Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Love Hina

love hina
I just started watching this today ^-^ I was making cookies (see the post below) and I decided to watch something... I flipped through the channels on TV (you can watch television on my parents' computer), but there wasn't anything good on (sigh). So I went to anime6.org, trying to decide on something to watch. I noticed that near the top was the link to Love Hina. I'd heard that title a couple times before, so I clicked on it. I didn't think that I would like it, but near the middle of the first episode, I really started to like it! Haha, there's this one character (can't remember her name)? She has purple hair (she's in the middle of that picture above). She reminds me so much of Hinata Hyuga! Personality and hair =P The ironical thing is, she lives in Hinata Inn! :D
I'm on episode three as of right now. I'm considering taking a shower? Nudge wants me to come over... My stomach hurts! I had an apple (which I'm not supposed to eat) and my stomach really hurt. As if if I were to eat more, I would puke X( Eh, why am I talking about this?! Gomen... Gomen...

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