Thursday, 20 November 2008

So, technically, I'm grounded from my computer again. Poor Tamaki's moniter is GONE! ...But no one is saying anything about the fact that I am on my parents computer. So here I am!

Kino no Tabi is simply an amazing anime. It's about this girl who travels around on her talking motorbike. That sounds boring, but it's really wonderful. It's a philosophical anime. It really makes you think... And always leaves you hungry for more. The countries Kino travels to can be horrible, each one has its flaws. But, at the same time... It's just beautiful. I don't think that this is really something I can just explain. It has to be experienced. When I first started watching it, and that phrase that is repeatedly on this show came up for the first time, The world is not beautiful, therefore it is, came up, I understood it, but not totally. Now I do. I've also read the first book (not manga, book). I'm so sad that there are only 13 episodes! I only have three left now. (u_u)

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