Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I just burned my mom. XD
"Courtney, help me. I need a smart-a comment!" "You know, there's that saying... It's better to keep quiet and let people think you're an idiot than open you mouth and prove them right."

M gonna try to keep this a somewhat short post.

I think Angel needs to come to youth sometime. >.<

LOL. That reminds me! I was at the church's library (which is basically a bookcase lined against a short wall by an exit), dropping off some books my mother wanted to donate, when I heard a certain person's voice... "Courtney!" Me: *looks around, sees no one* Again: "Courtney!" Looked outside. No one. No one in the hall, either. And of course, there was no one in the empty room behind me! Then I heard some small laughter. Still, no one! This phantom person was not showing himself, and now he was laughing at me!!! I would not allow that. After looking around suspiciously once more, I slowly walked away... And then the door to the empty room opened up. XD
Why were you guys sitting in a dark room anyway?!
(Well, I'm sure it was prayer... But why was the room dark?! That's just creepy.)
(By the way, Zach was the one calling my name, and Kayla was laughing at me.)

And it turns out that my mysterious facade is crumbling. Nooo! Before youth, Zach and I were talking (yay! Even though we go to the same church, I am hardly ever able to talk to him in person! Except for Sunday... Yeah, Sunday... I never did get a piece of cake... What the heck?!), and Rob walked up to us, chatted with Zach for a minute or so, then told me, "Yeah, so I'm learning more about you by Zach's blog than by talking to you!" Then he said something to the effect of, he (Z) mentions me sometimes on his blog, and Rob's like, "oh, they must have talked about that together!"
"You're mysteriousness is going away!"
(Me:) "No! I will not allow this!"
Okay, so I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to figure something out to stop this.
Probably won't work out too well. I've never been so good at that sort of thing.


Zach said...

haha that's great! *the burn, the phantom thing and all that other stuff too ;)*

btw i had a nice long chat with your mother while you were at your friend's house a week or so ago ^^ haha. don't worry. twas all good.

but i think you failed to make it a short post.... :/ lol

Zach said...

but it was on your facebook mind you... don't get too upset lol

Seventeen said...

*siiigh* Yeah, she mentioned that... I was like, "what the heck?! Stop chatting with my friends when I'm gone!!!" ...Yeah, she does that sometimes. :/ I hope she failed to mention anything embarressing!
And yeah... I failed...

Zach said...

lol nothing embarrassing i don't think. i just made sure she was uber proud of you for your talents and she said she was happy that you're a good, clean girl instead of a naughty one. lol ^^

Seventeen said...

Oh, pfft, that's what she thinks!