Monday, 14 December 2009

Unser Gott ist der awesome Gott!

I'm listening to recorded sermons from War Week. :3 (Donnie McClurkin was SO good!) It's so much fun to listen to those, because at some points I can think, "Hey! At that moment I was jumping up and down and clapping my hands!" (laugh)

I love Modern English Classics class. Our group read two acts of Hamlet, then just fooled around for the rest of the hour. We convinced Garrett that he had something really nasty on the back of his shirt! He signed a pass to go to the bathroom to check it out, and when he came back, he said, "I was in there, doing this..." (He turns around and cranes his neck, as if he's looking at his back through a mirror) "...And Mr. Hager walked in."

Substitute teacher: "Okay, who threw the paper plane?!"
Classmate: "Matt's licking it!"
Matt: (Moves paper plane away from his mouth (he wasn't actually licking it)) "What?"
Different classmate: "...Our class president! XD"

Matt had to leave the class for a few minutes to pick something up. When he came back, he was carrying this big plastic back. "They gave me THIS bag..." (Pulls out graduation tassels) "For these!"

On my way to Modern English Classics, Rachel stopped me in the hall. "Want some entertainment in your mouth?" she asked, and pulled out pop rocks. Heck yeah!

So... Moral of this post: School isn't all bad!

g h o s t i e


Zach said...

School is mostly bad.

But Rachel sounded like she wanted to make some action in your mouth o.O

I still wish i coulda gone to war week but i wasn't missing it until a while after you guys went. i really didnt want to go but now i wish i had... although i dont miss the black gospel. Kayla's brought too much of that to the team...

Ghostie said...

Ahh, I kind of like it.

O.o Action in my mouth?!

Well, come next year! :D
And the black gospel was really good... But only when it was, y'know, black gospel. Not white guys singing the same songs as a black gospel worship band. :D