Saturday, 25 October 2008

Haunted maze! O_O

Tonight Angel, Destiny, Kaity, and I went to a haunted maze.
Actually, I'll start with the movie. I know I've been talking about this for awhile. It was fun!
Angel originally invited me, Christian, Kara, and Chelsie. But they (minus me) couldn't go. Then she invited Holleigh, Nelly, Destiny, and Amber. I soon realized that only her friends were going and invited Kaity. Nelly, Holleigh, and Amber couldn't go, so the four of us went.
I'm not going into too much detials... We saw Eagle Eye. It was so good! The computer part reminded me so much of I, Robot. When the movie was just starting, Angel was desperatly trying to open the tub of what we now call 'candy fluff' (aka cotton candy), but could not, and I repeat, not open it. Heh, the guys behind us were shushing us at laughing at her!
Anyways, about the haunted maze....

It was terrifying!!!
I thought it would be lame. But most defintally was not. The greenhouse part, which was basically a haunted house before we went out to the corn maze, was the scariest. People kept jumping out at us, chasing us, following us quietly... The chainsaw was the worse part. I highly doubt it was a real chainsaw, but the fact was, a guy dressed as a scary clown was chasing us with a chainsaw. Real or not, that was a nightmare.
I was trembling afterwards. XD Not a big surprise, though, I shake whenever I'm incredibly nervous. I have a sore on my hand from when we were running and I was kind of shoved against the wall. My hand scraped against the plywood. Ouch.

In other news, my mum bought a CD of photos she took of my family last weekend. Geez, there are a lot of me. I actually like some of them... I'm so glad that I fixed my make-up after church! Shoot, that sounded so shallow. For those of you who don't know, my eyeliner always smudges so much! And they are neat smudges! Not random smears, I get neat little black circles under my eyes! So I'm always fixing it. If I don't, I look so goth!

This computer is screwed up. Right now Blogger is trying to automatically save this post, but it won't connect. And the window that comes up so I can post pictures? Not loading. And iTunes can't connect, either. I want to buy a song! The Internet is working, so I don't know why it's doing this.

I really like Elfen Lied! I'm only on episode 5, though. My mother is letting my on the internet! Soon I may be allowed back on my own computer! I don't really understand why I was grounded... Because I wanted to be alone? Hm.

Adios, baka diablo!

PS. DANTE'S INFERNO! -cough- This is directed to Diak-kun... I knew that I knew who he was!!! I mean, I knew that he was a writer, but I totaly forgot about Dante's Inferno.

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