Monday, 15 September 2008


EDIT: Yes, I went back to my old layout! Hmm... There have been some changes made to it. Three columns. I liked the two better.
I'm grounded AGAIN, so I might not be on much.

This blog post got me thinking...

Why do people feel the need to stereotype? I'm not saying that I don't judge, because I do, but I try not to. I mean, when I look at someone, I automatically judge them, even if just a little bit. It's a habit, and I think that just about everybody does it. But trying to stereotype somebody, on the other hand, I don't like. Yes, I have received my fair share of "Are you goth?" comments. Gosh, is it illegal for someone to wear black and not be goth? I'm kind of surprised that no one has asked me if I'm emo, though, because I thought that my style would be more emo than goth. Guess not.
On the first day of school I wore a black shirt that said 'I ♥ rock', a plaid miniskirt, and leggings, and someone kept trying to stereotype me. "Well, now that you've gone punk..." "I'm not punk." "Oh, sorry, rocker." Gosh.
And then there are the stupid confusions on stereotypes. Y'know, that all emos cut and that all cutters are emo. What the heck? I know a preppy girl that cuts (I used to know her, at least... My mum's still friends with her mother, but I haven't seen her in years). On Yahoo! Answers, I read an answer on a question that was "What is emo?" that said "Depressed kids are goth, not Emo."
So those who are depressed are now goth? Isn't emo short for emotional? T_T
Here's the question, read the answers. They're fairly amusing.
And I do realize that I'm ranting about stereotypes, and then I just called that girl up there 'preppy.' Sorry, but sometimes that's just the best way to explain somebody's personality, right? But if it's okay to do that, then it would have to be okay to say something like "She seems pretty emo," aaand then we're just going around in an endless circle. So I'll try to stop calling people pretty, alright?
And please vote on the poll above! I love this layout, but nobody can comment, and I want to hear other's thoughts on this subject! Or if someone could help me get the comments on it, that would be incredible! <3

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