Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sorry, I've been neglectful...

Me: Is that a harvest moon?
Father: Do those beans look like they're ready to harvest?
Me: Well, the corn does...
Father: ......Does that even look like a moon?!

I looked at for a moment and realized that it was the setting sun...

I was tired, okay?!

I found a fawesome podcast! It teaches you Japanese in a really helpful way. No "Let's begin with something simle and appropriate. How about 'A car.' 'Ku-ru-ma.'" I have a CD just like that... The website is, but I found it for free on iTunes. Speaking of iTunes, I want an iPod with video! My old iPod Nano doesn't have video u_u I discovered that iTunes has Invader Zim ("I loveded you, piggy! I loveded youuuu!"), Alias, and now the first season of Naruto! Yay ^^

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