Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My week and plans

I still have nothing to post T_T So, uh... Here's me week: (sorry if it's boring)

Sunday- My mother woke me up at 8:30 so we could go to church during the first service... But we only went so my mother could do this children's ministry thing... I sat in the car and read manga. For two hours. -SIGH- Then we went in for the second service. I had this REALLY good coffee, it tasted like that hard cherry dip they can put on your cone at Dairy Queen! <33 Delicious. Then I came home, watched The Day After Tomorrow, started my homework but decided that I needed to call Christian, went back to my homework for five minutes before calling Chelsie, sent an email to my friends, worked on my English essay for a few minutes, then checked my deviantART messages... I think you get the point.

Monday- School. T_T Escuse me while I go outside to scream...

Tuesday- SAME. Except this time, I started to get a headache at around 9:00 pm. Then my mother informed me that I have to go to the dentist the next day. NOOO!!! I used to love the dentist, but then I had a horrible (okay, not horrible...) experience. Let's just say that some rough men should not be dentists.

Wednesday- That's today!
I didn't set my alarm, so my mother woke me up half an hour late... I did get ready pretty quickly, though, I had about fifteen minutes to do nothing. So now I'm at my grandmother's house, on her super-slow internet connection, writing about my week. I'm missing all of my morning classes, and probably English class. I don't want to miss English! But I'm fine with missing Biology :D And I'm actually pretty excited to go to youth group tonight! Last week was great, but maybe that's because I really did not know anybody there... And nobody really talked to me... So I didn't have to worry about fitting in or talking to the girl who talks to me sometimes, 'cuz she wasn't there. Does that make sense? I mean, last week I was invisible. It was kind of nice. And I'm going to drive there, so I'm happy.

Thursday- The Office will be on... I'm happy for that. Nothing else going on.

Friday- I DON'T KNOW, OKAY?!

Saturday- I'm going to my friend's house (Christian), he teaching me to play the guitar. This should be fun :3 And my mother said something about taking me and my brother to this nearby river to take photos of us. NOOOO!

I'm not going any farther. Mainly because I don't plan that far ahead.


I think I'm going to just give up on Naruto Shippuuden. THE FILLERS KILL ME! I'll stick to the manga, thank you very much.
And now... I shall watch... Elfen Lied! I hear that it's very good.

Maybe I'm just really out of it, but what is Obama's platform? I've heard a ton of commercials supporting him, but has he really said what he stands for? All he is saying is that he will make "changes." What the heck does that mean?!


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