Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We're not cool, we are free, and we're running with blood on our knees.

I guess I've made a habit of posting once a week now? x.x
Guess it's good to make a post while I'm waiting for that nightly phone call. Have nothing else to do.

Today I went on an adventure! I woke up this morning with the feeling in my blood! ...Then I had to go run a bunch of errands with my mom until 3:30. But I did get to go on that adventure when I arrived back home.
Contacted Plushie, my good adventure buddy, and after I picked up my favourite canned iced tea, headed over to his home. Where he showed me a video game he was playing. XD Which was great, now I really want to play that game! It's called Rune Factory. Giiiimeee! *laugh*
Then we headed off on the railroad tracks. This is something I've been wanting to do for months, find an old construction site my friend (erm, Ian, actually) told me about. And guess what? We found it. >:] We had to walk over a mile, I'd say. It was really long, and reaaally hot. We actually found a stream on our way down the tracks, it was heavenly! The rocky bottom hurt our bare feet, but the water was so cool. It was amazing.
And, yes, we almost did get caught while we were hunting around in the construction site. It was private property. We got there, and it went kind of like this:

Me: "...Does that path look like it was freshly cut?"
P: "Uh, yes, it does. And it looks like that truck was recently parked there."
Me: "Oh, okay." *keeps walking in*

We were already headed back to the railroad tracks when a truck pulled around to where we were. There were a lot of trees, and it wasn't headed quite in our direction, so I'm pretty sure it didn't see us. It was so freaking scary. We practically dived into the weeds, and ran, then crouched down in the weeds when we thought the truck was going to drive by us. I hated that part, I just wanted to runrunrun off that property, in case they parked the truck right by us or something, but when we didn't see anything after waiting for a moment, I jumped back up and did the running I desperately needed to do. We did eventually make it out safely, without getting caught. But man, I can't express how scared I was in the moment. Even though I knew we wouldn't get caught.
Adrenaline rush, anyone?

g h o s t i e

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Why, Hello There.

It's been some time, I guess. I realized this when I was threatened with my life to post. XD Sorry, very sorry.

Lesee, what's been going on...?
During the week, usually nothing. But on Friday I went to the mall with Angel, where we went into the photobooth, bought her new phone (she did), ate a pretzel (I did), and went to Barnes and Noble to be GEEKS.
Yes, folks, my best friend has recently revealed her geeky nature (which honestly surprised me). She talked about how much she wants a cape (agreed! agreed!), and we looked at paper role playing games at Barnes and Noble! :3 Originally we were thinking Dungeons and Dragons (we're complete noobs, the only RPGs I've played are the video kind), but after talking to Ian (who has been doing this for two years xD), we switched to a game with a much simpler system, Exalted. I borrowed his book, and now I have the great responsibility of reading through the entire freaking thing. Yeah, I'm the storyteller. Really pumped about this, but I hate the homework. XD

Anyway, after I went to the mall with Angel, I headed over to Ian's house (time lapse), and we watched Young Frankenstein. Very good movie! And before anyone asks (I'm defensive because my cousin doesn't believe me on this one), we did watch the movie! *laughs*

Like the picture at the bottom of this post? I found it online, but I started getting into this style of art, light graffiti. I took shots of car light trails and a little light graffiti last night (if you're friends with me on Facebook, they have their own photo album). Once I get some better shots (I got some good ones, but not the best. Don't have enough traffic by my house x.x), I'll post them here. My mom said she would take me to somewhere with more traffic this weekend! I am so excited about that!!!
My mom is picking up glow-sticks for me right now. :3 I'mma have fun tonight.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Origami love.

I have discovered a new love.
And its name is origami.

I hope that it won't replace drawing in any way (been going through a major art block, and frankly, it's terrifying). But I have been folding paper almost constantly since last night.


[[click to enlarge]]
A string of cranes

[[click to enlarge]]

[[click to enlarge]]

[[click to enlarge]]
I made a bunch of patriotic cranes in about an hour, in honour of Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans!
(And good day to the rest of you. ;) )

g h o s t i e
1. What curse word do you use the most?
"Freaking." Let's just go with that.

2. Do you own an iPod?
Yup! Gerard, had him for 5 years, don't plan on giving him up any time soon!

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most?

Ian. ^.^

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01?
Yes, I remember it perfectly.

6. What was the last movie you watched?
The new Karate Kid.

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy?
Sometimes. :/

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?
I have in the past, but I don't agree with it.

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week?
Yup! A few people, actually.

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Hair, face, clothes, in that order.

11. What are you looking forward to?
To see Ian again. ;) We're planning an archery date.

(I miss him.)

12. Do you own any band t-shirts?
Yes, two Skillet t-shirts and a Cinema Bizarre shirt. Used to have a few MercyMe t's, too. ^^

13. What will you be doing in one hour?
Whatever the wind beckons me to do.

14. Is anyone in love with you?
Love? Nope. :)

15. Last time you cried?
I wonder...

16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop?
Desktop. *starts daydreaming about the MacBook Pro she wants*

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Just 6 earrings in the one ear. My right ear is sadly bare. :(

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos?
Why not?

19. What were you doing before this?
Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and working on my paper cranes. ^^

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor?
A few months ago. I'd do it again, but I don't have such a good spot anymore, since I rearranged my room. :/

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
I've gone on 3 hours of sleep. I did fall asleep in Biology class, but after lunch I was perfectly fine. :D

22. Do you eat breakfast daily?
I try to, since it's healthy, but there isn't always anything good to eat.

g h o s t i e