Wednesday, 1 October 2008


In math class today, this guy who sits in front of this girl (Nellie) who both sit in the row next to me was wearing a coat with a… Eh, it’s a piece of fabric with only the top and bottom sewn to it. Sorry, I’m being very confusing.

(cough) When the teacher was explaining… Something (I dunno, I was working ahead), she suddenly started laughing. At first I thought she was crying or something, but she was smiling… And she just kept laughing. For at least two minutes straight. Finally, I noticed that a pink pen was sticking out of the back-fabric-thing… I couldn’t help but giggle, too, just because she found it so darn hysterical. (She was drinking a Dr. Pepper, I think that’s why…) Seriously, she was laughing for at least five minutes. Eventually, after giving her a bunch of strange looks, he took of his coat and noticed it.

Gaaah, it sounds SO boring when I try to explain it! Sorry! It was actually really funny!

Here, I even provided a drawing: ^-^

(It looks awful 'cuz our scanner is broken and I had to take a photo... Then, when the photo turned out too light, I attempted to make it visible with Photoshop... ^^;)

For your entertainment purposes, here's a drawing I did awhile back:

You can view it on deviantART here!

I'd love some constructive critism! Pleeease.

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