Sunday, 2 November 2008

Thanks, Claire!

I just can't believe how much time has gone by! Was it just last year that I was chatting with Nudge.::.Twin, AA, Ink, and Claire?! I haven't talked to them in forever! Okay, well, I chatted with AA today for a few minutes (the first time in months!), and I just got in touch with Claire today. Wow...
Ink, Claire, Nudge.::.Twin, Fire, Ink, AA, MRR, Beka, Synconi... Is that everybody? Yikes! I used to be such good friends with all of these people... Now... Well, I still talk to Synconi from time to time on dA. But I really don't talk to most of them anymore! They kind of abandoned their blogs (most of them). I'm actually pretty surprised that I'm still blogging! Over two years!
And I apologize to those of you who have no idea of who these people are. XD To make up for it... David Archuleta!

That's a pretty nifty tunnel! XD
It's kind of funny/scary... David Archuleta, when he talks, reminds me so much of my friend! He (David) was on my favourite radio station a few weeks ago, just chatting with the DJ, and some of the things he said sounded just like something my friend would say!
I love how David Archuleta makes time to do video blogs. I hate it when music artists never take the time to 'connect' with their fans, y'know?
CRAP. I hate 50 pages to read tomorrow in Goodnight, Mr. Tom!

(over and out)

PS. One more!


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