt was having a baby. (It was a boy! He's beautiful!)
On Sunday, the day before the c-section, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for my uncle's three-year-old daughter. I was just kind of standing there... "Where's Sco-- OMIGOSH, that's ZIM!" I was absolutely fascinated by this game! I took at least three videos! (This is my favourite because my uncle (or was is my brother?) was playing as Zim in the Irken world! ...After we went back to his house, I watched the Invader Zim DVD I brought. XD

I know, I totally forgot to write about Wintergirls by LAnderson in my last post. (Anybody notice that the title of that book was in the title of the post but the post failed to even mention the book?) Well, I don't really feel like writing a review right now... I've moved on from that book to FADE (the sequel to WAKE!), so yeah, it's probably not going to happen. But if you'd like to mosey on over to this blog, my friend did write a bit about that book. If you're interested.

Reading: FADE and the artist's comments on dA.
Watching: Eddie Izzard
Listening to: This Town by Lillix (Love Lillix!)

EDIT: Some more IZ epic-ness!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Wintergirls and War Week

War Week was amazing.
I feel so spiritually renewed!
Let me tell you, I'm going back to SWARM (my youth group) with a new fire!

This Friday the girls from SWARM are getting together and having a pool party! I invited Angel (I hope that's all right), and we're going to do some fun stuff before the party as well. Can't wait!

So about War Week. There's not a whole lot to say about it, it's really something that must be experienced.
We worked, evangelized (I didn't, I worked), and worshipped God with all our hearts. For two days we spent a few hours cleaning up a back ally (we didn't get to finish, but we made it looks much better!), and on the last day we helped out with one of the block parties the church had going on. (When I say "we," by the way, I mean the youth group I'm in.) The speakers were amazing. Nearly every night, they talked about exactly what I needed to hear! It was perfect. They told us that the sermons were available for download on War Week's web site, but they're not up yet (or I just can't find them).

One of my favourite parts of the whole trip was spending time with my newfound church friends. Yes, I said newfound... I never really talked with anyone before (even though I've been going to that church for over a year). It was wonderful, I had full conversations with them, many hilarious moments... I can't wait until next year!