Sunday, 3 August 2008

For those of you who don't know, Ming came over today! Yesterday, actually. And she's staying until tomorrow ^-^
My family owns a golf cart (my father uses it for hunting). Soooo, Ming decided to drive the golf cart... BACKWARDS. I could attempt to explain this in words, but I found it much easier to just draw an incredibly crappy sketch! Good luck reading my writing :D

It was hilarious! Ming... Ran into a random mulberry bush. We got kind of scared because we're not supposed to run over trees (even though my parents hate the mulberry trees...), so we tried to put it back up. Ming had the grand idea of running over it from the other side to straighten it... Yeah, great idea, Ming. Now it won't stand up at all! She tried to run it over AGAIN from the first side, but I managed to stop her XD

Btw, Ming created yet another blog. Go to it! It's filled with randomness and bright colours :3


Just look at that title...


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