Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hey, I changed the layout! How do y’all like it? Please respond! You can comment now ^^ Did you like the last one better? What do you think of the sidebar?

I’m watching MIB right now ;P I should work on my English essay soon… But it’s so boring!

Ugh. School starts tomorrow. I hate school!!! It is TORTURE. We’re going to have to run a MILE in gym class at the end of this week O_O Oh, geez, please spare me!


Why don’t they show Malcolm in the Middle during the weekend? WHY?!

Sorry, this post is basically pointless.

I went to Angel’s house last night, spent the night. We watched Hancock and went to church the next morning… Yeah, I know. We didn’t do much.

I want to buy some new songs (u_u) Superchick! I want more Superchick songs…!!!

Haha, I told Angel that my friend (Christian) hunts, and when I told her what just about every hunter tells me when I say that hunting is mean (that they’re actually helping the deer, blah blah blah…), she said “You know what? No! If we can kill the deer because the population is getting too big, well, the human population is getting too big! So you know what? I’m going to go out and shoot everybody! Starting with you.”

She wasn’t totally serious, of course. Hence the last part. (XD)

There was a Calvin and Hobbes comic about deer shooting people to help the population… I’m going to find it!

…Here it is:



pop*POLKA said...

This layout has a cool pattern, I like it! Where do you find your Blogger layouts?

コートニー said...

I found this one at...
I don't remember where I found my last one, though. Sorry!
And thanks! <3