Sunday, 16 November 2008

Karaoke Superstars

I was just looking at my copy of Superchick's Karaoke Superstars... It's not the normal release... The cover art is different, it's missing about five tracks, and on the back it says 'Special pre-release'. It's really cool. I bought it last year at Salvation Army. I usually hate stores like that, because they never have anything good (I like buying new things!), but I'm glad that I went there when I did, or else I wouldn't have this! It's my not favourite album (Beauty from Pain 1.1 is), but it's still really cool. And funny. In the credits, it says, "Superchick is: Tricia, Melissa, Matt, Ben, Dave, Andy, Dan, Max, and whoever's in the van when we leave."

In other news, I went shopping with my friends yesterday! Angel and Chelsie. It was fun. We were literally shopping all day! We went to this huge outlet mall an hour and a half away... But it was worth it! I bought some really cute clothes! Their Borders sucks, though. They didn't have much, but it was very cheap. Luckily, they had Naruto... Only three volumes, but two of those three were the ones I needed next! They were 10% off, and my mum payed for one of them, so I bought all three.
I'd better go finish Good Night, Mr. Tom for English. It has to be done by tomorrow.


ForevrDreaming13 said...

I found you again! do you have a myspcace?

コートニー said...

No, sorry, I don't.