Friday, 10 September 2010

Lost Continent

Summer's over, I s'pose. :/
Oh, well. My schedule is pretty good... I have Kadwell again (Yesss! XD You're going to be hearing a lot of stories from that class again, I can guarantee you!), and I have AP World History, which is a really interesting/easy class. :]

XDD Okay, okay. So when I walked into class this morning, first hour, Kadwell's English class, he pointed to me and said to the teacher next to him, "That's... Uhh, uhh... PHILLIP!" ...I came up with a good comeback less than a minute later, that distressed me a bit. (laugh)
Then when he was going through everyone's names, to make sure he knew them... It went like this: "Megan... Sarah... Brock.... Dumbass... Oh, sorry, I was going by your nickname! I meant Courtney!" And everyone was staring at me, as I laughed. I don't think they knew what to think! (I'm the only student in that class who has had him before, so I'm the one who gets picked on ;D) A few of them had "Are you going to take that?!" expressions on their face, but most of them were just like, "wtf, dude? What just happened here?" XDDD Loooove that class.
I was considering switching out of Early English Classics, taught by Kadwell, third trimester, and getting Drawing and Painting into my schedule, but I really don't think I will. XD Modern English Classics was such a benefit for me, anyway.

Welll... What else? Tonight's another football game, I am more than likely attending. :3 It would be nice if Miss Kara could come as well...

Today started out as good, turned into meh (I had to go to the bathroom SO MUCH. I need to stop drinking so much tea!), got happier after I ingested some Diet Mt. Dew (thanks, Emily!), then got reaaaally crappy after a certain incredibly rude comment somebody made to me. >:/ But I was able to see Ian afterward, and he was making jokes and talking to me and Andrea and Genaro, and he hugged me, and I felt better. That, and I've been getting into aromatherapy again. ;) Looove sandalwood! It's a very versatile scent.

I guess that's it. ^^

g h o s t i e


Muffin Panda Plushie said...

What was the rude comment? Is Ian going to have to beat someone up?

.:kara.grace:. said...

yes, summer may just be over :/ good and bad. im g;ad your lovvin your class with Kadwell! haha he sounds hilarious, i love what he called you~ howd the football game tho, im mucho jealous that i couldnt gooo. yeah really, what was the rude comment, forget IAN beating them up, ill beat em up, no one messes with my girllz!! you will have to introduce me to aromatherapy... sounds relaxing

Ghostie said...

The comment is unimportant now, I refuse to let anything bother me!

Yeah, Kara, I'll show you some stuff. ;) Essential oils can be a bit expensive, though, anywhere from $4 to $20. I used to invest in them whenever I got a chance in middle school. ^.^ It really is relaxing! There are scents for everything.