Monday, 6 April 2009

My top 5 favourite anime
Kino no Tabi
Elfen Lied
Ouran High School Host Club
Naruto (just the Chuunin and Konoha Invasion arcs. >_>)

My top 5 favourite manga
Chobits (everything is explained better in the manga)
Ouran High School Host Club

(Edit! I totally forgot about Monster! So I just kind of squeezed it in between DNA and Chobits and knocked off Naruto.)

I asked my friend
who took German how to pronounce "Elfen Lied," and she's pretty sure that it's "Ayl-fen laid."

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voilĂ !

Sorry for this pretty much pointless post. I think Angel might be coming over tonight. And I'm going to this large library tonight, and when I get home I'm watching the newest House episode... Today is a good day!
Now I'm going to my room to put on clothes and write and draw.
(I finally came up with names for my twin characters! Fox and Cyan. ^_^)


pop*POLKA said...

It's so weird that I followed you before I read this post.
I'm a stalker!
I follow you.

Seventeen said...

You also follow me on Twitter. >_>

Your Tragedies said...

I think I follow you... I can't remember xDD.


Oh, and I think most manga are better than anime. For me it has lots to do with voices, I can choose what I'd like the character to sound like.

Seventeen said...

I like manga better most of the time because there aren't any fillers, and everything goes in the order it's supposed to go (since manga comes first).
And yeah, you're already stalking me. xD

Your Tragedies said...

Fillers get really annoying, I haven't been watching naruto because of them.

Yes!! Too bad my classmates don't have blogs to stalk. Feh. I'll live with MySpace stalking them.

Seventeen said...

Yeah, every time I see a filler, a little part of me dies. >_> I skipped like 100 Naruto episodes. Went straight to Shippuuden, but then I gave up on that because it was taking him ten freaking episodes to learn one technique! Shippuuden isn't good like everyone says, anyway. The Chuunin Exams arc was the best.'
My classmates don't have blogs, either... Well, okay, they do, but they post on them about once every two years! >_< So I am stuck Facebook stalking them. ^^