Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Enduring

Listening to: The Roots- "How I Got Over"
Watching: The Roots- "How I Got Over" (Official Music Video)
Eating: Peppermint candies

My birthday party was fun, but I don't feel like writing about that.
On Saturday I went shopping with Plushie and a friend of his. I found the best issue of OtakuUSA ever! It featured articles on my favourite mangaka, CLAMP, and my two absolute favourite manga, Monster and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE!
AND they had just lowered the price from $10 to $6! I've been freaking lucky this weekend.
The next day my mom wanted to go back to the mall (she didn't go with me the first time), so I went with her, and guess what I found? A pair of the exact earrings I wanted for $8, shirt that said 'Pale is the New Tan' in a large for $5, and a uber-cute miniskirt for TWO dollars, the last one on the rack, in my size (7). AND THEN, I found a Salvador Dali 2010 calendar for $13... I can never find any Dali artbooks, let alone a calendar! I'm telling you, I'm lucky at that mall!!!

All right, I'm done. Yesterday I went home with Angel (half a day, no school for the rest of this week!) and we worked on our BPA project. We're making a video, with high hopes for going to nationals in Cali. We have to interview somebody today for the video, then we can get started on edits pretty soon. (Mrs. D is letting us borrow BPA's school laptop this week! :O)

XD When I checked my computer late last Sunday, I found a message from Fetus: "OMG
A storyteller: COURTNEY!
A storyteller: GAAAHHH
A storyteller: OK
A storyteller: ^It's a person
A storyteller: on it's side!"
I find this funny because a week before this, Angel IMed me with three hundred OKs, and then told me about her plans for cyber-world domination... She'd just made an army of little men! XD

Now I play Mabi.

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