Friday, 29 May 2009

[Disclaimer: This post may contain mild spoilers.]
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Just finished Tsubasa, volume 16.
Wow. Just... Wow.
It's the Tokyo arc, an arc I've been wanting to read since... Well, whenever I figured out when Fai loses his eye.
Yeah, I think that was my expression on the way home today on the bus, when I was reading it. XD Then I'd look up and everyone would be laughing, Fetus would look at me while laughing and I'd smile at him (I have a thing where people laugh, I smile or laugh...), even though I'm totally out of it (having just read the most dramatic scene in any manga I've read). (By the way, I say Fetus because he's really the only person who talks to me on the bus. I'm not complaining, besides him and Damien, they're all be-yotches and jocks.)

But Andrea.... Oh, wow. When I read on your blog that it was eaten, and I started this volume... I figured it was the acid rain or something... Not... Ew! Just ew. >___<  I can't imagine ever eating something like that... I was kinda getting sick just reading it. 

Erm... To lighten up the mood: 

He doesn't say that in the manga, does he? Or is his version of a whistle (just saying "pweet," not actually whistling!) Del Rey's translation of "Hyuu!"? 

P.P.S. Please don't post any major spoilers in the comments! Do this for me, at the very least (at the most, for everyone who isn't very far in this series yet).
P.P.P.S. I apologize deeply about the messed up text in this post. I'm doing everything I can to fix that.


IcecicleKiller said...

Oh you are so so SO lucky that I got kicked from school, or I would take SERIOUS offence to that!! Lol

Seventeen said...

Well, if you were still on, I'd have your name up there with Fetus's and Damien's! You are sooo nawt a jock.

IcecicleKiller said...

=O oh so now your calling me a be-yotch!!?? lol jk