Thursday, 7 August 2008

I just got the mail... My schedule hasn't come in yet! There was a letter for "The parents or gaurdians of [name of my brother]." I opened it up, just in case they labeled it wrong, and it was actually for "The parents or gaurdians of Courtney [last name]."
I am glad that I opened it, though.

I made a wonderful discovery! Fawesome new fall pictures! You can actually choose your pose, like spring pictures! And there's a cool red background that I love. I hope they have the same thing at my school!

I'm going grocery shopping with my grandmother next Wednesday. I'm excited! A JCPenny catalog came in the mail~ cute clothes! I'm going to make a list of the stores that I want to go to.

I put some new songs on my playlist. Mero Mero Momiji! I love that song! It's adorable~

Y'know, I think I say that I love something at LEAST once a post. Eh, heh, heh... Oops!

Here's my list:
~Barnes and Noble (manga!)
~Hot Topic (Gir notebook!)
~Kohl's (I love their clothes! Look at this! I muuust haaave it! That, and they have that cool Inspire brand)
~JCPenny (I always go there)
~Wal-Mart or Meijer's (random school supplies, like a super-thick notebook and pencil lead)
~Steve and Barry's (jeans)

Okay, I'm browsing Hot Topic's website, and... I MUST GO THERE!
Here's why:

Well, the only things I would end up buying would be either the Naruto notebook/folder, the Naruto sketch book, or the Gir sketch book. I'm in love with the Gir shirt, but that's $26, man! I'm cheap. And the bag is abuot $20 O.o

Um... I guess that's it!
Oh, crap. I have a ton of chores to do, and half an hour to do them!!!

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