Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Elfen Lied

I started watching Elfen Lied.
It's good! the beginning was rough... The nudity and violence. Actually, it was the nudity that bothered me. But I pushed through. Lucy reminds me SO much of Chii from Chobits!

I stayed home sick today. Wasn't feeling well (obviously). Gah, I want to throw up...
There really isn't much to talk about... That's 'bout it.

PS. I discovered Meebo! So if you're one of my friends that I talk to with Yahoo (Angel, Kara, Christian, Kaity), I can IM you now! Whoo-hoo! :D
PPS. This is totally random, but I was just thinking... Guys' voices are never what I expect them to be when they sing. In Mata Ashita!, Mori's voice is a lot higher than when he talks. (He sings after the twins, with the high voice that belongs to Hunny saying something at the end of his verse.) And David Archuleta's voice is deeper than I thought it'd be....
(I'm watching some videos of David Archuleta on American Idol... He's so smiley! I can't help but grin, too... It's really funny!)

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