Friday, 14 November 2008

Self-harm Awareness

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If you know me well, you should know that I can't stand stereotypes of any form.
The label 'cutter' is one of them, of course.
Please read this article.

Other great sites:
To Write Love on Her Arms

I've always felt quite strongly on this subject. In the seventh grade, I saw a number of kids gathered around a computer in the computer lab, watching this 'Tickle Me Emo' video... It's on YouTube. I kind of watched it from where I was, and the whole time, as my classmates were laughing at it, I had this horrible feeling in my stomach.
There are so many misconceptions about self-harm... Last year in my US History class, our teacher told us that Meriwether Lewis (as in 'Lewis and Clark' ) was caught cutting himself. When my class heard this, they made comments like "That man was crazy." Many people also seem to think that self-harm is to get attention... It really is not. It's a way to cope with one's pain.
So many people just sit back and laugh at those who are going through this, when they really should be helping. Horrible, isn't it?

I guess all I can really say from here is to watch the video linked in that article (above).

We need to help raise awareness.

(I recommend listening to Superchic[k]'s song called Hero. It's pretty much about this.)


pop*POLKA said...

People at my school have watched that Elmo video and also think it's funny.

コートニー said...

Ugh. I tried watching that again yesterday... I couldn't get through it. Exited out when it came to the cutting part.

ForevrDreaming13 said...

hey court.. you sad?

コートニー said...

Eh? No, I'm fine. Well, life has it's ups and downs, but... If you're wondering why I've been thinking about this... Eh, I know a few people who suffered from self-harm. It's incredibly sad. But, no, I'm fine.