Thursday, 16 October 2008

I’m kind of excited.

Next weekend, I’m going to the movies with my friends!

I mean, if everything works out… I’m worried that three of the people that we invited won’t be able to come… Five of my friends plus Angel’s mother will be going. :D Kara, Angel, Me, Christian, Chelsie, Holleigh… Yay! :D We’re going to see Eagle Eye. I want Twizzlers! <333

GAH. I still have Biology homework. I want to watch Malcolm in the Middle!

Hehe. On Mon-Wed we had a sub in Algebra class. I really like him! He subs at our school a lot. He’s actually a lot more interesting than our actual teacher T_T. On Monday, he tripped, I guess (I wasn’t paying attention), and everybody laughed. Rather than smiling and going on with the lesson like our teacher would have, the sub said something like, “I almost fell, don’t laugh!” –mock concern- “’Oh, Mr. S, you almost fell and died!’ No, you laugh.” He went on a little more, but that’s all I can remember. The “You almost fell and DIED!” part was hilarious! He’s really funny.

By the way, does anybody know why my Biology teacher thought that I like ‘80s rock? I’m thinking that it may have been the ‘I <3>


Check out this hilarious video!!! I’ve watched it over and over, and it never gets old… Fighting Dreamers is a Naruto cosplay group that films humourous skits and posts them on YouTube. This is my favourite! 

“Sai, I think somebody is trying to kill me…” If you listen when they’re walking away, you can hear Naruto say, “…And he wouldn’t let me have any lemonade, I was pretty upset…” XDD Randomness!Publish Post

Check out their other videos at

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