Sunday, 28 September 2008

Okay, sorry, I’ve been told that my last posts are boring. Gomen! I never really thought of that, but I’m not surprised. So I shall talk about my life for the first time in a long time…

Thursday night, I stayed up ‘till 1:30 working on a “short” story. Um… Eight pages. And I was SO clouded with sleep, I KNOW that it must suck! I never really did read it again, though. I think it was a pretty good idea (which is rare for me), but the way it was written sucked. Kind of choppy. It desperately needs editing, but I had to turn in the rough draft (auuuugh).

I went shopping with my mother yesterday! I bought the CUTEST outfit!!! A dark purple sweater dress with brown tights and these brown slouchy boots that are made of AWESOME… And I’m wearing a black thermal top underneath ‘cuz it looks off with my bare arms. And a book. It was really fun, though, just wandering around the mall. ^^ At one point Angel called, then Christian called (Chris’s call scared the living daylights out of me! I was just sitting there… Looking at a book… In the quiet bookstore… Then, suddenly, Me Against the World was blasting from my purse! Waaah…).

That’s it, folks!

School starts again tomorrow. NO!!!


Okay, I deleted this post about anorexia because it was basically just a filler post. I didn't say anything that hasn't been said a million times before. But I kept the poem! I really like it... I'm not sure who wrote it, I found it on Wikipedia in an article about Hiragana.

(People really should credit their sources)

Even the blooming flowers

Will eventually fade

Even our world

Is not eternal

The deep mountains of vanity

Cross them today

And superficial dreams

Shall no longer delude you.









Thursday, 25 September 2008

Random things

Ah, so true... And sad. I'm not going to get into a rant (you can read my last one here), so you're safe. I just want to say a few things about this.
I find it kind of... Idiotic. How people act. What I mean is... Last year, I had a hair tie on my wrist, and when I took it off, it left an indent on my wrist because it was tight. So my friend, Antonio, was like: -mock gasp- "Do you CUT yourself?!" It was meant as a joke, but I've never really found those kind of things funny... I hear a ton of 'jokes' like that in the hallways. -shrugs- It's just... I dunno... Mean. To the people who do cut (we may never understand it, but I've accepted it), and the people who consider themselves emo and don't cut. Emos aren't cutters, but some cutters are emo.
Eh, sorry. I almost did get into a rant. By the way, I don't cut! If you follow my dA page, you may notice some, eh... Odd drawings. That involve cutting... It's just kind of an interesting topic for art. -shrug- It doesn't mean anything.
I didn't mean to get into a discussion of cutting, I just really liked that avatar. Because it's true, and pretty sad. How we change, I mean.
Maybe my next post will be about anorexia :) Hey, I covered one major issue teens tend to have, why not cover the other one?

I love that shirt!
That's Scarlette Pomers.


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hey, I changed the layout! How do y’all like it? Please respond! You can comment now ^^ Did you like the last one better? What do you think of the sidebar?

I’m watching MIB right now ;P I should work on my English essay soon… But it’s so boring!

Ugh. School starts tomorrow. I hate school!!! It is TORTURE. We’re going to have to run a MILE in gym class at the end of this week O_O Oh, geez, please spare me!


Why don’t they show Malcolm in the Middle during the weekend? WHY?!

Sorry, this post is basically pointless.

I went to Angel’s house last night, spent the night. We watched Hancock and went to church the next morning… Yeah, I know. We didn’t do much.

I want to buy some new songs (u_u) Superchick! I want more Superchick songs…!!!

Haha, I told Angel that my friend (Christian) hunts, and when I told her what just about every hunter tells me when I say that hunting is mean (that they’re actually helping the deer, blah blah blah…), she said “You know what? No! If we can kill the deer because the population is getting too big, well, the human population is getting too big! So you know what? I’m going to go out and shoot everybody! Starting with you.”

She wasn’t totally serious, of course. Hence the last part. (XD)

There was a Calvin and Hobbes comic about deer shooting people to help the population… I’m going to find it!

…Here it is:


Friday, 19 September 2008

On the bus this afternoon, I heard some girls talking. They were saying some things about how this girl said some mean things to them randomly… Then they started talking about the girl wanted to commit suicide because her boyfriend died or something, but she didn’t really know him, and he was supposedly deaf, so they said that he might be ‘imaginary’ or something… But that’s not important. At one point, they said this:

“Kill herself?”

“Yeah… Isn’t it funny?” Then she laughed.

And I was just thinking… What’s so funny about death?

When somebody dies, everything changes. I don’t mean their friends and family, although that does happen. I mean that when somebody dies, everybody’s lives they were meant to meet in the future change…  Even talking to someone can change their lives… In youth group, they told a story about how this boy was going home to kill himself, then a classmate saw him drop his books and helped him pick them up. Because of that, he decided not to commit suicide… The story’s a lot longer, that’s the condensed version.

My point is, when somebody dies, everything changes. I know, I already said that. I do feel strongly about this, though...

Oh, and in English class, our teacher was telling this really cool story,  and at one point, a woman jumped in front of the train that my teacher was in, killing herself.

Just about the whole class laughed. Or at least smiled. I was sitting there, thinking “What the heck is wrong with these people?”

Do you get my point?

Death and suicide isn’t a laughing matter.

Yes, I do think about stuff like this a lot…

Monday, 15 September 2008


EDIT: Yes, I went back to my old layout! Hmm... There have been some changes made to it. Three columns. I liked the two better.
I'm grounded AGAIN, so I might not be on much.

This blog post got me thinking...

Why do people feel the need to stereotype? I'm not saying that I don't judge, because I do, but I try not to. I mean, when I look at someone, I automatically judge them, even if just a little bit. It's a habit, and I think that just about everybody does it. But trying to stereotype somebody, on the other hand, I don't like. Yes, I have received my fair share of "Are you goth?" comments. Gosh, is it illegal for someone to wear black and not be goth? I'm kind of surprised that no one has asked me if I'm emo, though, because I thought that my style would be more emo than goth. Guess not.
On the first day of school I wore a black shirt that said 'I ♥ rock', a plaid miniskirt, and leggings, and someone kept trying to stereotype me. "Well, now that you've gone punk..." "I'm not punk." "Oh, sorry, rocker." Gosh.
And then there are the stupid confusions on stereotypes. Y'know, that all emos cut and that all cutters are emo. What the heck? I know a preppy girl that cuts (I used to know her, at least... My mum's still friends with her mother, but I haven't seen her in years). On Yahoo! Answers, I read an answer on a question that was "What is emo?" that said "Depressed kids are goth, not Emo."
So those who are depressed are now goth? Isn't emo short for emotional? T_T
Here's the question, read the answers. They're fairly amusing.
And I do realize that I'm ranting about stereotypes, and then I just called that girl up there 'preppy.' Sorry, but sometimes that's just the best way to explain somebody's personality, right? But if it's okay to do that, then it would have to be okay to say something like "She seems pretty emo," aaand then we're just going around in an endless circle. So I'll try to stop calling people pretty, alright?
And please vote on the poll above! I love this layout, but nobody can comment, and I want to hear other's thoughts on this subject! Or if someone could help me get the comments on it, that would be incredible! <3

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Click to enlarge
My favourite artists. Made at
How to make one: (insructions by Scott Westerfeld)

1) In iTunes, select View Options under the View menu.
2) Turn off everything but “Artist.”
3) Select all and copy.
4) Search and Replace the word “track” with nothing.
5) Paste the results into the Create page.

In other news, I now have a pair of sound canceling headphones! My mother and I stopped at K-Mart today, which was having a closing sale... The headphones are originally $50, but my mother bought them for me for around $35! I have to pay her back, though (sigh).
School starts back up tomorrow! And I still have some homework to do (u_u) How sad...
Join the boycott! Say no to LOL!

I am finally ungrounded!
So, what's new? A lot.

I'm currently reading two books; The Lovely Bones and The Outsiders.
The Outsiders is for English class, The Lovely Bones is for fun. I really like them both!
But some girls at our lunch table ruined the ending of The Outsiders for me.
Ugh. I told them to shut up because I haven't finished it, but they just said "We're not talking to you!"
And kept right on talking. Uh, I can still hear you! Really, I wonder about
the intelligence of people these days.

I love English class! My te
acher is so nice! She knew my name by the first day, too ^^
I know that because I said something quietly in class, and she said "What, Courtney?"
So she didn't look at a seating chart first or anything.
I'm writing a poem for a vocabulary assignment in that class.
I don't think it's that good, but she said that she was impressed, and asked me if she could read it
to the rest of the class on Monday! I said no, 'cuz that's embarresing, but she was kind of begging
me (laugh).
I said that she could read it if she said that it was written by a student from a different class hour.
It's weird, though, because I'm really not a writer... At all. Haha.
I might post it here later... When I finish it.

Have y'all seen the new iPod Nanos?! They ROCK! :D Seriously, they're awesome.
With the old ones, you had to pay $50 more if you wanted a colour one, with 8 gigs.
But now when you pay $150, rather than getting a silver iPod with only 4gb,
you get a coloured one (choice from
nine bright colours) with 8gb and video! Plus, it has that
fawesome cover flow thing, and if you turn it to the side, the screen moves, too! ^^
Seriously, people, watch the video.
Plus, they're not fat anymore! I never did like the fat ones.
...I feel like I'm doing a sales pitch or something. Sorry, I'm just really excited about this.
I want a blue one!

PS. Sorry about the tiny font!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sorry, I'm grounded for two weeks (for no reason), so I won't be blogging much... I'm not supposed to be on now, haha.
School starts tomorrow!