Monday, 9 November 2009

Stay With Me.

[[I'm trying to post every day!]]

Angel told me something her German teacher said in class today:
"Mrs. G erased my board yesterday. But it's not like she ran in, erased it quickly, then ran out. Mr. Kadwell would do that."

It's so funny because he would do that! I haven't had him yet, but Angel tells me so many hilarious stories about things he does in class!

During a test:
Class: *working quietly on test*
Mr. K: *starts talking. Just talking, chatting. Just pointless stuff, like about how quiet the class is, the weather, anything*
Class: *looks up at him*
Mr. K: Oh, sorry, did you want it to be quiet? Here, I'll make ocean sounds for you. Shwooosh, shwoooooooosh.... Caw, caw..... BAAAAAH! ......That's a boat coming.
Student: Can I go to the detention room? [[so he can work in the quiet.]]
Mr. K: *completely serious face* Damn right you can!

....Makes me want to become a teacher.


Anonymous said...

It's Kadwell, not Calloway but whatever haha

Ghostie said...

I kneeew it sounded wrong, but I had no idea why. *changes it*
Which teacher did Frau Stepek say would erase a board like that?

Muffin Panda Plushie said...

If I ever became a teacher, it would be amazing. I'm not sure how much teaching would be involved though....