Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Belated misc.

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It's my bathing suit! I love this thing :D
Doesn't it look familiar...?

*evil laugh*

Eh, heh, heh... I just love this.

*cough* My friends laughed at me when I wore this u_u But I love it!

My kitteh!!! With catnip... (Catnip makes him cranky >.<)


Bookish.Spazz said...

ah, such cute fruits basket cosplay!

コートニー said...

Well, it wasn't intended to be cosplay, but... You know, that would work! Yay, thank you! :D (Can't believe I never thought of that.)

Nudge said...

coco!!! we had 2 laugh at u!!! and i said the skirt was cute... but the sox were 2 much.

コートニー said...

*sigh* Now I wear that skirt with a black shirt that says CHICAGO in red rhinestones, with a red tank top underneath (so the straps show). XP