Sunday, 24 August 2008

Listening to: Hold by Superchick

Sorry about the lack of posting.
Grr. My friend IMed me then didn't reply to my IMs. Darn you, Angel!!! -shakes fist-
Maybe I'll just call her...

I scanned the sketch below before I inked because I like it, and if I screw up in the inking, I'll still have the sketch here :3 I think it looks better in my sketch book, though... Not sure why :/

Aurgh, My parents made me wake up early so we could go to the 9:00 service, rather than the 10:30 one T_T My alarm went off at 7:30, and my dad came in my room to wake me up... Then my mother came in and turned my air conditioner down because I had it up as high as it could go. I WAS HOT! I'd worn a black sweater that day. And everytime I complained that I was hot, my mother got mad.
Haha, we went into town yesterday, and I got a few odd looks. The entire day I was wondering why, and it was as we were driving home that I realized that it was probably because I was wearing a large black sweater in ninety-degree weather (about 32 degrees Celcius).
...I blame my stupidity on the heat.

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