Monday, 4 August 2008

Kamikaze Girls

I want to see this movie!
I read the book, it's great! I just love the style it's written in. So formal. I love formal speech.

Life in the boondocks of rural Ibaraki prefecture is anything but glamorous, and to escape her humdrum existence, Momoko, a Lolita, fantasizes about French rococo, dreams of living in the palace of Versailles, and decks herself out in the finest (and frilliest) of 18th century haute couture from an expensive Tokyo specialty store.

Her dreams of an idyllic existence are rudely interrupted by the appearance of Ichigo, a tough-talking Yanki motorcycle-chick (on a tricked-out moped) who leads a girls-only biker gang known as the Ponytails. Together, this unlikely duo strikes out on a quest to find a legendary embroiderer, a journey that takes them to back-alley pachinko parlors, chic boutiques, and epic bike-punk battles.
-(from KFCC)

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