Thursday, 25 September 2008

Random things

Ah, so true... And sad. I'm not going to get into a rant (you can read my last one here), so you're safe. I just want to say a few things about this.
I find it kind of... Idiotic. How people act. What I mean is... Last year, I had a hair tie on my wrist, and when I took it off, it left an indent on my wrist because it was tight. So my friend, Antonio, was like: -mock gasp- "Do you CUT yourself?!" It was meant as a joke, but I've never really found those kind of things funny... I hear a ton of 'jokes' like that in the hallways. -shrugs- It's just... I dunno... Mean. To the people who do cut (we may never understand it, but I've accepted it), and the people who consider themselves emo and don't cut. Emos aren't cutters, but some cutters are emo.
Eh, sorry. I almost did get into a rant. By the way, I don't cut! If you follow my dA page, you may notice some, eh... Odd drawings. That involve cutting... It's just kind of an interesting topic for art. -shrug- It doesn't mean anything.
I didn't mean to get into a discussion of cutting, I just really liked that avatar. Because it's true, and pretty sad. How we change, I mean.
Maybe my next post will be about anorexia :) Hey, I covered one major issue teens tend to have, why not cover the other one?

I love that shirt!
That's Scarlette Pomers.



pop*POLKA said...

REBA! I used to watch that show!

コートニー said...

It's a great show! I love it :D I think I've seen every episode now, though ^-^