Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Oogie is not a word...

...But Boogie is.
(The world according to Firefox.)

Yeah, sorry for no real posts.
Christmas has come and gone! (And I need a new header soon.)

Today I had a date with my friend's girlfriend! (XD Sorry, I just wanted to say that.) It's okay, Zach. No matter how tight Shawn and I get-- I need to stop watching Horton Hears a Who. I'll shut up now.
So yeah, Shawn and I went out to get bubble tea, and then we went to the mall. We got along well, we have a lot in common... There was one thing that we should not have had in common, though... The "I don't know, what do you want to do? You decide!" thing. XD So we ended up just walking around the mall and spending about an hour in the bookstore. (Which I did not mind! I love bookstores.)

So I'm going on my first date soon! :O
It's a blind group date my friend set up. O.o But what I'm really surprised about is that my mom said yes!
Me: So, Angel's mom is letting her go on group dates.
Mom: Yeah, sure, you can do that.
Me: Really?! Okay, so Andrea knows these guys...
Mom: Whoa, whoa! I didn't expect you to call me out on that one!

So that's pretty much all that happened in the past week.

g h o s t i e

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ouran Meme (Uh-oh!)

I am so sorry to keep spamming y'all with these memes. I swear, I'll write a real post soon!

Ouran High School Host Club Meme
Tamaki [Princely Type]

[ ] You are French
[ ] You're a very romantic person
[ ] You flirt a lot with girls/boys.
[ ] Easily fooled by things that wouldn't fool most.
[ ] You're overly eccentric in everything you do.
[ ] You care about your family deeply even if they don't return the feelings
[ ] Your birthday is April 8th
[ ] You're slow when it comes to your own feelings.
(Even if Tamaki is one of my favourite characters, we're nothing alike. XD)

Total: 0

Kyoya [Cool Type]:

[x] You wear glasses
[x] You are known for being "evil". (Not exactly known, but I have been called evil on many occasions.)
[ ] Your favorite foods are anything spicy
[ ] You excel in everything you do
[ ] You're a very calculating person
[x] Your birthday is November 22. (November 28th. I'm counting it anyway, it's close enough.)
[x] You hate waking up in the morning.
[ ] You never like to do anything unless it has a benefit

Total: 4

Hunny [Loli Shota Type]:

[ ] You're the shortest out of your friends.
[x] You love cakes and sweets.
[x] You have a stuffed animal that has special meaning to you.
[x] You are/have taken a martial arts class
[x] You are close to your cousins.
[ ] You look a lot younger than you actually are.
[ ] You're born on February 29th
[ ] Your favorite subject is math

Total: 4

Mori [Wild Type]:

[x] You're the tallest out of your friends
[x] You only talk when you need to (Unless I'm around a small select few)
[x] You're protective of people you care for.
[x] You favorite food is Japanese food
[x] When bad things happen you tend to blame yourself a lot.
[ ] Your birthday is May 5th
[x] You're not much of a leader but more of a follower
[x] Not many people know what you're thinking

Total: 7

Hikaru [Devil Type]:

[ ] You and your sibling have a strong bond
[x] You're a very cynical person.
[x] You like to mess with your siblings
[x] You're the oldest sibling
[ ] Your birthday is June 9th
[ ] You like Italian food
[x] You get jealous easily
[x] You don't make friends easily
Total: 5

Kaoru [Devil Type]:

[x] You like to play games
[x] Favorite subject, English
[x] You enjoy fashion/cosplay
[x] You're nicer than your siblings (In a way)
[ ] Your birthday is June 9th
[x] You're very forgiving
[x] You'd rather give someone something and go without to make that person happy
[x] You like playing tricks on people (I just don't know any tricks to play D:)

Total: 7

Haruhi [Natural Type]:

[ ] You don't care about trivial things like appearance
[x] You're tight with money
[x] You get along with guys well
[x] You're blunt about everything (I am told...)
[ ] You're an excellent cook.
[x] You have a hard time understanding love
[ ] Your birthday is February 4th
[x] People feel like they can open up and talk to you easily

Total: 5

Tamaki: 0
Kyoya: 4
Hunny: 4
Mori: 7
Hikaru: 5
Kaoru: 7
Haruhi: 5

So it seems I'm most like Mori and Kaoru? I don't think I'm like Kaoru much at all. ^^; But Mori, certainly. XD

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Andrea (Muse) just showed me this video. I love it. *_* If you watch it (and I urge you to do so!), make sure to read the subtitles. It's a pretty song, but the lyrics are what I love.

I saw Avatar last Sunday with my friends (and mom/brother). It is so good! I rate it a 9.7 out of ten. (.3 points off for the generic character positions). The computer graphics were so good, they looked real! And the night-time scenes in the forest were so pretty... (Glow-in-the-dark foliage! I want some!) Plus, I really like the environmentalist overtones. If you're not into that, it's easy to look past. But I really liked it. I think I'm starting to carve out a stereotype for myself. XD
(Is vegetarian-eating/many-ear-piercings/rock-and-folk-music-listening/environmentalist/artist/geek a stereotype? I hope not.)

Tomorrow I'm going to document my day. I'm just going to the dentist, then a little shopping, but I'll try to make it interesting! I plan to blog the photos.

I'll see y'all tomorrow, then!

g h o s t i e

PS. Photobucket

The video at the top of this post is part 2 of a 4-part saga. Here are the links to the other parts:

Part 1: Daughter of Evil
Part 2: Servant of Evil (Different video than on this post)
Part 3: Regret Message
Part 4: Story of Evil

Let me know if any of the links are broken!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Another Meme. ^_^


[x] You know how to make a pot of coffee.
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar.
[ ] You own a credit card.
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car.
[x] You've done your own laundry.
[ ] You can vote in an election.
[x] You can cook for yourself.
[ ] You think politics are interesting.


[ ] You show up for school late a lot.
[x] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[x] You've never gotten a detention.
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday.
[x] You like to take walks by yourself.
[x] You know what credibility means, without looking it up.
[ ] You drink caffeine at least once a week.


[x] You know how to do the dishes.
[x] You can count to 10 in another language. (Two languages!)
[x] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it.
[ ] You can mow the lawn.
[ ] You study even when you don't have to.
[x] You have hand washed a car before. (Many, many times.)


[x] You can spell experience, without looking it up.
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name.
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out.
[ ] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need.
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[x] You can type pretty quick.


[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment.
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party.
[ ] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay.
[x] You have been to the beach.
[x] You use the internet every day.
[ ] You have been outside of the United States 3 or more times.
[ ] You make your bed in the morning.


Title: I am nonofyerbusiness years old but I act 15 years old

I act 15 years old? XD Not bad!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Secret-classroom-incest-ful Day!

"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..."
"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."

Okay... So school has been awesome in little ways the past few days.

Yesterday I had a ninja moment when I jumped over a cafeteria table. (Technically,I jumped up, my foot landed in the middle of the table, and I jumped the rest of the way, but I still jumped over it!)

Then today I was finally fed up with something that has been bothering me for weeks: every single day on my way back from English class, I see kids turning into this doorway that leads to a hallway. The hall turns, so I can't see into it without walking in, and it has been bugging me! So when I talked to Plushie, I asked him where it lead to. He said, "I don't know, want to check it out?" So we slipped into the hall, and it turns out, there's a classroom at the end! Now I feel like I discovered some deep secret... I mean, why would they put a classroom there? It's just too awesome. There has to be something going on.
(Now I want to know who teaches in that room!)

Well, there is one day left of school until Christmas break, and I found out that my old English teacher has a blog. All in all, a good day. ^_^
(Oh, and we just got a Christmas tree today.)

g h o s t i e

PS. Probably the best thing I heard today: "You mumble and don't listen when people talk to you... You're impossible to have a conversation with!" XD (My friend said that to me.)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Unser Gott ist der awesome Gott!

I'm listening to recorded sermons from War Week. :3 (Donnie McClurkin was SO good!) It's so much fun to listen to those, because at some points I can think, "Hey! At that moment I was jumping up and down and clapping my hands!" (laugh)

I love Modern English Classics class. Our group read two acts of Hamlet, then just fooled around for the rest of the hour. We convinced Garrett that he had something really nasty on the back of his shirt! He signed a pass to go to the bathroom to check it out, and when he came back, he said, "I was in there, doing this..." (He turns around and cranes his neck, as if he's looking at his back through a mirror) "...And Mr. Hager walked in."

Substitute teacher: "Okay, who threw the paper plane?!"
Classmate: "Matt's licking it!"
Matt: (Moves paper plane away from his mouth (he wasn't actually licking it)) "What?"
Different classmate: "...Our class president! XD"

Matt had to leave the class for a few minutes to pick something up. When he came back, he was carrying this big plastic back. "They gave me THIS bag..." (Pulls out graduation tassels) "For these!"

On my way to Modern English Classics, Rachel stopped me in the hall. "Want some entertainment in your mouth?" she asked, and pulled out pop rocks. Heck yeah!

So... Moral of this post: School isn't all bad!

g h o s t i e

Friday, 11 December 2009

I screwed up 60% of my teenage life.

[ ]Gotten kissed
[ ]Gotten a phone taken away in class
[ ]Gotten suspended
[ ]Gotten caught chewing gum (I don't talk, so teachers never notice! XD)
[ ]Gotten caught cheating on a test
Total so far: 0

[X]Arrived late to class more than 5 times
[X]Didn't do your homework over 5 times
[ ]Turned at least 3 projects in late
[X]Missed school just because you felt like it
[ ]Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class
Total so far: 3

[ ]Got your Mom, Dad, etc to get you out of
[X]Text people during class
[X]Passed notes
[X]Threw stuff across the room
[X]Laughed at the teacher
Total so far: 4

[ ]Been in a fight at school
[X]Took pictures during school hours
[X]Called someone during school hours
[X]Listened to iPod, CD, etc. during school hours
[ ]Skipped a class period
Total so far: 3

[ ]Threw something at the teacher
[X]Went outside the classroom without permission
[X]Broke the dress code
[ ]Failed a class
[X]Ate during class
Total so far: 3

[X]Gotten a call from school
[ ] Couldn't go on a field trip because you behaved badly
[X] Didn't take your stuff to school
[ ] Give the teacher the finger when
they weren't looking
[X]Cursed during class/school
Total so far: 3

[X]Faked your parent's signature (Just last week!)
[X]Slept in class
[ ]Cursed at your teacher
[X]Copied homework
[X]Got in trouble with the principle/vice principle
Total so far: 4

Multiply by 3, makes 60.

Grand total: 60%

(cough) Sheesh, that's low. I need to get started, my teenage life is already halfway over! :O
(Stolen from FrancisTheMenace on deviantART. Felt like posting it here instead.)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

There's a Quarter in My Shoe! ^_^

Emily gave me her Facebook password to scan and upload some of her drawings on her page.
(cough) Does anyone else think it was a bad idea to give me her password?
Well, I certainly do.
I uploaded the pictures as she asked, then changed some of her info, had her join the group, "I like picking my nose," sent a person or two a message, perhaps engaged in a very short instant message conversation with her uncle.....
Yeah, she was pissed.
She tried to hide it, but I could tell. :D She couldn't seem to fathom why I would do such a thing! People just don't give me enough credit.

In other news, we got out of school 15 minutes early cuz of the roads (they're even worse than they were yesterday, and we got YESTERDAY off!).
...I'm still trying to figure out how Anna knows where I live. >.> Did she use to ride my bus? How does everyone know where I live, but I don't know where anybody else lives?!

My camera should come in tomorrow!!!

Heheh. Yesterday teh Fetus IMed me with the text from this:

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Let's not go to Camelot... 'Tis a silly place.

Today my older brother walked into my room wearing an apron and said." I don't know why these went out of style in the female community, they are very sliming." And then went to admire himself in the bathroom mirror. MLIA

It's a snow day... Guess Kadwell (who was 100% certain that we would not have a snow day this week) was wrong! Can't wait to see his reaction when we go back to school. :DD

My mother peeked into my room really early this morning and told me we didn't have school. After I got up to turn off my alarm, I couldn't fall back asleep! My mind was occupied with Ouran and what I would do with this vacation. (I think I'm gonna bake!!!)
Omg, Looney Toons on Cartoon Network! :DD ("Yes, I'm really the last of the Dodos!")

Here's the snowman I just made:

As you can see, the eyes are lemons. And...
It's a nekomimi snowman! XD
...Come on, you had to have expected that from me!

g h o s t i e

PS. Hitachiin Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, 7 December 2009

'Tis the Season

This is now my official "Christmas layout."
I used it last year, and dangnabit, I am using it again!

I finally started on my Christmas list (my mum has been bugging me about it). Pretty much, it has accessories for the Holga camera I'm buying (colour filters), and a looot of anime stuff. :D
I think my chances of getting manga or anime on DVD are greater if it is almost the only thing I put on the list. XP

I hope Angel can come over this weekend~.
I have been spending a lot of time with her recently! :O With BPA and her being my only friend in my lunch ('Cept Plushie! But he wasn't at lunch today!), aaaand the amazing Skillet concert, I've been seeing her more than ever!

Well, I'm really getting into an anime mood, so I'm going to go watch Loveless. ^___^

g h o s t i e

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Next week we're going to have to write short autobiographies in Creative Writing. :/ I was a bit worried, with no idea what I would write about, then Nellie asked me to explain to her why I hate the post office so much. XD She said my autobiography would be more interesting than hers, but I disagree! I think she's much more creative than I am... *cough* Nellie comes up with all these interesting names for people whose real names she doesn't know (I forgot examples, though). Me? I can't tell you how many people I have dubbed "Blondie." Seriously. Then there's "Girl who dyed her hair red," "Person-who-I-think-name-is-Katie-but-I'm-not-sure," and "Guy-whose-bangs-completely-cover-his-eyes." XDD (He did cut his bangs, though. Maybe Angel's mum passed by him on the street and snipped 'em off for him. I could totally see that. XD)

We (Nellie and I... You're mentioned in this post so much!) did a p-chat last night, and it's so much fun! I've only done it one other time, with someone I'm somewhat friends with on deviantART. I wish more of my friends had tablets. v.v

I'm getting into Ouran High School Host Club for the millionth time. You see, I read or watch it for awhile, then my interests steer away. Inevitably, though, I will go back to it, re-read the three manga volumes I have, watch a few episodes of the anime online... If you listen closely, you may be able to hear a faint "SQUEE!" coming from the computer room during a few shounen-ai moments.

I wanted to put AFI's Love Like Winter video on this post, but embedding is disabled. :( You can click here to see it, though. It's beautiful!

g h o s t i e

PS. OMG. XDD I completely forgot about this video!!!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Wer bin ich?

Yesterday a speaker came to our school to preach 'abstinence' to us.
I roll my eyes and wish I was somewhere else 'cuz I've heard this speech many, many times:
1) My mother
2) Summer camp
3) Silver Ring Thing (*cough* My hands get dry in the winter.)
4) SWARM (youth group)
5) Yesterday

Afterwards Plushie gave me a random high-five. XD

Then when I got home, Fetus IMed me, calling me 'PUNK.' (I guess he was mad that I didn't give him any sea-salt ice cream, like I did Plushie. XD)

I want a Holga camera... I mean, look at this art!

That's all for now, folks!

g h o s t i e

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Censorship, and Why I Hate It.

Our school library removed all of the Stephen King books.
All of them.
They're censoring our library.

Apparently some parents complained of these books. I don't know a whole lot, just what my English teacher told us, but I'm glad that she did tell us.

I was really mad when I heard about this. We deserve to choose the books we read! If somebody's parents (or somebody) finds any book inappropriate, then they don't have to read them. But don't make everyone else suffer! Don't tell us what we can and can't read!

I told a friend about this censorship going on, and her response was, "I'm not surprised." Then changed the subject.
Am I the only one who's infuriated by this? How can anybody be okay with this? When I told my father about what my English teacher told us, and he couldn't believe it. "But it's Stephen King... It's not like it's even Anne Rice or anything!" And every few minutes of silence (we were in the car) he would express his disbelief again...
I suppose that I could see their reasons if they removed Anne Rice's books, but I would NOT be okay with it.

It makes me think of an episode of Kino no Tabi-- my favourite, in fact. In short, Kino (the main character, a traveler) visited a country of books. She was told that she could trade in a book at their huge library for any book she wished! How wonderful! Yet, when she arrived there, the library was full of resource books: encyclopaedias, medical books, textbooks... When she asked the librarian where all the storybooks were, she was told that all books have to go through the "critics." Any book that they disapproved of never reached the public.

The censorship at my school is not nearly this bad-- but it has the same effects. We are not "allowed" certain books, because a group of people believe we should not read them.

And it pisses. Me. Off.

I feel like I should do something about this-- but what? I'm not really a take-charge person. A follower, not a leader, right? Writing this post has let out a little steam, but I'm not nearly satisfied. I don't want to be all talk, but I honestly have no idea what I should do. Maybe if I can get more people on my side, we can do something about this. Or not... Honestly, I have no idea. At all.

All I know is this: censorship is wrong.

Monday, 30 November 2009

New Trimester.

Yep. New trimester, new classes.
I almost like my math class because our teacher is actually going to let us listen to our iPods and mp3s while we work! I whipped out my DS to play Kingdom Hearts during Meeting Time, and she didn't say anything. :DD (I know she saw it because she leaned over my desk to ask me if I had a calculator.)

I have lunch with Angel. Just Angel, out of the people I had lunch with last Tri. We didn't know where to sit (and Darcy stole our table), so we just sat with Amber, a friend of Angel's. We didn't talk to anyone at that table. I didn't like anyone at that table. I wanted to sit with Plushie, but there weren't any open seats, and he was sitting with my brother. >_< Then when I went to throw away my trash, he was gone! :O I wanted to give him my apple! (Plushie, not my brother.)

Ah, I must go work on the BPA video.


Sunday, 29 November 2009


I'm posting because apparently I have "good mouth words." (Thanks for that strange wonderful compliment, Z! XD)

I finally managed to pull myself away from my *brand new* DS (playing my *brand new* Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days game) to post. (My hand keeps trying to open the console up! Geeze.)

Hm. Yep, today was my birthday (er, yesterday now? It's 12:35PM)... I realized that in the past years, on my blog, every time my birthday came up, I would warn my readers every post at least a week in advance. XD This year I mentioned it a few times, but I was pretty "whatever" about it this year. Probably because I'm not so excited about turning this age... It's a milestone, and I'm not quite ready to accept it. What? Seriously? It's just going to force itself upon me? Fine! Let it! I'll be over here playing with Play-Doh.

I found a recipe for Sea Salt Ice Cream! o.o

Well, it seems that I'm going to have a cookie baby. O.o It started out as a weirdweird (joking) conversation with Plushie ("Soo... When was the last time you had sex?") (Again, joking! I'm a proud virgin.), and ended with me living with him in a cardboard box with Plushie and my gingerbread baby. ....You don't want to know what happened in between. O.o;;

Well, this is a weird way to end a post.

g h o s t i e

PS. A quick preview of something I'm working on... And some 2AM babbles. ;)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Watch it.

Oh... And play it: (Wow.)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Enduring

Listening to: The Roots- "How I Got Over"
Watching: The Roots- "How I Got Over" (Official Music Video)
Eating: Peppermint candies

My birthday party was fun, but I don't feel like writing about that.
On Saturday I went shopping with Plushie and a friend of his. I found the best issue of OtakuUSA ever! It featured articles on my favourite mangaka, CLAMP, and my two absolute favourite manga, Monster and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE!
AND they had just lowered the price from $10 to $6! I've been freaking lucky this weekend.
The next day my mom wanted to go back to the mall (she didn't go with me the first time), so I went with her, and guess what I found? A pair of the exact earrings I wanted for $8, shirt that said 'Pale is the New Tan' in a large for $5, and a uber-cute miniskirt for TWO dollars, the last one on the rack, in my size (7). AND THEN, I found a Salvador Dali 2010 calendar for $13... I can never find any Dali artbooks, let alone a calendar! I'm telling you, I'm lucky at that mall!!!

All right, I'm done. Yesterday I went home with Angel (half a day, no school for the rest of this week!) and we worked on our BPA project. We're making a video, with high hopes for going to nationals in Cali. We have to interview somebody today for the video, then we can get started on edits pretty soon. (Mrs. D is letting us borrow BPA's school laptop this week! :O)

XD When I checked my computer late last Sunday, I found a message from Fetus: "OMG
A storyteller: COURTNEY!
A storyteller: GAAAHHH
A storyteller: OK
A storyteller: ^It's a person
A storyteller: on it's side!"
I find this funny because a week before this, Angel IMed me with three hundred OKs, and then told me about her plans for cyber-world domination... She'd just made an army of little men! XD

Now I play Mabi.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Have You Got It In You?

I come to you from my third hour class, right after exams!
German: I think I did pretty dern well on this exam. Just a few sections I wasn't sure of, but I must have got at least an 80%.
Art: Friggin easy. Drawing exercises and a survey.
Web Page Design: I think I got a 98% at LEAST. I only say that because I usually at least mess up on one question.
Monday I have Physical Science and Economics exams.
It makes me unhappy because even though they were boring classes, they were my most interesting. :( In Econ I sat behind Angel, and y'all know that I sat next to Damien in Phy-Sci.
Which makes me think back to a few days ago, when Zach (not my Zach, just a guy that sits behind me in Phy-Sci. (Damien wasn't there that day, which brought up an interesting conversation between Zach and I. <sub>Zach spoke first.</sub> "Where's Damien?" "I don't know." "What? Why don't you know? You're his keeper!" "Hey! You never informed me of this!" "Oh, I'm sorry, I put it in the mail." "I never recieved it." "Yeah, well, blame your local mail carrier.")
Anyway, Zach had no idea what my name was, even though I've been sitting in front of him for over a month. (In his offence, though, the only reason I remembered his name is because of my friend Zach, the one I usually talk about here. :D) The day before he was trying to get Damien to tell him my name, but he only whispered my German name to him. "What? Kutta? Ketta?" (It's Jutta!) So on this particular day, it was his goal to find out my name..... Okay, it was only his goal because I refused to let him copy my worksheet because he didn't know my name.
He asked Mr. Rose (a teacher who I have never before had) what my name was, but of course he didn't know. (Mr. Rose asked Zach his name, then asked me my name, but I refused to say. He must have thought me so strange! XD)
Aaaand then he found out when Victoria said, "Courtney!"  ...She wasn't aware that I didn't want him to know my name.
So now he calls me Megan. =_= The day after this went on, the first thing he said to me was, "Hey, Megan! Did you finish the homework?" I did believe him, because I honestly figured that when I came into that classroom, he would have already forgotten my name. He hadn't, but now he calls me Megan. ...I'm not sure how I feel about this.

g h o s t i e
He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.
Albert Einstein
Don't use words too big for the subject. Don't say "infinitely" when you mean "very"; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.
C. S. Lewis

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Mr. Zach brought to my attention that November 30th is National Hug an Asian Day.
Unfortunately, my only Asian friend lives thousands of miles away. I might, just might hug a random Asian classmate (I only have... Three?). Aw-kward. :D (Who was is that... Oh, right, Zach. His goal is to create awkward situations.)

Ummm.... Book recommendations! Follow the links for full reviews.
A Crack in the Line: Exciting, captivating, and extremely though-provoking! Basic idea of the book (in case you're too lazy to follow the link): Parallel universes, alternate realities. This book takes the basic idea of "What would have happened if this person reacted differently in this situation?" and really digs deeply into it! It has actually changed the way I look at the world. (I'm not promising that for everyone, of course.)

The Knife of Never Letting Go: This book is also exciting, follows two teenagers as they go on a cross-country journey to save not only their lives, but their entire civilization. 400+ pages, but you never would guess. They fly by so quickly and so smoothly, I could have very well been reading a 200 page book. (Not that page count really matters.)

That's all the time I have for recommendations right now.

Miya and Lenna... (c) ME

Monday, 16 November 2009

Honey Mustard Onion Rings

I come to you from my third-hour Web Page Design class!
That's right, I know how to get around the blocked pages. I'm a genious, I know. No need for applause, please save that for the end!
I played Mabinogi pretty much all of yesterday, and I'm back on that road! Quite addicted right now, quite addicted. I'll probably write a Mabi-post soon, so look out for that. (Whether it's looking out to avoid, or to read, you can make that call....)
So yep, I have my mousie now! She's boarding with Angel's mouse, Shai. (My mouse is named Cinnamon.) I'll post pictures as soon as I can get a non-blurry one.
(Cinnamon's the alpha, by the way! W00t, go Cinnamon!)
...I need to think of something good to post about... Right, Mabinogi! I'll do that soon, so again, watch for it!
g h o s t i e

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mice 'n' MySpace

Just a quick post.

1. Yes, I joined MySpace. *worried*
2. I have to go bowling soon.
3. Birthday party to go to today.
4. I'm getting mice soon! (One will be Angel's, but I'll have to take care of it at my house for her.) (I've been wanting a mouse for sooo long!)
5. A Crack in the Line = SUCH A GOOD BOOK.

That is all.

Friday, 13 November 2009


I completely forgot about it until Angel asked me if I'd written 'love' on my arm, and Emily had it written all over her arms!
If you're interested, this is what I did last year: [link]. Nothing big.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about To Write Love On Her Arms. They seem to do a lot of touring, giving conferences or something. And they sell the shirts, which is kind of another problem I have, but it's to support the organization, I guess... Just, I'm not quite sure what it is they do? To help others? Ah, well, I do think it's great what they do, if nothing else they're letting people know that they're not alone, and encouraging them to get help. (Is that their goal?)

Emily's different Emily, a girl from church birthday party is tomorrow, I hope this will be fun. :D

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Vinegar-Salt Chips.

Not very many of you probably know my relationship with Angel, mostly because you must see it.
Mostly, it consists of this: yelling matches, threatening to sue the other's ass, and chasing the other across crowded rooms.
Today at lunch was an epic version of the chase.

Angel refused to give me part of her mint brownie because I refused to give her part of my Swiss Cake Roll, because she refused to give me a Pringle. (It's a harsh cycle.)
So I stood up, grabbed my lunch-trash, and stalked off to the trash cans. Angel jumped up, yelled at me to wait up, woman!, and I took off! I was making great time, but I had to slow down to go around somebody's leg that was sticking in the aisle.
When I slowed down, Angel caught up with me. I heard her footsteps, and she yelled, "I got you, woman!"
When I think about it, it's kinda in slow-mo. XD
She grabbed my arm, swung forward to jump in front of me, I believe, but she overshot. ("My bag pulled me down!" Yeah, yeah, whatever. =P) She flew in front of me, onto the ground, and rolled over. IT. WAS. AWESOME.
Everyone was looking at us! And Angel was just on the ground, laughing hysterically. XDDD Seriously, I will never forget it!

I think 3/4 of the cafeteria was staring at us/her.

Today's Moral: Don't drink bleach unless you want an ulcer.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


M Having my birthday party next weekend!
If you weren't invited, please don't fret.
Either 1) I have no idea who the heck you are, 2) You live on the other side of the country, 3) I only invited the girls at my lunch table, or 4) I don't like you!!! Chances are, it's #3. And I'm kidding about #4.
I invited six girls, but only Holleigh, Chels, Angel, and Emily can make it. Andrea and Kaity can't.

I must thank Kaity and Angel, for giving me good ideas: Rather than playing laser tag, we're going to go see New Moon (Please don't shoot me! I can't stand that series, but this movie actually looks somewhat promising... And Edward won't be in it!), and then afterwards.... In my field, in the dark, with flashlights... Playing a NINJA game!!! (Kind of like laser tag.)
I've been saying this a lot lately, but I'm excited!

Question: Do you prefer a short post a day or a long post once a week?


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Give a man a match and he will be warm for five minutes....

...But set him on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life!

On Monday, Frau Stepek passed out flyers for a German class trip to Chicago this December!
We're going to this authentic German market, and a museum, then shopping ('course)!

For BPA (Business Professionals of America, a club at school), Angel and I are doing 'movie production.' The subject is "interview a local hero." We already have some ideas.... I'm getting a little excited. :3

Monday, 9 November 2009

Stay With Me.

[[I'm trying to post every day!]]

Angel told me something her German teacher said in class today:
"Mrs. G erased my board yesterday. But it's not like she ran in, erased it quickly, then ran out. Mr. Kadwell would do that."

It's so funny because he would do that! I haven't had him yet, but Angel tells me so many hilarious stories about things he does in class!

During a test:
Class: *working quietly on test*
Mr. K: *starts talking. Just talking, chatting. Just pointless stuff, like about how quiet the class is, the weather, anything*
Class: *looks up at him*
Mr. K: Oh, sorry, did you want it to be quiet? Here, I'll make ocean sounds for you. Shwooosh, shwoooooooosh.... Caw, caw..... BAAAAAH! ......That's a boat coming.
Student: Can I go to the detention room? [[so he can work in the quiet.]]
Mr. K: *completely serious face* Damn right you can!

....Makes me want to become a teacher.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time~!

I had a lot of fun at the university. (I mentioned it here.)

We did the macarena in front of the cafeteria, went door-to-door for a food drive, squeezed all ten of us under a street bench, and watched two guys in our group serenade a random girl with the Barney song.

It was fun to see into college dormitories. Now I am quite excited for college life. :3

The reason I didn't name the two boys who serenaded the girl was because I wanted to post this video. (If you are in the video and have objections to me posting it, tell me please, and I will take it down!)

We had a photo scavenger hunt:

"I can't believe you all fit in there!"

"Pretend to ice skate." XD

Still Life With Stem Cells

Still Life With Stem Cells by Patricia Piccinini

I read this (and I highly recommend that you do as well), and I immediately thought of Unwind by Neil Shusterman.

Pretty much, that essay I linked you to, talks about stem cell research, and how the meaning of 'life' has changed: "In the last ten years, the body has gone from something that is uniquely produced to something that can be reproduced." (Patricia Piccinini)

Why does this make me think of Unwind? Well, I suppose you need to know the basic idea of that book before you can understand this blog post:

" From The Bill of Life: The Bill of Life states that human life may not be touched from the moment of conception until a child reaches the age of thirteen. However, between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, a parent may choose to retroactively 'abort' a child... ...on condition that the child's life doesn't 'technically' end. The process by which a child is both terminated and yet kept alive is called 'unwinding.' "
-Unwind, Neal Shusterman

Basically, when a teen is 'unwound,' he is harvested for his body parts, which are kept alive at all times, and donated to those who may need them... Every single part of him.

Now I realize how frightening close we really are to a reality that is that book. When reading that book, I was horrified at this process, ending a human life for use of others, and I'm sure many others who have read that book were horrified as well. But we nearly there! No, parents do not hand their teenage children over to the government. They do, however, take their children's lives and end them, horribly and gruesomely. Yes, I am talking about abortion.
Don't worry, I will not go into a lecture about why abortion is so wrong, and things like that.

Just one point I want to make:
In Unwind, a child's life is ended, his right to live taken from him, and his body parts were harvested for use of others.
Now, here, in the present, unborn babies are taken away their right to live, and embryonic stem cell research is currently going on.

The deceptions the general public in Unwind were fed: "If you unwind your child, his life may technically end, but his life will not have been in vain; he will save the lives of others.
Now replace 'unwind' with 'abort'.
Sound familiar?

The purpose of this post was not to try to convince you that abortion is bad. I do strongly disagree with it, and I hope that someday it will become illegal, but that was NOT the point of this post. I only wanted to share with you the horrible direction our society has already taken. Perhaps you must read the book to fully understand my feelings, and I strongly advise that you read it (it is extremely thought-provoking).
I just hope we realize where we are headed before it's too late.

Feel free to post your comments in the comment thread, but please be respectful of other people's opinions. And please note that I will only see comments if they are posted here. Livejournal or any other readers won't be visible to me. ;)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Leaving... For two days!

Yep, for two days. Going to a local university with my youth group to do some... War Weekey stuff. xD (Todd described it as a miniature War Week.) I will be missing my afternoon classes! Yush. :D
=_= Man, I am tired! See y'all when I get back!


EDIT: Here.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Short Post.

Just a quickie. (...Post.)

It is now NaNoWriMo! (Follow the link if you don't know what that is.)
Lots of great YA authors are blogging almost daily, providing writing tips, advice, and stories. So far I've been reading tips by Scott Westerfeld (whose blog I always read anyway), Justine Larbalestier (she is rotating blogging days with Scott), and Maureen Johnson (who I admit to have read only part of one of her books... However, I love her blogging style! And her tips, of course.)
So far every single post by these awesome authors have been extremely helpful to me. If you're an aspiring writer, or just a writer in general, check 'em out!

Also, I noticed that my blog traffic has increased by about ten hits a day. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I greatly appreciate it.
If you have time, I would love it (love, seriously) if you commented on one of my posts! Feedback and some small conversation is always fun, and comments are the highlight of my day (when there are any). If you have the time, I would appreciate it more than you probably realize.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mask Monday!

"This morning, I walked into the kitchen to find my Dad drinking his coffee. When he took a big sip, I told him I was pregnant. He spit it out all over the table. I'm his son. MLIA"

Well, I said I would talk about my original characters (OCs) a long time ago, so I suppose I shall do it now. (Since I finally started making refs for them.)

Here's my first set: Fox, Cyan, Andii, and Amica. If this goes over well, I'll do my other two sets.

Fox Nightengale: The older twin (identical) of Cyan Nightengale. Reddish-brown hair, about 6 foot (about 183 cm), medium build. Age 16.
He's fairly popular (well-known and well-liked, has a good number of friends, but wouldn't exactly be catagorized as popular. His best friends (Andii, Erica, and Cyan) aren't very popular).
He plays basketball, loves his brother and his younger sister very much (he's very protective of his sister), and likes to read. His favourite article of clothing are sleeveless hoodies. B-average student.

Cyan Nightengale: The younger twin of Fox Nightengale. Same appearance as Fox Nightengale.
He's quieter than Fox, but still a bit outgoing (he tends to keep much more of his thoughts to himself than Fox, who pretty much just spouts whatever comes into his mind). He loves to draw, works part-time in an art store located in the city, and maybepossibly has a crush on Erica. X3 He wears his goggles (ugh I completely forgot to draw them!) as much as he can (he has some troubles at school, they have a strict dress code), and tends to wear his school uniform even after school has ended. A/B-average student.

Andii: Of Africa-American and European descent, brown wavy hair, 5 foot 6 inches. Average weight. Age 17. Outgoing, best friends with Erica, Fox, and Cyan (in that order). Likes to act kind of 'crazy' at times, an only child, and has been best friends with Erica since they were little kids. Most of the time she just talktalktalks! (I'm sure at least some of you have read the memes I've filled out.) A/B-average student.

Amica Grey: Okay, I know she looks, like, twelve, but she's 22 years old! She's just... Really petite. Brown hair and green eyes. She attends a local community college, lives at home (but stays at friends' houses frequently... The only reason she comes back home is because of her younger sister, Erica). She has a boyfriend, but she doesn't really ever bring him home because she's a bit embarrassed about her house and neighbourhood (her parents don't have very much money). She loves to party. :3


BTW! Here's the dress I talked about earlier. I hope he doesn't mind me posting this.

Today Plushie gave me a mask he picked up from the hospital (he just had to get a doctor's note).

I wore it at school, but the problem is, everyone takes me waaay too seriously. I'm only having fun!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Du hasst mich!

Finally! Time to post! (=_= Tons of things to report on, and I don't think I'll be able to get to them all.)

Um, yes, so my blood has this dumb problem of rushing to my face when I'm not even embarrassed, but it just happens when a lot of people look at me or something (not embarrassed! And not cute! I can sense your thoughts, you-know-who!). So at lunch, as she does every day, Holleigh gave me half of her fruit roll-up, and I was eating it hunched over with both of my hands when Fetus looked at me and started laughing. I could feel my face get a bit warm, and I checked my hair because I was having a bad hair day. He said, "You look like a squirrel!" and continued to laugh. My face grew warmer, because now everyone was looking at me, and most were also laughing. He noticed how my face was brightening and managed to get out through his laughing, "It gets redder! X'DDD" My face became bright red (I could feel it!), and I started laughing because, let's face it, it was funny. He was still laughing at me, so I just buried my face in my arms and the table, laughed almost hysterically at the way he said "it's getting redder!", and managed somehow to pull myself together after he hugged me apologetically. (I had tear-streams!)

And, of course, there was the zombie invasion.
(I'll try to condense this.)
During fourth hour last Thursday, the power went out. We were quite for a moment, then people started talking, hoping school would be let out (of course not!), but the lights in our room were still on (I have no idea why).
Lights started flashing in the hall, and Damien cried out that it was the zombie invasion. Mrs. C quickly agreed. Everyone laughed, but Damien said, "HEY! When the zombies start crashing into our room trying to take your brains, you won't be laughing!!!"
A few kids signed passes, which many of us thought was quite stupid ("Don't even bother signing those passes, Mrs. C! They're not coming back!" -Damien), and Mrs. C told us a story (we did this for about twenty minutes, even though we weren't even using electricity in the first place!). Later Mr. Rose knocked on the door to come in, and when Mrs. C cracked it open, she yelled, "It's a zombie!!!" Mr. Rose walked in sloooowly, staring straight ahead, hands slightly in front of him. "Oh, it's that kind of zombie?! Why are we scared?!" Damien exclaimed with exasperation.
But when the lights in our room finally turned off, Damien jumped out of his seat, ran to the back of the room, grabbed a thick roll of paper towel to hold above his head, and just stood there, waiting. X'DD

I'm next to a glass window right now, and it being Halloween, I'm a bit frightened. (Zombies!)

On a quick note (let's hope this is quick!), Ian wore my dress yesterday. XDD The day before he asked if he could borrow it for day-before-Halloween-Friday, and I said yes. :3 (It fit him very well!) He told me that every year, his costumes evolve as the day goes on. Last year, as he told me, the changes were very dramatic. This year he started out as a Nobody (from Kingdom Hearts) (if his trench coat was black instead of khaki), obtained a plastic white mask (quite freaky, I couldn't tell what his expressions were!), wore his signature fedora, and at lunch put on my dress under the coat.
It was great.

Me: So I was at this bookstore, and I saw this guy wearing a really creepy mask... I swear, if he got any closer to me, fists were about to start flying!
Angel: Courtney. There is a guy wearing a dress here!

When I was leaving church tonight (Halloween-type ministry party thing for neighbourhood kids), I heard one of my guy-friends say, "Yeah, so I got to grab his butt." My only thoughts (after "That's not a good thing to overhear!") were that if my male friends could wear dresses, grab guys' butts, and have a steady girlfriend... Well, I sure know how to pick my friends!
(I love you guys. xx)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Toga Tuesday and Awkward Conversations.

''If you don't bring my door back within the hour, I shall come over and insert a large garden gnome in you. Good day.'' -Basil, Fawlty Towers.

I guess I'll start with Toga Tuesday. X3
Plain and simple, Fetus wore a toga (aka a table cloth) to school. When I asked him why he was wearing a toga, he replied, "It's Tuesday." Like that explained everything.
I, however, was not wearing a toga. I wore my new kimono-style dress. (It's awesome! X33) I recieved a few compliments on it (two of which were from Andrea A and Chelsie, who ran up to me this morning saying, "Oooh, it's shiny!" and petting me), and one from the man in the toga, which meant the most... Because he had the balls to wear a toga to school.

Also at lunch (as the above happened there as well), I was talking with Angel... Just a normal conversation (well, okay, not so much). As we were talking, I raised my voice and said, quite loudly, "If your guy friend wants to sleep with you, then it is not a healthy friendship!"
Well, that turned all some eyes.
Every one started asking Angel questions. "Who wants to sleep with you?!" "What did you say?!" "Who? Who?" Went on for awhile, then died down. For a few minutes, there was different chat, then Holleigh brought it up again. "So who wants to sleep with you?"
"It's okay," I said, once again in a loud voice, taking a sip of my apple juice. "She's a virgin."
I don't think Angel was very appreciative of me.

(Sorry, I did write this on Tuesday, but then I was holding out on something to add to this post... I'm just going to write a new one. Tschau!)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Samhain and such.

Life goes on, and for the sake of verisimilitude and realism, you cannot possibly give the impression of an ending: you must let something hang. A cheap interpretation of that would be to say that you must always leave a chance for a sequel. People die, love dies, but life does not die, and so long as people live, stories must have life at the end.


This quote really doesn't have anything to do with this journal entry; I just really like it. It makes me think of all the times somebody has told me that they do not like a book because it has a hanging ending, and perhaps not everything is entirely wrapped up (Not cliff-hangers, those are different). Why? That is my favourite kind of ending!

This is part a kind-of response to a friend's journal, and just something I wanted to talk about.

So. Halloween. Yep. For most of my childhood (age three until now?) my mother wouldn't let me celebrate Halloween, because of its Pagan roots (Samhain!). Finally, though, this year I talked with her, and she decided that I am old enough to make my own decisions. So what does that mean? It means that finally, I am allowed to go trick-or-treating!!!
This is extremely exciting to me. ;)
Okay, so my mom signed me up for this Halloween-ministry they're having at my church for the local kids, and I have to help out, so I can't actually go trick-or-treating. I still made a costume, though:
Little Red Riding Hood!

It's gonna be fun. :3
I plan on wearing it to 1) School (but only the cape, I'll leave the dress and knee-highs at home and just wear jeans and a t-shirt.) and 2) church (people dress up there, but I have a feeling that I will be the only person helping out wearing a costume XD).

Slight subject-change!

Yesterday I was at a local bookstore, just browsing through the used books (they had a lot of good cheap ones!), when I looked up and saw.... Death. On stilts.

Then when I was browsing through the manga, I noticed a kitty and Near also looking at the manga.
That was freaking awesome! XDD
I've never (sadly, for someone who wants to do this as well) seen a cosplayer in person before. I was going to say something to her, confirm that she was Near, but we never made eye contact. v.v
It really excited me.
My point of this story? A bookstore that has a Halloween party with cosplayers attending it has to be the best bookstore ever!
I'll add a link to the video of this party once the store has it on their FB page... I did not attend, because I did not know of this party.)

-Marvin the Destroyer

((I suck. Out of laziness, I just copied this entry from my deviantART journal... Not to fill up space, of course, but because I know a lot of people who read this blog don't also watch me on deviantART, and therefore do not see my journal entries (as rare as they are). I was originally planning on writing this out in a more interesting way, but like I said.... I suck.))

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Look! She posts!

I just read something Nellie wrote about a horrible spam bot... o.O Reminds me of the time Angel decided to mess with the bots at this 'Chinese weight-loss tea' site. xD
Bots are fun to mess with.

Angel was supposed to come over today after school.... Sie ist nicht hier! But she'll be over at eight, so it's all good. :]
No school tomorrow! Whoop-whoop! Because of parent-teacher conferences. Apparently, my friend in Florida (Kate) doesn't have school tomorrow, either, so I guess it's not just our district. Do you have school tomorrow (Friday)? (Don't answer if you don't attend middle or high school, please. X| )
Then on Saturday I will be going to see my uncle's newborn twins! Girls. Poor guy (he has three girls now, and no boys!). But I don't even know their names yet. ;__; Nobody will tell me anything!

Okay, so, um, today someone called my brother cool..... Now I am seriously starting to have some doubts about humanity.
[[On the bus, this morning:]]

My brother: *says something stupid*
Boy (I can never remember his name): Shut up, Conner!
Olivia: Yeah, Conner, shut up!
My brother: Courtney will still talk to me! Right, Courtney?
Me: Shut up, Conner!
*everybody laughs*
Damien: It's okay, Conner, I still think you're cool.
Me: O.o"""

Then he went on to say that he sees Conner as a miniature him... But a lot more creepy. That ignited a conversation about cutting off a certain manly body part, at which point I quickly put CB in my ears and turned up the volume.

I hate to close this post with THAT kind of note, but... Yeah. XDD


PS. Is it easier to read this blog with this darker grey font? I was reading through some posts with the light grey, and it kind of hurts my eyes! Dark or light? Feedback, please!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Google Meme

I'm bored, don't feel like doing an actual post, so I'm stealing this from Andrea, kk?

Google the first five questions using your name or nickname. Post the more interesting/disturbing/funny/weird ones if you're planning to steal the game. For the last five, use Google Images (one picture only please). Safe Search is a good idea, although considering the nature of the questions, I don't think it'll be necessary. Stolen from Andrea.

[[So many results for Courtney Love! Gah.]]
1. NAME needs...
Courtney needs a mistress to show off. [[O.o"]]

2. NAME wants...
courtney wants chapstick

3.NAME loves...
Courtney Loves Smashing Up Hotel Rooms [[oh yes! XD]]

4.NAME hates...
Courtney hates girls! [[There are no good results for my name u_u]]

5.NAME enjoys...
Courtney enjoys Pooh Bear. [[That I do.]]

Picture Time:

1.Your Favorite Color
Blue Butterfly Pictures, Images and Photos

2.Your Favorite Animal

3. Your Favourite Food

4.Your Favorite Thing To Drink
Bubble Tea <33

5.Your Favorite Celebrity
Can authors count as celebrities?
Scott Westerfeld

I want his newest book (Leviathan) so badly, but I'm holding out for my birthday. *rips out heart*


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

With HYPHENS. .__.

So the reason I don't post so often as of late is not because I don't have any blogging fodder (I have a lot of it), I just haven't been in teh MOOD!
I've been spending less and less time online, and when I am online, I'm usually watching either Code Geass or Lucky Star. (What contrast! XD)

So some new things going on:
  • I'm going to be a linebacker, according to Rob. Oh, yes. I will do it, and I will be the best 5'6" under-140-pound linebacker ever.
  • Fetus came to lunch with a paper grocery sack half-filled with popcorn today. I just felt the need to report on that. >.> (It was good popcorn, though!)
  • Tonight's the mission's banquet at church. ^_^I shall be serving food. I'm excited for that, and I was told that we'll get to eat the food, too (Jamaican food!).... And I want to see Zach and Cody's (heh.... Zach and Cody) dance. O.o I feel bad because last Montag (Monday) I was at the church helping to set up, and apparently they were in one of the classrooms practising, and I didn't spy on them! :'(
  • Apparently Plushie has found a new stalkee: Emily. Poor Emily... (Which brings me to my next point, Plush! If you found a new stalkee, you are not allowed to stalk me anymore! I don't care if you see a bright green hoodie with eyes and ears on the hood in the computer lab, you're not allowed to look!) (And.... Please give me the title of a Shoujo-Ai manga. I need to see what this stuff is all about. ...But at least it's not Shounen-Ai, I do feel grateful for that.)
  • I feel proud of myself because ever since the first day in Economics class, I have slowly been scootching my desk closer and closer to the wall, so I could see the map taped to it. Finally, after all that hard work, my desk touching the heater (where I put my books!), and I can easily read the map! W00T!
One last thing:
This picture makes me laugh every single time!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Superchick && BarlowGirl

The concert. Was. Amazing.

I'm gonna run like I got the cops on my tail,
I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail!

I love Superchick! They are so good live!
I took so many videos, but you can't really hear the music. Mostly just static. :/ They'll make for good screenshots, though.
Angel and I were so close to them! It was a fairly small concert, at a huge church, and we stood right in front of the stage, with only three rows of people between us!

Concerts are so much fun. I danced, I sang, I screamed!

I'm sorry about the sound. Believe me, I am extremely disappointed about that. Does anyone know why it turned out so badly?


Skillet in December! I can't wait!


After all this has passed
I still will remain
After I've cried my last
There'll be beauty from pain