Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Welcome, Obama!
I didn't want him to win the election, but now that he's president, I'm not going to waste time insulting him. His speech gave me some confidence in him. He's a really good public speaker... He had that entire thing memorized!
...Did anyone else dislike that poem?

It's just a little after 6 am... FRIDAY! W00t. This weekend is looking up! This evening will consist of dinner and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towsers (still have yet to finish it). Tomorrow I'm going into town with my mother, and after that we're going to this really, really cool museum. It's kind of a museum of our state's history, I think, but it's so cool.

I want to see this, but it's rated R. (u_u)

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pop*POLKA said...

That movies looks quite interesting...

And this is really random, but the movie came out in some theaters a day before my birthday! XD