Friday, 19 September 2008

On the bus this afternoon, I heard some girls talking. They were saying some things about how this girl said some mean things to them randomly… Then they started talking about the girl wanted to commit suicide because her boyfriend died or something, but she didn’t really know him, and he was supposedly deaf, so they said that he might be ‘imaginary’ or something… But that’s not important. At one point, they said this:

“Kill herself?”

“Yeah… Isn’t it funny?” Then she laughed.

And I was just thinking… What’s so funny about death?

When somebody dies, everything changes. I don’t mean their friends and family, although that does happen. I mean that when somebody dies, everybody’s lives they were meant to meet in the future change…  Even talking to someone can change their lives… In youth group, they told a story about how this boy was going home to kill himself, then a classmate saw him drop his books and helped him pick them up. Because of that, he decided not to commit suicide… The story’s a lot longer, that’s the condensed version.

My point is, when somebody dies, everything changes. I know, I already said that. I do feel strongly about this, though...

Oh, and in English class, our teacher was telling this really cool story,  and at one point, a woman jumped in front of the train that my teacher was in, killing herself.

Just about the whole class laughed. Or at least smiled. I was sitting there, thinking “What the heck is wrong with these people?”

Do you get my point?

Death and suicide isn’t a laughing matter.

Yes, I do think about stuff like this a lot…


Kara said...

hey- i agree! some ppl are whacked...

コートニー said...

Totally. So sad... -sigh-