Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wow. Today was sure a weird day.

The morning was pretty normal… But at lunch time it became odd.

I didn’t pack a lunch today… My stomach has been hurting a lot lately. So all I had was strawberry milk and a cappuccino… Some kids in our grade that don’t have the same lunch as us sat with us (um, something about a history test? Yeah, didn’t make sense to me, either). Holleigh took my cappuccino ‘cuz it was hot and, apparently, she was cold. Then Ganaro (I hope that’s spelled right… It’s pronounced Hanaro) took it from Holleigh, and Sam took it from Ganaro. THEN Sam put his mouth to it… He would have taken a drink of it if I hadn’t said “Hey! That’s MINE!” XDD He thought it was Holleigh’s. That was really funny! Then Angel made me go to the girls’ locker room in the gym to get her tennis shoes.


My next two classes were actually pretty normal… But in my fifth hour class, gym, we went outside to play soccer… I actually played a little! I usually just stand there and avoid the ball. Today I went after it a few times ^-^ It’s actually a little fun… Until I was hit in the face with the ball. T_T I didn’t even see it coming! I was standing there… And then something HARD hit my face… OUCH. It was kind of embarrassing.  Everybody was looking at me. Then they walked over to me. And kept looking at me. Ugh. And to make it worse, I think I was crying… No, not crying. But I think there were tears. It was really weird! I didn’t feel like crying, but I noticed that my face was wet (and it wasn’t blood!). I was fine, though… Although my face did hurt. I just got my braces tightened last night, so my mouth was already sore. After that, Angel made me defend the side of the field where the ball didn’t go often.

“If you broke your nose, you wouldn’t be able to come to my house this weekend! And that would be sad… I’ve always thought that that would be the worse. To have tape on your face, I mean…”

Typical Angel.


And to top off my weird day! When I came home, all of the doors were locked. We (my brother and I) were locked out. So I had to climb through a small window to get in. UGH. I thought I was going to fall inside on my head!  It was too small to really get my leg up, but I managed. And here I am!

Tomorrow is homecoming!

(sarcastic cheer)

More later.

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