Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My glasses are crooked :/

Sunday Angel, Nudge, and I had to go clean a creek. For Girl Scouts.
Me smelled! When we got to Angel's house, her little sister's first reaction was "Ew! You stink! Get away from me!" How rude! XD

I spent the night with Angel. We trimmed her brother's hair! Her father had just cut it, but there were a lot of single hairs that were much longer than the rest. So after much begging and persuading, he finally let Angel trim those pieces. But she was being so slow, so I grabbed a pair of scissors (that are for the dog, I think?) and started trimming, too. LOL, you know that you're good friends when you trim her brother's hair.

My friend created a blog :3 girlnextdoorsmile.blogspot.com. As of right now, we're trying to get the template to work, though. So it could be a mess when you visit it.

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