Monday, 16 November 2009

Honey Mustard Onion Rings

I come to you from my third-hour Web Page Design class!
That's right, I know how to get around the blocked pages. I'm a genious, I know. No need for applause, please save that for the end!
I played Mabinogi pretty much all of yesterday, and I'm back on that road! Quite addicted right now, quite addicted. I'll probably write a Mabi-post soon, so look out for that. (Whether it's looking out to avoid, or to read, you can make that call....)
So yep, I have my mousie now! She's boarding with Angel's mouse, Shai. (My mouse is named Cinnamon.) I'll post pictures as soon as I can get a non-blurry one.
(Cinnamon's the alpha, by the way! W00t, go Cinnamon!)
...I need to think of something good to post about... Right, Mabinogi! I'll do that soon, so again, watch for it!
g h o s t i e

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Muffin Panda Plushie said...

You got around the block thing? Nice.
I'm not even going to bother to learn since I can't get on the internet in class anymore.....stupid snitch bully people.... -shakes fist- Anyway, Mabi w00t! I want to see your mouse!