Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Today was a good day!
Lunch was boring, but still kind of cool. Stacy wasn't there, so there weren't any conversations about whatever perverted thing happens to be on her mind, but Emily was there, so we talked about manga for a bit. Which reminds me that I need to order the first volume of Tsubasa from the library for her. (She thinks Fai is hot! -makes a check mark on her mental scoreboard-)
I'm going to the bookstore this weekend... To my extreme disappointment, Gatekeepers (the third volume to the Dreamhouse Kings series) is out of stock at the one I go to, so rather than save my money, I will probably buy the next volume to Tsubasa.

The bus ride home today was pretty darn fun! To me, at least. I enjoy it when people include me in their conversation. Okay, it wasn't really including me in a conversation than it was just talking to me, but I enjoyed it nevertheless! Turns out that a certain classmate chews.>_<>
I took out my copy of Ouran High School Host Club, volume 4 and started reading. It was the Alice in Wonderland chapter. Ouran fans will know what I'm talking about. That chapter is so funny!!! Seriously. I love how they keep changing the Alices. Alice A (Hikaru), Alice B (Kaoru), Alice C (Tamaki), Alice (Haruhi), and Alice D (Mori XD). I know, they totally didn't give Haruhi a letter! (Oh, geez. Back to topic!)

Well, apparently  Deven finds the Hitachiin brothers to be hot. O_o I was just reading Ouran when he stuck his hand in front of my face, pointed to Kaoru Hitachiin, and said "Dude, she's hot!" -_- So I said, "That's a guy." Him: "Oh, crap."
Pretty much everyone was laughing. XDD It was SO funny!
Then Fetus asked me if that was a good manga. The first time he's said anything to me? I didn't even know that he read manga...


Muse of Randomness said...

Ahhh... Perverted conversations always happen during lunch. Or eigth period.

The majority of people who know who Fai is think he's hot, probably. Ali seems amused that he wears an eyepatch, because I was talking about Tsubasa and she was saying something about "half vampire/half wizard/half pirate." Then she was going on about mailing CLAMP telling them to give Fai a hook. Lol geez.

... Mori is an Alice? Woooooooow lol. I'm not that far yet. And if I had manga volumes to take to school and I know some dudes who would definitely get genders mixed up. :D Finding anime guys hot... Well Alex could be that gender-confused.

コートニー said...

Yeah, I'm sure most girls find Fai hot. I just think it's funny. :D
How did vampire get in there?! (Fai with a hook... That would be entertaining!)

Yeah, Mori as Alice, hilarious! What's even better is who Kyoya is... Or Tamaki's reaction, at the least. XD
The thing is, I don't think that Kaoru looks like a girl... At all. =P

Muse of Randomness said...

Apparently Fai is turned vampire in a later chapter... I haven't gotten there yet but I've heard it around.

I wanna see Fai with a hook now too...

I need to catch up on Ouran. Majorly. And I also saw soemthing on YouTube, looked like an anime clip, with Hikaru and Kaoru as Chesire cats. Suits them.

pop*POLKA said...

I now think that Fai is hot. XD
Now I need to go gets me the second volume of Tsubasa.

Donald said...

Well maybe Ill miss the bus more often, you seem to have more fun when Im not around....

Donald said...

btw who chews? or is it a secret?

コートニー said...

Muse: Yeah, the Cheshire-twins are awesome. Fits them very well. ^^ Apparently, the Queen became mad at him (just one cat) for playing a trick, so he/she cursed them as being two cats. (shrug) ^^

Polka: He's awesome!

Donald: 1) What the heck?! 2) I don't want to say.

Donald said...

Courtney 1)I was kidding 2) Why? can I at least know which grade?