Thursday, 9 October 2008

Things I have learned at my school


-Do not eat anything with cheese on it. Just don’t.

-When people used to get beheaded with a… I forgot what they’re called. In the ancient times? It starts with a ‘g’. ANYways, when people used to get beheaded with those things, their nerves would cause them to keep screaming as their heads rolled. Like chickenss running with their heads cut off. (Donny told me that. He’s a strange boy.)

-Guys look funny in blonde wigs

-They look even funnier with a shirt that has fake stuffed boobs.

-They just look wrong in a pink prom dress.

-It’s best to pay attention when playing soccer. The balls are hard.

-The kids at my school don’t know the difference between ‘90s and ‘80s. Now, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that some of them were wearing ‘90s-style clothes on ‘80s formal day (spirit week).

-When somebody says “Eat this!” during lunch, don’t look!

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Diak said...

Yay school rocks XD