Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's HIDEKI!!!

On our History-A test today on the matching portion, one of the choices was "Hideki Tojo." For a few moments I was just like, "Hideki... Hideki... Who is Hideki?!" Because I knew that he was a character in an anime... I just couldn't remember which!!! Then in the shower I remembered it... It was bugging me so much! So I Googled it moments ago... I feel so stupid... HIDEKI MOTOSUWA!!! From Chobits! -points to picture above- See? It's that guy. Up there.

Tomorrow is finally the end of spirit week! Just an assembly to tie it all down, then the winterfest game (which I will not go to). If Kaity brings face paint tomorrow (as I heard that she it), I actually will put some on. :D Heheh. Tomorrow I plan on wearing something really cute... I'll try, at least.

Sorry about the short post. Hey!

Question: Why do you read this blog?

I figured that it would be easier to ask here rather than make a poll. Please, answer it! I'm curious!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
Step 2: Put it on random.
Step 3: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.

1. She never slows down
2. I couldn't tell you why she felt that way
3. The lights go out all around me
4. We're not gonna be just a part of their game
5. Drew looks at me
6. Hanging out down the street
7. Chikazukitai yo kimi no risou ni
8. What I can't remember is a lot like water
9. Nani wo motomete
10. Here I go, driving by your house
11. I'm in the business of misery, second to the top
12. Something just isn't right
13. Cultivate your hunger before you idealize
14. So much for my happy ending
15. That's right, that's right, you hear that?
16. Please tell me you'll fight this fight
17. Long ago, just like the hearse
18. Home is behind
19. And I want to believe you
20. I took a ride on a February morning

You're supposed to put 30, but I only did twenty. See if you can guess them! :D

Well! Today was an interesting day at school... It's spirit week (we have some stupid game coming up), and today was 'Grandparents Day,' meaning that students dress up as grandparents... It was great! I find spirit week to be pointless, but I love days when students dress up. There is always at least one guy dressed as a woman. (For homecoming there was a guy with fake boobs!) Angel told us this story involving a certain Mica, a walker, and his fun sense of humour.
("Okay, so class had already started, and Mrs. M was like, 'Where's Mica?' and everyone else said, 'He's coming.' Then she was like, 'Seriously, where's Mica?!" and she went into the hallway, and there was Mica, walking like this..." -hunches back, pretends to be using walker. Walks extremely slowly- "He was actually walking that slow!")

I hate the vending machines at school. The one in the cafe won't accept any change, only one-dollar bills, and the Mt. Dew/Pepsi one by the gym only accepts bills and quarters. GAH. I have a dollar twenty-five in my pocket right now in dimes and nickles. And when I decided that I would buy G2 from the school store, they didn't open!!! I suppose it is a good thing, I don't need that sugary crap... But it sounds soooo good right now!

I just remembered Picasa Web Albums. Sweet! I can get all of those photos off my computer! ...When Tamaki reappears on his desk, that is.
I'm still waiting for the Mokona plushie. I want it so badly! But this person is notorious for taking forever to send out packages (according to his/her feedback).

Hey! What do you know. I have uploaded 317 photos to my blog as of now. =P Haha. Of course, that includes some of the pictures that I never ended up keeping on the post, like this screenshot of my adorable Mabinogi character, Esami:

And Tohru Honda wearing a bathing suit just like mine: (Okay, I actually did upload this one before)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Path

...I'm getting excited!
The Path recently launched a new site, Grandmother's House, for promotion mostly, I think. It's a really cool website. Each girl has their own page, as you can see above. I think I like Ginger's page best, and now I'm really starting to like her as a character, perhaps more than Ruby. ^^
I'm listening to Ruby's favourite song right now. ;P

What a wonderfully creepy teaser.
After waiting for a year for this game, I'm getting very excited as the release date draws close!
(This had better be a good game! Kidding... Well, kind of. Not really.)

Darn, I just remembered that I have to finish cleaning my room from when I started a week ago. :/ I know I should, but why would I when I can sit here and watch TV? I'll do it laterrr...

Because I realize that not many people may know what this game is about. You know, the rare person who may pass by... Other than my three readers (laugh).
This was a paragraph in an article about The Path, published in Shojo Beat magazine (about a year ago! I've been waiting ever since!)

"The game is comprised of six chapters, each starring one of the six sisters, who live together in a big city... The game begins when one of the girls sets out (through a spooky forest) to take bread and wine to their sick grandmother... The Path asks more of players than simply escorting a girl safely through the woods. Should you disobey the one rule you've been given-- to stay on the path-- you'll get lost in the woods and encounter the Wolf... Just as each of the six sisters is a different Red, each girl meets her own Wolf. 'Some are just men and some are more supernatural. But each is attractive in his own way,' explains Harvey. 'Ultimately you will run into the Wolf and then it is up to you: do you satisfy your curiosity and interact with him? Or do you chicken out and run back to the path?'"

(End of edit!)

Eating: Mellocream Easter candy and a pickle
Drinking: The juice of the pickle
Listening to: Yume no Tsubasa (It's so cute!)
Reading: Gatekeepers

Whoa. It's been almost a full week since I've posted!
I haven't been commenting on blogs, either. Sorry, sorry.
Last week I bought a number if things online, and two (of three) have come in already! Edward Scissorhands and Gatekeepers. I'm about to watch a movie with my mother, Kate and Leo... Leo-something, so this is going to be a short post.
Dangit. Muse, you're right! Whenever I think of something good to post about, it flies right out the window... >_<' Okay, well, sorry, but I guess that's the end of that post. Wait! Pictures. :D

Okie, bai-bai~

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Time goes by...

I was pretty sick the last few days, but I feel much better now!
I went shopping yesterday, but all I bought was a skirt, a book, and some candy (which I just finished).
This morning when I woke up, the sky looked brilliant! Deep blue sky with fog surrounding the earth below.

Isn't it beautiful?

I came across some money yesterday... Well, I did some chores and my dad gave me the remainder of his Vista gift card from Christmas because there was only about $6 on it. So when I came home from shopping, I bought Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo on with the gift card my uncle gave me for Christmas (I get so many of those! :D). After that, my mother surprisingly let me bid on eBay on this awesome Mokona plush (below)! Isn't it cuute? Six inches, the size of what I would think the real Mokona (if Mokona were real) would be! And I may be able to buy for a very cheap price if no one else bids.


Yeah, Moko-chan is my second favourite character, Fai being my first, of course.
-goes off to watch Tsubasa-

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Click to enlarge.

Holy crap. Seriously, how do you Internet Explorer even read this blog?! I noticed that it was a little harder to read in Safari than in Firefox, so I decided to do a little experiment and see what it was like in Internet Explorer. O_O Conclusion: This blog is best viewed in Firefox!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Today was a good day!
Lunch was boring, but still kind of cool. Stacy wasn't there, so there weren't any conversations about whatever perverted thing happens to be on her mind, but Emily was there, so we talked about manga for a bit. Which reminds me that I need to order the first volume of Tsubasa from the library for her. (She thinks Fai is hot! -makes a check mark on her mental scoreboard-)
I'm going to the bookstore this weekend... To my extreme disappointment, Gatekeepers (the third volume to the Dreamhouse Kings series) is out of stock at the one I go to, so rather than save my money, I will probably buy the next volume to Tsubasa.

The bus ride home today was pretty darn fun! To me, at least. I enjoy it when people include me in their conversation. Okay, it wasn't really including me in a conversation than it was just talking to me, but I enjoyed it nevertheless! Turns out that a certain classmate chews.>_<>
I took out my copy of Ouran High School Host Club, volume 4 and started reading. It was the Alice in Wonderland chapter. Ouran fans will know what I'm talking about. That chapter is so funny!!! Seriously. I love how they keep changing the Alices. Alice A (Hikaru), Alice B (Kaoru), Alice C (Tamaki), Alice (Haruhi), and Alice D (Mori XD). I know, they totally didn't give Haruhi a letter! (Oh, geez. Back to topic!)

Well, apparently  Deven finds the Hitachiin brothers to be hot. O_o I was just reading Ouran when he stuck his hand in front of my face, pointed to Kaoru Hitachiin, and said "Dude, she's hot!" -_- So I said, "That's a guy." Him: "Oh, crap."
Pretty much everyone was laughing. XDD It was SO funny!
Then Fetus asked me if that was a good manga. The first time he's said anything to me? I didn't even know that he read manga...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I am really happy, I'm sugar-coated me!

I never have anything to post about, but I really don't like my blog just sitting there... So lonely...
Well, I'm trying to see what the heck is up with Mabinogi... Another Erinn Walker update today, I really want to see what it is... And I want an Elf character.

We had to fill out these compatibility test forms during second hour today. -_- For this stupid thing the BPA is doing... You pay $2 to see your matches. I'm tempted to pay that money, but only if my friend Emily will do it also. She said that she will. Maybe I will... But then that would be giving into their... I can't think of a sophisticated way of saying 'stupid' right now, sorry. I guess we only get the results of kids from our grade, anyway. Stupid! Plus, why would I want to date someone who is just like me? People like that usually get under my skin. I need someone the opposite of me! All of my good friends are nothing like me! Well, Kaity is close, similar, but not the same!
...Okay, rant over.


Oh! Oh! OH! The Path is coming out sometime within the next two months! Yesss...! And it's going to be available online... Cheaper and saves time!
Gah, I have to go. Not supposed to be on.

Friday, 6 February 2009

One more week!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm so excited! I've been waiting for Iria for quite some time now.
The monsters look really cool.
If any of y'all have Mabinogi, I'm Esami! Look me up. ^-^

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

WARNING: Image-heavy post ahead!

Yeah, so this post is going to be mainly cool pictures with some text.

I saw this on eBay today... I think it's freaking awesome... But... The seller must be suffering from dementia. Because it costs $200!!!!!!!
But I want it...

-fangirl squeal- Fai-saaan! >w<>
So, yeah, I'm obviously turning into a Fai fangirl. -embaressment- But I'm in good company! There's Muse, and my mum thinks he's hot! :D (I just can't get over that. Though I totally agree with her.)
I did have about five Tsubasa volumes (manga), inter-loaned from the library, but I had to return them. And the next ones haven't arrived yet. (u_u) But Monster came! That should take my mind off it for... A day. :(

SUH-WEET! I think Mabinogi is gonna go to G4 in... One day! Awwwsome!

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Hey, sorry guys, I'm grounded right now, and I will be until my Algebra grade goes up, up, up, but I have snuck on for this one post!
...Now that I'm here, I have no idea what I'm going to write about.
I know! Here's a drawing I've been working on for the past few days. I was on the kitchen counter watching House and trying to draw a similar position, failing, when I looked at the window, saw my reflection, and sketched out my position. And since it was a position that Fai would probably sit in, here he is! And guess what...! My mum called Fai "hot"! And a cutie. He totally is! =P I'm so surprised that my mum thought so, too. XD

(I know Muse will like this. XP)
I'm not quite finished yet, I'm still unsure if I will ink and colour or not... And I forgot to erase the little sketches around Fai, so... Yeah. A sneak preview before I submit him to deviantART! :D
The coat is from the cover of Chapter 25. Oh, this if Tsubasa, by the way!

In other news... Angel came over on Friday! It was a lot of fun... I took pictures of her in the oven, washing machine, dryer, and refridgerator... Yes, you hear me right. That's Angel for me! I would post the photos, but I'm not going to... Sorry, stalkers! :P

This must be the best scene from Lord of the Rings ever...