Saturday, 11 October 2008

My weekend

Today was one part sucky and two parts fun!

(Homecoming was fun, btw. I just hung out with my friends… And we lost. No surprise there.)

I spend last night with Angel… Ugh, she called my guy friend, Christian… Interesting conversation… It was actually pretty funny. She said that she was going to call, then she started running around the house a couple times while I chased after her. I failed. Then she laid on the floor on her stomach, crossed her ankles, and started talking to him like they’re the best of friends! And she’d never even talked to him before, people! Um… At one point, Angel said something to him in Spanish (which she does not know, by the way), and I guess he started talking to her in Russian (which he does know)… Yeah, that was interesting.


Today sucked ‘cuz I was really late for guitar lessons with Christian (I’m sorry! Really!), and my mum was incredibly mad at me. I mean really. T_T But it was fun because the reason I was late was because I was buying purple hair dye with Angel. But I didn’t get to dye my hair because, again, I was late. And that sucked. But the guitar lessons were fun. I really suck, though. (I HATE YOU, G CHORD!) I sound horrible playing chords at the same time as him… It was like, “G….. C. D. G… No, you strum G twice. Okay, C. D….. G…. No, it’s fine… C… C… Those fingers. Yeah, like that… D…” Yup. But I’m just learning, so I have a right to suck!

I love this picture (from It’s strange, but very true. I really want to say more, but I can’t think of how to put it in words.


Malcolm: What's going on?
Reese: Grandpa gave me a live grenade. It's really cool. You wanna hold it?!
Victor: No, no, no! It's for you, not him.
Malcolm: Oh my God! We have to call the police!
Victor: No! No police! No police, please! There's no reason to panic.
Malcolm: Yes there is! You gave Reese a live grenade and he's a total idiot!
Reese: He's right. I am. I don't think I should have it anymore. Here!

(Yeah, Chris, this is what I was talking about. Man, I really butchered it.)

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