Sunday, 14 September 2008

Join the boycott! Say no to LOL!

I am finally ungrounded!
So, what's new? A lot.

I'm currently reading two books; The Lovely Bones and The Outsiders.
The Outsiders is for English class, The Lovely Bones is for fun. I really like them both!
But some girls at our lunch table ruined the ending of The Outsiders for me.
Ugh. I told them to shut up because I haven't finished it, but they just said "We're not talking to you!"
And kept right on talking. Uh, I can still hear you! Really, I wonder about
the intelligence of people these days.

I love English class! My te
acher is so nice! She knew my name by the first day, too ^^
I know that because I said something quietly in class, and she said "What, Courtney?"
So she didn't look at a seating chart first or anything.
I'm writing a poem for a vocabulary assignment in that class.
I don't think it's that good, but she said that she was impressed, and asked me if she could read it
to the rest of the class on Monday! I said no, 'cuz that's embarresing, but she was kind of begging
me (laugh).
I said that she could read it if she said that it was written by a student from a different class hour.
It's weird, though, because I'm really not a writer... At all. Haha.
I might post it here later... When I finish it.

Have y'all seen the new iPod Nanos?! They ROCK! :D Seriously, they're awesome.
With the old ones, you had to pay $50 more if you wanted a colour one, with 8 gigs.
But now when you pay $150, rather than getting a silver iPod with only 4gb,
you get a coloured one (choice from
nine bright colours) with 8gb and video! Plus, it has that
fawesome cover flow thing, and if you turn it to the side, the screen moves, too! ^^
Seriously, people, watch the video.
Plus, they're not fat anymore! I never did like the fat ones.
...I feel like I'm doing a sales pitch or something. Sorry, I'm just really excited about this.
I want a blue one!

PS. Sorry about the tiny font!

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