Thursday, 29 October 2009

Du hasst mich!

Finally! Time to post! (=_= Tons of things to report on, and I don't think I'll be able to get to them all.)

Um, yes, so my blood has this dumb problem of rushing to my face when I'm not even embarrassed, but it just happens when a lot of people look at me or something (not embarrassed! And not cute! I can sense your thoughts, you-know-who!). So at lunch, as she does every day, Holleigh gave me half of her fruit roll-up, and I was eating it hunched over with both of my hands when Fetus looked at me and started laughing. I could feel my face get a bit warm, and I checked my hair because I was having a bad hair day. He said, "You look like a squirrel!" and continued to laugh. My face grew warmer, because now everyone was looking at me, and most were also laughing. He noticed how my face was brightening and managed to get out through his laughing, "It gets redder! X'DDD" My face became bright red (I could feel it!), and I started laughing because, let's face it, it was funny. He was still laughing at me, so I just buried my face in my arms and the table, laughed almost hysterically at the way he said "it's getting redder!", and managed somehow to pull myself together after he hugged me apologetically. (I had tear-streams!)

And, of course, there was the zombie invasion.
(I'll try to condense this.)
During fourth hour last Thursday, the power went out. We were quite for a moment, then people started talking, hoping school would be let out (of course not!), but the lights in our room were still on (I have no idea why).
Lights started flashing in the hall, and Damien cried out that it was the zombie invasion. Mrs. C quickly agreed. Everyone laughed, but Damien said, "HEY! When the zombies start crashing into our room trying to take your brains, you won't be laughing!!!"
A few kids signed passes, which many of us thought was quite stupid ("Don't even bother signing those passes, Mrs. C! They're not coming back!" -Damien), and Mrs. C told us a story (we did this for about twenty minutes, even though we weren't even using electricity in the first place!). Later Mr. Rose knocked on the door to come in, and when Mrs. C cracked it open, she yelled, "It's a zombie!!!" Mr. Rose walked in sloooowly, staring straight ahead, hands slightly in front of him. "Oh, it's that kind of zombie?! Why are we scared?!" Damien exclaimed with exasperation.
But when the lights in our room finally turned off, Damien jumped out of his seat, ran to the back of the room, grabbed a thick roll of paper towel to hold above his head, and just stood there, waiting. X'DD

I'm next to a glass window right now, and it being Halloween, I'm a bit frightened. (Zombies!)

On a quick note (let's hope this is quick!), Ian wore my dress yesterday. XDD The day before he asked if he could borrow it for day-before-Halloween-Friday, and I said yes. :3 (It fit him very well!) He told me that every year, his costumes evolve as the day goes on. Last year, as he told me, the changes were very dramatic. This year he started out as a Nobody (from Kingdom Hearts) (if his trench coat was black instead of khaki), obtained a plastic white mask (quite freaky, I couldn't tell what his expressions were!), wore his signature fedora, and at lunch put on my dress under the coat.
It was great.

Me: So I was at this bookstore, and I saw this guy wearing a really creepy mask... I swear, if he got any closer to me, fists were about to start flying!
Angel: Courtney. There is a guy wearing a dress here!

When I was leaving church tonight (Halloween-type ministry party thing for neighbourhood kids), I heard one of my guy-friends say, "Yeah, so I got to grab his butt." My only thoughts (after "That's not a good thing to overhear!") were that if my male friends could wear dresses, grab guys' butts, and have a steady girlfriend... Well, I sure know how to pick my friends!
(I love you guys. xx)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Toga Tuesday and Awkward Conversations.

''If you don't bring my door back within the hour, I shall come over and insert a large garden gnome in you. Good day.'' -Basil, Fawlty Towers.

I guess I'll start with Toga Tuesday. X3
Plain and simple, Fetus wore a toga (aka a table cloth) to school. When I asked him why he was wearing a toga, he replied, "It's Tuesday." Like that explained everything.
I, however, was not wearing a toga. I wore my new kimono-style dress. (It's awesome! X33) I recieved a few compliments on it (two of which were from Andrea A and Chelsie, who ran up to me this morning saying, "Oooh, it's shiny!" and petting me), and one from the man in the toga, which meant the most... Because he had the balls to wear a toga to school.

Also at lunch (as the above happened there as well), I was talking with Angel... Just a normal conversation (well, okay, not so much). As we were talking, I raised my voice and said, quite loudly, "If your guy friend wants to sleep with you, then it is not a healthy friendship!"
Well, that turned all some eyes.
Every one started asking Angel questions. "Who wants to sleep with you?!" "What did you say?!" "Who? Who?" Went on for awhile, then died down. For a few minutes, there was different chat, then Holleigh brought it up again. "So who wants to sleep with you?"
"It's okay," I said, once again in a loud voice, taking a sip of my apple juice. "She's a virgin."
I don't think Angel was very appreciative of me.

(Sorry, I did write this on Tuesday, but then I was holding out on something to add to this post... I'm just going to write a new one. Tschau!)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Samhain and such.

Life goes on, and for the sake of verisimilitude and realism, you cannot possibly give the impression of an ending: you must let something hang. A cheap interpretation of that would be to say that you must always leave a chance for a sequel. People die, love dies, but life does not die, and so long as people live, stories must have life at the end.


This quote really doesn't have anything to do with this journal entry; I just really like it. It makes me think of all the times somebody has told me that they do not like a book because it has a hanging ending, and perhaps not everything is entirely wrapped up (Not cliff-hangers, those are different). Why? That is my favourite kind of ending!

This is part a kind-of response to a friend's journal, and just something I wanted to talk about.

So. Halloween. Yep. For most of my childhood (age three until now?) my mother wouldn't let me celebrate Halloween, because of its Pagan roots (Samhain!). Finally, though, this year I talked with her, and she decided that I am old enough to make my own decisions. So what does that mean? It means that finally, I am allowed to go trick-or-treating!!!
This is extremely exciting to me. ;)
Okay, so my mom signed me up for this Halloween-ministry they're having at my church for the local kids, and I have to help out, so I can't actually go trick-or-treating. I still made a costume, though:
Little Red Riding Hood!

It's gonna be fun. :3
I plan on wearing it to 1) School (but only the cape, I'll leave the dress and knee-highs at home and just wear jeans and a t-shirt.) and 2) church (people dress up there, but I have a feeling that I will be the only person helping out wearing a costume XD).

Slight subject-change!

Yesterday I was at a local bookstore, just browsing through the used books (they had a lot of good cheap ones!), when I looked up and saw.... Death. On stilts.

Then when I was browsing through the manga, I noticed a kitty and Near also looking at the manga.
That was freaking awesome! XDD
I've never (sadly, for someone who wants to do this as well) seen a cosplayer in person before. I was going to say something to her, confirm that she was Near, but we never made eye contact. v.v
It really excited me.
My point of this story? A bookstore that has a Halloween party with cosplayers attending it has to be the best bookstore ever!
I'll add a link to the video of this party once the store has it on their FB page... I did not attend, because I did not know of this party.)

-Marvin the Destroyer

((I suck. Out of laziness, I just copied this entry from my deviantART journal... Not to fill up space, of course, but because I know a lot of people who read this blog don't also watch me on deviantART, and therefore do not see my journal entries (as rare as they are). I was originally planning on writing this out in a more interesting way, but like I said.... I suck.))

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Look! She posts!

I just read something Nellie wrote about a horrible spam bot... o.O Reminds me of the time Angel decided to mess with the bots at this 'Chinese weight-loss tea' site. xD
Bots are fun to mess with.

Angel was supposed to come over today after school.... Sie ist nicht hier! But she'll be over at eight, so it's all good. :]
No school tomorrow! Whoop-whoop! Because of parent-teacher conferences. Apparently, my friend in Florida (Kate) doesn't have school tomorrow, either, so I guess it's not just our district. Do you have school tomorrow (Friday)? (Don't answer if you don't attend middle or high school, please. X| )
Then on Saturday I will be going to see my uncle's newborn twins! Girls. Poor guy (he has three girls now, and no boys!). But I don't even know their names yet. ;__; Nobody will tell me anything!

Okay, so, um, today someone called my brother cool..... Now I am seriously starting to have some doubts about humanity.
[[On the bus, this morning:]]

My brother: *says something stupid*
Boy (I can never remember his name): Shut up, Conner!
Olivia: Yeah, Conner, shut up!
My brother: Courtney will still talk to me! Right, Courtney?
Me: Shut up, Conner!
*everybody laughs*
Damien: It's okay, Conner, I still think you're cool.
Me: O.o"""

Then he went on to say that he sees Conner as a miniature him... But a lot more creepy. That ignited a conversation about cutting off a certain manly body part, at which point I quickly put CB in my ears and turned up the volume.

I hate to close this post with THAT kind of note, but... Yeah. XDD


PS. Is it easier to read this blog with this darker grey font? I was reading through some posts with the light grey, and it kind of hurts my eyes! Dark or light? Feedback, please!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Google Meme

I'm bored, don't feel like doing an actual post, so I'm stealing this from Andrea, kk?

Google the first five questions using your name or nickname. Post the more interesting/disturbing/funny/weird ones if you're planning to steal the game. For the last five, use Google Images (one picture only please). Safe Search is a good idea, although considering the nature of the questions, I don't think it'll be necessary. Stolen from Andrea.

[[So many results for Courtney Love! Gah.]]
1. NAME needs...
Courtney needs a mistress to show off. [[O.o"]]

2. NAME wants...
courtney wants chapstick

3.NAME loves...
Courtney Loves Smashing Up Hotel Rooms [[oh yes! XD]]

4.NAME hates...
Courtney hates girls! [[There are no good results for my name u_u]]

5.NAME enjoys...
Courtney enjoys Pooh Bear. [[That I do.]]

Picture Time:

1.Your Favorite Color
Blue Butterfly Pictures, Images and Photos

2.Your Favorite Animal

3. Your Favourite Food

4.Your Favorite Thing To Drink
Bubble Tea <33

5.Your Favorite Celebrity
Can authors count as celebrities?
Scott Westerfeld

I want his newest book (Leviathan) so badly, but I'm holding out for my birthday. *rips out heart*


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

With HYPHENS. .__.

So the reason I don't post so often as of late is not because I don't have any blogging fodder (I have a lot of it), I just haven't been in teh MOOD!
I've been spending less and less time online, and when I am online, I'm usually watching either Code Geass or Lucky Star. (What contrast! XD)

So some new things going on:
  • I'm going to be a linebacker, according to Rob. Oh, yes. I will do it, and I will be the best 5'6" under-140-pound linebacker ever.
  • Fetus came to lunch with a paper grocery sack half-filled with popcorn today. I just felt the need to report on that. >.> (It was good popcorn, though!)
  • Tonight's the mission's banquet at church. ^_^I shall be serving food. I'm excited for that, and I was told that we'll get to eat the food, too (Jamaican food!).... And I want to see Zach and Cody's (heh.... Zach and Cody) dance. O.o I feel bad because last Montag (Monday) I was at the church helping to set up, and apparently they were in one of the classrooms practising, and I didn't spy on them! :'(
  • Apparently Plushie has found a new stalkee: Emily. Poor Emily... (Which brings me to my next point, Plush! If you found a new stalkee, you are not allowed to stalk me anymore! I don't care if you see a bright green hoodie with eyes and ears on the hood in the computer lab, you're not allowed to look!) (And.... Please give me the title of a Shoujo-Ai manga. I need to see what this stuff is all about. ...But at least it's not Shounen-Ai, I do feel grateful for that.)
  • I feel proud of myself because ever since the first day in Economics class, I have slowly been scootching my desk closer and closer to the wall, so I could see the map taped to it. Finally, after all that hard work, my desk touching the heater (where I put my books!), and I can easily read the map! W00T!
One last thing:
This picture makes me laugh every single time!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Superchick && BarlowGirl

The concert. Was. Amazing.

I'm gonna run like I got the cops on my tail,
I'm gonna live my life like I'm out on bail!

I love Superchick! They are so good live!
I took so many videos, but you can't really hear the music. Mostly just static. :/ They'll make for good screenshots, though.
Angel and I were so close to them! It was a fairly small concert, at a huge church, and we stood right in front of the stage, with only three rows of people between us!

Concerts are so much fun. I danced, I sang, I screamed!

I'm sorry about the sound. Believe me, I am extremely disappointed about that. Does anyone know why it turned out so badly?


Skillet in December! I can't wait!


After all this has passed
I still will remain
After I've cried my last
There'll be beauty from pain

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


WARNING! The courtney is very dangerous and can often be contagious, destroying life after life.
That's right, I destroy lives. WORLDS!

I was going to post yesterday, but I didn't want to be online all day.

So! Good news.
> Polka is back online!
> I'm going to a Superchick/BarlowGirl concert tomorrow with Angel!
> I witnessed the best staring contest ever at lunch today.

The first one is self-explanatory.

Here's a visual aid for the second one:

And the third one comes with a story:
In the sixth grade my mother bought me a toy cat. It was a 'Twisted Whiskers' plush, you know those greeting cards with distorted cats and dogs? My kitty (Marshmellow) has a looong neck and huge eyes. XD If you wrap your fist around her neck, it looks like you're strangling her!
My strangling cat.
Chelsie snuck into my locker when I wasn't there and took my strangling cat, then returned it to me during lunch.
Fetus, who claims that he does not have to blink (and after today, I think I believe him), took my strangling kitty at one point during lunch and held her out in front of him, so they were eye-level.
Let the staring contest begin.
"You watch him, and I'll watch the cat," Holleigh told me. (We tried to hide our giggles behind our hands.)
"You are a worthy opponent," Fetus said after about a minute and a half into the contest, nodding to the cat with eyes wide open.
"Dang it!" I cried as I realized that this morning I had considered bringing my camera to school to take pictures during lunch, but after careful consideration concluded that nothing interesting would happen today. Why must this always happen?! I relayed these thoughts to Holleigh.
"Ah--No! Dangit, my camera is in my backpack!" Her backpack was obviously nowhere near us, probably sitting in her locker.
"Does anybody have a camera phone? Anyone? No?"
"Hey, Fetus has a phone! Where is it?"
"His pocket. I am not searching for it."
I thought for a moment. "His coat pocket, or his pants pocket?"
"Nobody is touching my phone!" He still wasn't blinking!
And then. Then, Fetus removed his unblinking gaze slowly and steadily from the cat to me. It was a bit creepy, I must say. He stared at me for a moment, and Holleigh. Then his gaze returned.
(A moment passed.)
"Hey!" Cried Holleigh. "Hey! You looked away! You lose! The cat wins!"
Fetus sighed, let out a small mutter of annoyance, then nodded at the cat and said something to the effect of, "That was a good match."
A moment later when Chelsie asked who won and we happily told her it was the cat, he jumped to defend himself: "Barely. I almost won!"

...You don't see staring matches like that too often.

Like Kurasawa I make mad films
'Kay I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A Tale of Warm Ice

Thursday was 'Disney and Pixar Day.' Originally 'Disney Day,' I but I renamed it 'Disney and Pixar' because our class's theme was Toy Story, and that was produced by Disney and PIXAR.
I dressed up as nothing.
Damian dressed up as "a young version of real Walt Disney." Aka, his regular clothes. Mrs. C wouldn't accept that.
Fetus's class was Aladdin. He brought a blue desk lamp. When I passed by him in the lunch room, he said, "Here, rub my lamp." "Uh, no, I'm good..." M kinda glad I said no. Apparently, when people did rub his lamp, he would say, "Ooh, yeah. Keep rubbing and I'll give you all the wishes you want!"

I broke my mother's favourite coffee mug. I don't know why she liked that mug so. It's just the mug the church gave us when we first visited it. Yellow with a fading burgundy logo. But aaanyway, I was putting the dishes away, trying to hang the wet slippery mug up on a hook above my head... And you can guess what happened.
So I taped it.
Yep. Ramona Quimby was right, Scotch tape fixes everything!

Angel coloured Andrea's (the Andrea that just transferred from P-Town. I know, I have three friends named Andrea) arm green with paint in fifth hour! You... You had to be there. Angel borrowed Kaity's paint marker, and Andrea gave her free reign over her arm.... That is never a good idea! Angel coloured her entire lower arm green. In the middle of class. XD