Friday, 31 October 2008

First of all, you should know something about me:
I love Salvador Dali.
His work, I mean. I love the strange, spooky worlds he creates (or created, I should say). Okay, he does has some mediocre paintings. But I really like the one with the woman whose body is cut out and propped up by a crutch... Eh, this sounds weird. I'd post it here, but I can't find a pic of it!
Anyways, I found this amazing artist on dA... This artist, Kolja, creates a... Well, the artist puts it best:
"Using many techniques, I am always painting the same idea, the same world, different from our own: silentdistant and lonely... The world that seems to wait for somebody. That somebody might be you? Who knows? If you sense the atmosphere of going away that only lacks the gentle whistle of the wind..."
And I'm just sitting there, thinking "Oh, my gosh... It's the world from my dreams..."
Like a modern Salvador Dali!
You can see Kolja's work here, too: Make sure to play the music!
...I wish I could create worlds like that. (u_u)

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