Friday, 24 October 2008

Cast of Characters

I talk about my friends a lot, so I figured that I should introduce them to ya'll, so you know who the heck I'm talking about!
I will start out with my friends-from-school (aka offline, though a few of them cross the borders over to "online"). Then I'll 'splain my good online friends. :3

Angel- She's been my friend for almost five years! An incredibly strange girl... I don't think strange is the word for it, really. But let's stick with that. She can get hyper on air. And when she has a Pepsi... Watch out! She's into tennis and soccer (football). And she is constantly trying to get me into one of them! Once she suggested joining track and doing pole vaulting. T_T Yeah. Right.
She's also a hilarious and amazing girl who comes up with these insane but well thought-out and intricate plots (there was this whole big plan that had some very specific requirements (an air-force base within 30 miles from our school), but ended in "We were with the military.").

Chelsie- I've known her for... Four years? Not sure. Favourite Fruits Basket character is Shigure and has posters of Orlando Bloom (XD). I met her through Angel. She lives on a farm, has horses, goats, and rabbits. I used to think she was perverted, but then I met another girl (Stacy), and man, I don't remember why I ever called Chelsie that!

-An interesting guy! He's in the same class as Genaro, a year ahead of me. He loves anime and manga, too. And has this thing against iceicles... LOL. Sorry, kinda an inside joke. And he likes Kingdom Hearts! Actually, we have pretty much the same taste in video games.

Fetus- AKA Ian. Most people just call him Fetus. :3 (Before I knew him and I heard that name bounce around, I thought it was someone's actual name! ...Soo glad it wasn't. XD) He has to be the strangest out of all my friends. Seriously. I don't know any other boys who would say, "In Kindom Hearts, Sora and Roxas make out. It was hot." (laughs) So he's into Kingdom Hearts, manga, web comics, etc. A "nerd" (Geek, I say! Geek!), but in his own words, " I am also very handsome, so I make up for it." 8D Last summer I gave him some supplies to make a plushie, and now he carries around Isaac, his insane-doctor-vampire-character. Emily got mad at me for giving him the power of creation. XD

Zach- We met through church. (War Week -> Cody's birthday party -> Friends! ^_^) I've gone to that church for over two years, but we didn't become friends until last August (2009). We have shared interests, such as bubble tea, Japanese, and AFI. He plays guitar on the worship team at church... And sings! :D Over the summer we had extremely-late-night-IM-conversations, but we've stopped that since school has started. 8)

Genaro- First of all, his name is pronounced "Huh-naro." Yes, I do think that it should be spelled "Janaro." Whatever. (Laugh.) He's a year older than us. He likes to hang out with Angel (teehee). He's fun. :3 He's Mexican, and he speaks Spanish and English. He does have an annoying habit of taking my notebook to see what I'm drawing... And tripping me in the hallway... And throwing pieces of paper at me during class... What the heck?!
(He did come up with a nickname for me, "V,"..... Short for Vanilla. Thank God, he's just calling me Coco now, like everyone else!)

Nellie- A sometimes-crazy-acting, Lady-Gaga-liking, anime-watching, but-mostly-sweet girl. >:3 She's one of my closest friends. We haven't met personally, but we've voice-chatted, late-night IMs, etc. =D Too bad we live an entire country away.

Andrea- I will often refer to her as 'Andrea (Muse)', because I know way. Too. Many. Andreas. 2 Andreas I hang out with on a regular basis, 1 Andrea classmate, and Muse. Muse is her Blogger nickname, but I don't usually actually call her that. ^^ Fai fan-girl (It's true, right?! Please don't slap me!), plays Kingdom Hearts, and likes to read. AND HAS BEEN TO JAPAN. D:<

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