Thursday, 14 August 2008

Random ETC

I bought a dress on eBay yesterday! It's the one in that picture. A Chinese dress! I love Chinese dresses ^-^ They're so pretty! Especially this one.
I met a really nice (and cute) guy at driver's ed! He likes anime, too! :3 I is very happy!
I went shopping yesterday, too. Bought some really cute and cool clothes! Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of all of the GIR stuff I bought. Which would be:

~Two t-shirts.
~A sketchbook
~A notebook
~A folder

All with GIR's cute little mongoose dog face on it! Bought 'em at Hot Topic (you gotta love that store).
Funny thing is, I didn't see one thing with Zim on it! Except for the package stickers, which don't count! He's the main character, for pete's sake! That's why they call it Invader Zim, not Invader GIR. Although, that would be hilarous XDD
Eh, it's late. Adios!

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