Sunday, 2 November 2008

I'm sorry. My blog has seem to be lacking lately.
I've really been getting into 'fantasy worlds' lately... Like Mabinogi or Kino no Tabi? The level of Kingdom Hearts I when Sora was in that dark town? One of the first levels... Like that.
What I would give to escape this world and go to one of those...
Sometimes I wish that I wasn't such a dreamer. It just leaves me feeling empty and a bit sad.
I'm going to try out photo manipulation. I'm looking through stock on deviantART right now.
Shoot, I really want to post more, but I'm not sure what to write!
We don't have school tommorow. Yay! I was going to go to Chelsie's house with Angel, but I have a ton of homework and I wouldn't be getting back until kind of late tommorow, I think.
Pride and Prejudice is a great movie! I started to read the book, but I didn't get too far. I love Mr. Darcy! His character is great... Although very misunderstood. :3 He's pretty handsome in the movie, too.


ForevrDreaming13 said...

hey courtney! Thanks the music on urs is cool too! I haven't talk to you in forever either. have talked to Ink in a while? I miss her sarcasm..

ForevrDreaming13 said...

i meant have u talked to ..

コートニー said...

No, I haven't! I think I went to her blog over the summer... Gah, now I have to look her up! (laugh) I miss her, too. (u_u)