Saturday, 27 February 2010

Today was a wooooonderful day!
And I didn't even realize how happy I was until school was almost out! The sky was simply amazing this morning, and a huge moon was out (it was doing some freaky things! Did anyone else see it??? Besides Plush.). After school Angel told me this story about how she defied the laws of Science and created an atom with four bonds... I forgot what atom it was, but apparently it's impossible for it to do that with that specific atom. ._.
...I just spilled lemonade on my wooden computer desk. ORZ

Today I turned in my drawing for the book my lit circle in English is reading, Dear John. I drew John and Savannah standing back-to-back on the beach, holding hands, sunset in the background. It was cheesy, but the girls in my group liked it a lot! We took a trip down to the school library because Victoria proposed we make copies, 'cuz she and the other two girls in my group wanted a copy. I couldn't really express it to them, but that meant a lot to me. (It was also pretty embarrassing.) I'm trying to put it on dA, but it wasn't letting me earlier. (>.<)

Oh, House is on! Lay-tah! ^___^~

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hey all! I am in Creative Writing currently, kind of bored. We're just doing 'peer reviews,' which I did yesterday. (It's all online!, pretteh sweet.)
I'm going to say something I'm sure I have said before: I love my Creative Writing class! Alex or Brandon (I'm not sure whose it is... I'd place my bets on Alex) brought this foot-tall Spiderman figure (it's pretty cool! They bought it for about $2, I think! Awesome, right?). Mr. S was taking pictures with the yearbook camera of the Spiderman figure on Alex's desk, in 'The Thinker" pose (with Alex in the background doing the same pose). XD Then Mr. S placed the figure on top of the laptop cart (above the girls that were on the floor, leaning against it) in a 'RAWR' pose. XDD

Youth group was so good yesterday! The message was about 'love' (loving other people because we're all human beings-- we are no better than anyone else), and it reminded me and Plushie of To Save A Life. Afterward I talked to Todd (youth pastor) about the movie, and we had a really great conversation. At the end, he said we'd probably watch it one Wednesday when it comes out on DVD. ^___^

Oh, lunch time. Later!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Give it up, boy...

I'd better write this post now, or I'll never do it. XD

Friday I went to the Winterfest basketball game with Plushie (and met up with Angel). Man, I had a lot of fun! Plushie's a pimp, some guy taught me the 'Gangster High-Five', a new adjective was created, and I really like Melissa, Plushie's girlfriend (I'd never actually met her before).

(I'll explain some things. The adjective is P's: "shaggy." Definition: adj, Someone who can eat a lot and not gain any weight. Use: "Do you know Plushie? Man, is that guy shaggy!"
And as for the pimp thing... P put his arms around both my and Melissa's shoulders, and we just walked around like that, for half the game (I know it was half because we started it at half time). Plushie wanted to do one of those finger/gunshot things and wink (like a pimp!), but no one would make eye contact. XDD)

And then on Saturday, Angel and I saw To Save A Life...
Yeah... Wow.
If you have not seen this film, please, check all your movie listings! Find a theatre near you that's playing it! And go see it.
It's so amazing... So emotional... Heartbreaking and humorous at the same time. It portrayed high school life so well.
As soon as this movie goes to DVD, I'm going to talk to my youth pastor about showing it during youth group.
Best line in the film, I think: (paraphrased)
Jake: I just don't know how God could do this to me!
Chris: (softly) Do you ever think He looks down on us and wonders the same thing?
Johnny is my favourite character, definitely.

After the movie, Angel and I determined: if the characters were real, I would date Johnny and she would be Andrea's best friend. XD

I'm going to post the trailer one more time:

I found the ice cream scene clip on YouTube, and I was going to post it, but then I decided that I'd better not. It's best to see that scene with the entire movie, as it was meant to be seen.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dr. Courtney is in the House!

I should probably start with the title first.
In Creative Writing class we've had all these journals assignments. The other day Mr. S looked through our notebooks to make sure we had the correct number of entries.
When he came to me, he took a look at my notebook and said,
"Uhh... Courtney, do you plan on becoming a doctor?"
ME: "Uhm, no, why?"
"Because you have the perfect handwriting for it."
Angel: (laughing for five minutes)

But that is not all!
Today he was going over the journals, they're due tomorrow, make sure you have twenty, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
"Who's the famous doctor in here?"
ME: *rasies hand slowly*
Mr. S: "Haha, that's right. The famous Dr. Courtney*. You're going to have to type yours up." (Then he went on to explain to the class exactly why I am a doctor.)

Then after lunch Alex and... Brandon? Were talking about Brandon's spray-coloured hair (it was 'Pop Star Day' for Spirit Week. More on that later), and Alex turned to me.
"Dr. Courtney, is it your medical opinion that blue hair is good for you?"
"Yes, yes it is." (<-- That last one was me.)

Okay, one last story. XD
We were taking a quiz in Modern English, and for the last extra credit question, Mr. K asked, "What am I getting my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?" He then went around the room to see what everyone said. And how did G answer the question???
"Yourself, covered in whipped cream and chocolate."
The class roared with laughter.
"No, no, NO, G, that's a TERRIBLE idea!" Mr. K shouted.
I. Could not. Stop. LAUGHING.

Click for fullview.

This is my handwriting. I really don't think it's THAT bad.

The next three pictures are the Juniors' hallway for Spirit Week. I love it!

*He actually used my last name, but foo', you don't need my last name!

g h o s t i e

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Today I Will Be as Happy as a Bird with a French Fry.

No school today. Snow day. Sweet!

Not going to see To Save A Life Sunday. Hopefully I will be able to go on Saturday, if not I will be severely disappointed. At this point, if I had the choice to see Alice or To Save A Life, I would choose To Save A Life. Hopefully I will never have to make such a decision.

I'm eating meat again. I went two months, but it just wasn't for me, I guess. It put way too much stress on me.

Last night I learned that Fetus has not even heard of The Melancholy of Haruhi OR Lucky Star! D: My view of the world has yet again shifted. This is almost as bad as the time Angel introduced the concept of mathematical anomalies to me.

I keep procrastinating. And for easy school assignments! All I have to do is revise my English short story, and next thing I know, my dad IMs me and I'm out in the driveway, happily shovelling snow. (For an HOUR.)

If you scroll down, on the sidebar, under the Cbox? My adoptables. >w< Click 'em! I want to see them evolve!

g h o s t i e

Friday, 5 February 2010

Life Thusfar.

...Is that correct? "Thusfar"? Is that even a word?
I was going to edit my last post, the 'LOL-Worthy Things I Heard Today,' because I forgot to add something, but I'm just writing it here. ;)
"I want to have a kid and name him Stupid, and I'll get a cat and name him Dog, and get a dog and name him Cat. So when people come over, I'll be like, 'Hey, stupid, go get the Cat!' And the people will be like, 'Hey, you can't say that!' But then the kid will bring a dog, and they'll say, 'Ohh, I get it, he really is stupid!'"

XD I found that so funny because, well, it is kind of stupid, but, I mean, come on! I am trying to imagine his thought process and how that even came into his head... XDD

The other day Angel and I walked into Creative Writing class late... And the first thing I saw was Alex... Wearing a pink sombrero...
And to which I whispered to Angel, "I never know what to expect in this class."
Because after lunch (we have B lunch-- it's a split class) Alex's desk was missing.
Alex: Huh? Wait, what-- Mr. S!!!
Mr. S: What?
Alex: Where's my desk?
Mr. S: What are you talking about?
Alex: Well, as you may have noticed, my desk is gone!
Mr. S: Well, I don't know. That's strange. You think it's in the storage room? But that's not my storage, and it's locked...
Alex: *Frantically searching the other side of the room, as if a desk may have accidentally slipped into someone's bag, along with their notebooks*
Mr. S: Oh, what do you know, it's unlocked! But it's not in here. Alex?
Alex: *picking up a desk from the other side of the room* I don't care, I'm taking this one!!!

I think that one turned out to be his anyway.

Next weekend's Winterfest! ...Yeah, I'm not going. I was going to participate in Spirit Week, but on Monday our class is Jocks. It's 'Clique Day,' and I was really hoping for 'Emo,' or 'Goth,' or some other (stupid) stereotype. I would have had fun with Goth!

g h o s t i e

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

LOL-Worthy Things I Heard Today:


(Talking about the Winterfest dance:) "Well, it's a 'Black and White' ball, I thought I had to invite a black girl!"

"Alex, I'm so glad that when I crossed the line, you just kept racing on past me."
-My Creative Writing teacher

^^; I'm obsessed with a new anime now.
Wooooo! It's been so long! (Heheheh.... ^^;;)
Nabari. I will not get into it now, because, man, I may never make it out (laugh), but I loooove it~. I must thank Erik a million times for loaning me the DVDs!!! ^___^
But anyway, bored, in Algebra (then Creative Writing... Then Government... Then the bus... Yeah.), I drew this:

Click for full view, please.

Yay, sketch-dump!

(Top-left:) "Whenever I watch Nabari, I am always interrupted during the best parts. (coughYoitexMiharucough)"
(Top-right:) "I did not draw Sensei. Instead, I drew his soul. After being forced on the train & bus. (laugh)" (Seriously, his fear of vehicles is a really great characteristic!)
(Near the middle, next to the demon-Miharu drawing:) "Miharu's a demon! :O" "The worst kind of ninja (laugh)"

That's all the important text. ;)
If you have not noticed/ have not seen or read Nabari.... These are all Nabari characters. :3
Haha, I've been considering posting some of my sketches here, like, once a week or something. The drawings I create in Government class or whatever, that I kind of like, but aren't good enough to put on deviantART. What do you guys think? (If no one replies, I'll just assume that you're not interested in my sketches/the art I submit to dA is good enough. Just saying that because if you ARE interested, say something!)

My favourite character is Yoite, by the way. He's so intriguing! (And, you know, with that sexy hat... Kidding! XD)

g h o s t i e

Monday, 1 February 2010

My Desk is Wal-Mart. Good Day, Sir.

I don't know if anyone remembers, but last year toothpaste exploded in my backpack.
And last year I spilled soy sauce in my backpack.
Of course, that cycle could not be broken! I just couldn't get one break, just one year without something gross spilling in my backpack.
I was on the bus a few days ago when I felt something wet on my hand. It was flesh-coloured. And smelled funny. Foundation.
Upon further inspection, I discovered a container of foundation/cover-up in the mesh-pocket on the side of my backpack. With a HOLE in it.
I don't even know what it was doing there! I don'twear foundation! Heck, I rarely wear eyeliner! But sure enough, there was a bottle of foundation in my backpack, spilling its contents all over the side of my bag, on my hand, and a little bit on my pants.
Why can't I get a break?! D:
(...Crap, I still need to clean that mess up...)

g h o s t i e